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Print Sales Information 

Most photographs on the Photo Gallery pages are available as custom prints.   If you are interested in purchasing a photo (either print or digital file) for any commercial use, please visit the commercial photo sales page.   If you are interested in a photo for educational or research purposes, or wish to use a photo strictly for personal use, please visit the personal usage page.

Note that I have several thousand photographs on display on my website, all of which are available for either commercial or print purpose.  However, some photographs which look wonderful on a website may have characteristics which limit their utility for fine art prints.  Please select the photo and size you are most interested in.  If I believe a particular photo will not make a wonderful print at your desired size, I will indicate that to you in my response.  I will NOT sell a photo that you will be unhappy with.  If I do accept payment and ship a print to you, I will refund your money (and all return shipping costs) if you are not completely satisfied with the print. 

My current prices are as follows.  Note the prices include all costs, including shipping.

bullet4 x 6 - $15 bullet5 x 7 - $20 bullet8 x 10- $35 bullet11x 14 - $50 bullet12 x 18 - $75

If you'd like the pring mounted on a firm backing (foam core or matt board, depending upon print size), additional prices are:

bullet4x6 and 5x7 -- $5 extra bullet8x10 -- $10 extra bullet11x14 -- $15 extra bullet12x18 -- $25 extra

Note that if you have a photo selected and are ready to order, you may visit the photo page for that photo and start the ordering dialogue at the bottom of the screen.  There, you will see prompts for selecting a photo size and mounting option.  Adding to your "cart" will take you to a PayPal dialogue where you can pay with a credit card or your PayPal account if you have one.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about ordering a print, simply email me:



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