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Dall Sheep

Ovis dalli

For some photos, a price must be paid. Sometimes the price is in blood. Well, kind of I guess. In 2010 during a family vacation in Alaska, we visited Denali National Park.  One day we came across a group of gorgeous Dall Sheep, soaking in the sun at the top of a little knob.  They were above our location, and I couldn't get a clear photo, so I climbed an adjacent knob and started taking photos.  I got the photos I wanted, watched them for a bit more, and then started to head down.  I went down at a MUCH faster pace than I went up!  My ankle didn't appreciate how fast I came down!  A visit to the ER, an aircast, and some pain pills, and that vacation was pretty  much over!

But hey...I got the shot. :-)

Dall Sheep - Ovis dalli

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