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Fort Pierre National Grasslands

Location#4 -- Massive Prairie Dog Town

This truly massive prairie dog town is on  Lower Brule Reservation land, just to the east of the Fort Pierre National Grasslands, on County Line Road.  It's a spot where I've found raptors at all times of year.  Most people don't think of Bald Eagles as occupying the rather dry Grasslands in the winter, but in this spot, there always seem to be 2 or 3 hanging out in the trees by the pond in the southern part of this image.  This is yet another place in the Grasslands where I have spotted a Gyrfalcon as well.

To find the area by GPS coordinate, the geographic coordinates of the main road, just north of the "Pond and Trees" area marked below, is 44° 11' 41.9" N, and 100° 2' 2.0" W.

Fort Pierre National Grassland - South Dakota Birding Hotspot 


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