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Commercial Photo Sales Information 

While I do allow limited usage of my photos for educational or research purposes,  I DO NOT allow my photography to used for any commercial purpose (publication, print sales, poster, advertisement, web site, etc.) without payment.  Note that I am also extremely diligent about registering all of my images with the U.S. Copyright office.  My prices for commercial usage are very reasonable.

Prices are variable depending upon press run size, image size and format required, and specific licensing terms.  For a quote on your particular desired image usage, please email me and provide as much information as you can on the intended usage.  The more information you can provide, the better.  Please be sure to provide an indication of which photo you desire, either by giving species and number (e.g., Ring-necked Pheasant #3), or the exact URL on my website (e.g.,

Note that most photographs are also available as custom prints.  If you are interested in purchasing a custom print for personal use, please visit the print sales page.    If you are interested in a photo for educational or research purposes, or wish to use a photo strictly for personal use, please visit the personal usage page.


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