“Infinity War” – Spoiler Free, Bird-related PLOT HOLE!!

Common Loon - Gavia immer

A Common Loon in breeding plumage. Are Common Loons truly alien visitors to our planet? Does Hollywood know something we don’t, because they certainly use Common Loon calls in pretty much any possible movie situation. Even when the setting is on an alien planet.

My son and I just got back from Avengers: Infinity War.  No spoilers here, other than we both really enjoyed it.  But as I SO often do for movies, I have a beef.  A BIRD-related beef, as always.

So…end of the movie, pretty much the last scene.  I won’t say who is in the last scene or what it’s about. I WILL say it’s set on an alien planet.  And when the scene first fades in, what sound do we first hear in the background?  THE CALL OF A COMMON LOON!!!  WHY, Hollywood….WHY!?!?!  Why are you SO freakin’ enamored with the call of the Common Loon that you feel the need to put it into practically any situation, no matter how ludicrous!!?!?

Outrageous!  A travesty!!  Ok, no, I really don’t get too worked up about such things, but as a birder, you DO notice!  C’mon Hollywood, out of an entire universe worth of sounds out there, surely you can broaden your scope a bit and stop always relying on the same sounds, no matter the situation!

3 comments on ““Infinity War” – Spoiler Free, Bird-related PLOT HOLE!!

  1. stovereviews

    Thank you. I thought I was the only person who noticed this. I can only assume it’s the same loon heard in the desert at night in the original Conan the Barbarian…

  2. simeon

    I searched far and wide for confirmation of this! It was harder than finding the infinity stones! But yes, I found it. The same sound occurred on Earth in the Endgame movie as well. Don’t want to give away any spoilers but it just made it a little more ridiculous. lol

    1. DakotaBirder

      I heard it in Endgame, but actually at an appropriate point! When Tony Stark is at his place by the lake, on Earth, in appropriate looking Loon habitat! Didn’t hear it again in a “ridiculous” spot…I may have to go back and watch again. 🙂

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