Kinglet and Thrush Photos

Muscicapidae Family (Also Sylviidae Familiy)

Each of the species below has been found in South Dakota, except for the Black-tailed Gnatcatcher and Wrentit.  The Wrentit actually belongs in a different family, a unique one to the U.S., the Sylvild Warblers. 

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Golden-crowned Kinglet - Regulus satrapa

Golden-crowned Kinglet


Ruby-crowned Kinglet - Regulus calendula

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - Polioptila caerulea

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher


Eastern Bluebird - Sialia sialis

Eastern Bluebird

Western Bluebird - Sialia mexicana 

Western Bluebird


 Mountain Bluebird - Sialia currucoides

Mountain Bluebird

Townsend's Solitaire - Myadestes townsendi 

Townsend's Solitaire


Veery - Catharus fuscescens 


Swainson's Thrush - Catharus ustulatus 

Swainson's Thrush


Hermit Thrush - Catharus guttatus 

Hermit Thrush

Wood Thrush - Hylocichla mustelina

Wood Thrush


American Robin - Turdus migratorius

American Robin

Varied Thrush - Ixoreus naevius

Varied Thrush

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher - Polioptila melanura

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

Wrentit - Chamaea fasciata Wrentit      


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