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Welcome what’s loosely my companion blog to South Dakota Birds and Birding, my main website. Much of the focus of the Dakota Birder blog is on birding, but given my interest in environmental issues and climate change, there will also be plenty of information on other topics as well.  Topics include:

  • Recent birding trips and photos
  • Photo stories, describing the experience of getting a specific photo
  • “In the News”, news stories involving birds and birding
  • Conservation issues, involving news or related material about conservation of habitats and the creatures that live in them.
  • Science/Research, highlighting new research in ornithology and related topics.
  • Politics — Unavoidable when you talk about climate change, conservation, and other political issues, particularly given the shocking anti-science culture out there in America.  These things HAVE to be talked about, at the risk of losing the resources we love.  And, given my very strong, very liberal political opinions, you’re likely to hear about other political issues from time to time.

Check back soon and I hope to keep the NEW South Dakota Birds Blog updated frequently!!  And be sure to check out my main site, South Dakota Birds and Birding.  The main site has information about all 950+ bird species that have been found in North America, literally THOUSANDS of bird photos, bird quizzes, free calendars, free wallpaper, and more.

NOTE THAT ALL OPINIONS ON THIS SITE ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE, and do not represent the views or an endorsement on behalf of any other party.  

One comment on “About this site

  1. James E. Ducey

    Nice to see that you are enjoying your new camera lens. In past years, my favorite was a 100 mm macro lens, that was suitable for many things. I especially enjoy that the new “tool” opens a new venue for your picture taking. You already have a wonderful bunch and with your excitement and new perspective, there will be more. Keep on keeping on. Your new pics will undoubtedly be something to appreciate as you understand and work through the perspective of a true photographer.

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