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Yellow-throated Vireo

Vireo flavifrons

Length: 5.5 inches Wingspan: 9.5 inches Seasonality: Migrant / Summer
ID Keys: Yellow "spectacles", yellow throat and breast,  olive-green head and upperparts, 2 white wing-bars.

Yellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifronsThe Yellow-throated Vireo is considered the most brightly colored of the Vireos, with a bright yellow throat, breast, and "spectacles" around a dark eye.  They prefer mature deciduous forest, and are most often found high in the canopy and among the foliage.

Habitat: Uses mature deciduous forests during the summer breeding season, especially along lakeshores and streams.  They generally avoid mixed or coniferous forests, as well as forests with a thick shrubby undergrowth.  Uses a wide variety of habitats during the winter, from tropical rain forest to dry scrublands.

Diet: Most of the summer diet is insects.  Fruits and berries are also consumed, primarily in the winter months.

Behavior: Forages by moving through foliage for insects, often quite high in the forest canopy. 

Nesting: Late May through early July

Song: Short 2- or 3-note phrases, separated by deliberate pauses.  Click to hear the Yellow-throated Vireo song.

Migration: Summers throughout the eastern half of the United States.  A few overwinter in southern Florida, but most move out of the United States for the winter.

Interactive eBird map: Click here to access an interactive eBird map of Yellow-throated Vireo sightings 

Similar Species: Pine Warbler

Conservation Status: Generally stable, although there have been declines in the Northeast offset by gains in the Midwest.  They are fairly common hosts to cowbird parasitism.

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Photo Information: May 17th, 2006 -- Newton Hills State Park -- Terry Sohl

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Yellow-throated Vireo - Range Map
South Dakota Status: Uncommon migrant in the eastern half of the state, rare in the west.  Uncommon summer breeder in the southeastern and northeastern parts of the state.

Additional Yellow-throated Vireo Photos
 Yellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifronsYellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifronsYellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifronsYellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifronsYellow-throated Vireo - Vireo flavifrons