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Yucatan Vireo

Vireo magister

Length: 6 inches Wingspan: 10 inches Seasonality: Non-resident in South Dakota
ID Keys:  Relatively plain overall, olive-gray back and head, throat and belly lighter in color, large grey vill, light supercillium

Yucatan Vireo - Vireo magisterThe Yucatan Vireo is aptly named, with a geographic range that normally covers the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, as well as some islands in the western Caribbean.  In the United States, they are known by only one confirmed sighting, a bird that was found on the Texas Gulf Coast near Galveston in 1984.  Additional sightings may have occurred in both Texas and Florida, but these have not been accepted as official.

Habitat: Can be found in a variety of forest habitats, including both mature forest as well as second-growth and otherwise disturbed forest lands.  Found in mangrove forests along the coast.

Diet: Feeds on insects and spiders, as well as on fruits and berries.

Behavior: Forages relatively slowly and deliberately in the forest canopy, climbing and flitting about in search of insects.

Nesting: Nesting behavior poorly understood.

Song: The song of a Yucatan Vireo is a series of herky-jerky phrases.

Migration: Considered a permanent resident throughout its normal range.

Interactive eBird map: Click here to access an interactive eBird map of Yucatan Vireo sightings

Similar Species: Black-whiskered Vireo

Conservation Status: Populations are found over a relatively small geographic area, but there are currently no perceived threats to the species' survival.  The IUCN lists the Yucatan Vireo as a species of "Least Concern".

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Photo Information: Photo taken by "dfaulder" - March 4th, 2012 - Cozumel Island, Mexico - Photo licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.


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Yucatan Vireo - Range Map
South Dakota Status: Non-resident in South Dakota

Additional Yucatan Vireo Photos (coming soon!!)