Blizzard-inspired Drawing – American Woodcock

I don’t draw a lot any more…perhaps twice a year at most.  Not sure why, as I really enjoy it when I do drag out all the colored pencils and give it a go.  With the blizzard this weekend, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to draw. The species is actually inspired BY the blizzard.  American Woodcocks show up here in early April, and are already on their breeding grounds. They’ve already been doing their spectacular, unique display flights in the late evenings, spiraling up into the sky and diving back down, producing series of twittering and tweeting sounds as they go.  They normally feed heavily on earthworms.  When the blizzard hit, I remembered the posts of people seeing their displays here already this spring, and was wondering how they’d handle the blizzard. Inspiration leading to this, a colored pencil drawing of an American Woodcock.

American Woodcock Drawing - Scolopax minor

Colored pencil drawing of an American Woodcock – By Terry Sohl

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Terry, I am artist living in the foothills off South Carolina…I am somewhat of a birder’…and paint them often. Yesterday I was going out…when a pair of red birds flew by me….at first I thought they were just cardinsls, which are in abundance in the South. These guys were a brighter red, had black wings, round head, and were very fidgity! So googled red birds…and there they were…a pair of males Tanagiers, obviously lost…and a long way from home. I felt honored in their prescence!

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