Confirmed! The Three-eyed Raven is Real

Common Raven - "Three-eyed Raven"

The Three-eyed Raven, in the flesh. Evidently he lives in Colorado, at Colorado National Monument.

I have a feeling that if I had time to go through all my photographs that I haven’t had time to process and look at, I would have some real surprises…birds I forgot I’d shot, a mis-identified species, etc.  On a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d start to go through some of the hundreds of photos from our western US vacation in June, and this is what I discovered…

The Three-eyed Raven. HE.  IS.  REAL.  In Game Of Thrones, you know how both the “original” Three-eyed Raven and Bran have their eyes go blank as they warg into another creature? Or how that creature (or someone like Hodor) have their eyes go blank when they have been warged into?  PROOF of the reality of the concept, right here. 🙂

For those of you who can’t wait to see how the last season of Game Of Thrones turns out, perhaps a visit to Colorado National Monument is in order (the place where this raven was found).

Hodor - Warg Eyes

Hodor when Bran warged into him, with the SAME. EXACT. EYES!!

Bran and the Three-eyed Raven

Bran and the original Three-eyed Raven, with the same blank eyes

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