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Bird Quizzes!!!

South Dakota Birds and Birding

Here's your chance to show what you know!!! This page is the home for a number of bird quizzes, focusing either on photo identification, geographic range maps, or, for the diehard, scientific names!  Each of the quizzes consist of 20 multiple choice questions.  Take the quizzes and get final grades for each!!

Photo Identification Quizzes
Photo ID - Quiz 1 Easy All Species - Photo Quiz 1
Photo ID - Quiz 2 Easy All Species - Photo Quiz 2ies - Quiz 2
Photo ID - Quiz 3 Easy All Species - Photo Quiz 3
Photo ID - Quiz 4 Medium Warbler Species - Photo Quiz 4 
Photo ID - Quiz 5 Medium  Shorebird Species - Photo Quiz 5
Photo ID - Quiz 6 Medium   Sparrow Species - Photo Quiz 6 
Quiz Photo #10 Medium  "Waterfowl" - Photo Quiz 7
Quiz Photo #8 Hard Female Birds - Photo Quiz 8 
Geographic Range (Map) Quizzes
Range Map - Quiz 1 Medium Raptors - Map Quiz 1
Range Map - Quiz 2 Medium Owls - Map Quiz 2
Range Map - Quiz 3 Medium Woodpeckers - Map Quiz 3
Range Map - Quiz 4 Hard Flycatchers - Map Quiz 4
Scientific Name Quizzes
Scientific Names - Quiz 1 Hard All Species - Scientific Names Quiz 1
Scientific Names - Quiz 2 Hard All Species - Scientific Names Quiz 2

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