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STATE-BY-STATE LINKS (in progress)



South Dakota Ornithologist's Union - The official South Dakota Ornithologist Union home pages.

Wild Photos Photography - Great photos from Doug Backlund, a friend of mine who lives in Pierre.  As with my photos, most of his are from within South Dakota, but he also has great photos from elsewhere in the country.

Photography by Dan Streifel - Beautiful photography from Dan Streifel in Aberdeen. 

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center - USGS Biological Resources Division facility for the collection, analysis, and distribution of data on wildlife populations.

Wildlife Diversity Program, SD-GFP - South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Wildlife Diversity Program.  Includes information on birds and other animals.

National Wildlife Refuges - Information and links on National Wildlife Refuges in South Dakota.

Mick Zerr's Big Sioux River site -- Information and photos on the Big Sioux River, including birds of the Big Sioux Basin.

Where do you want to go birding today (South Dakota)? - Information on South Dakota hotspots and other info,  with plenty of links.

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Lana Hays Avian Photography -- Truly wonderful bird photography from Lana Hays, mostly from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  I love her warbler photos. -- Hand-painted Rocks by Iris McCubbins, a very talented artist based in Washington. Check out here bird paintings she does on rocks...just gorgeous!!

Charlie's Craft Room -- Beautiful Hand-painted items from Charlene Bessken, South Dakota Native.

Bill Schmoker's Homepage -- Very nice bird photos, and some cool photos of high-elevation Colorado Tundra.

Nature and Wildlife Photography by Michael Bates -- Great avian photos and other nature shots.

San Juan Wildlife and Nature Photography -- Site devoted to wildlife and nature photography, by Matt Ragen.



Patuxtent Bird Identification InfoCenter - A wonderful site from the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland.  It presents photographs, songs, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds.

Cornell Lab for Ornithology - Great site from the Cornell Lab, a noted institution of Ornithology.

Birdsource: Birding with a purpose - Designed and managed by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory for Ornithology, this site is designed to promote conservations and environmental learning.

National Bird Feeding Society - Information on feeding, water, suet recipes, attracting various species, etc.

Birding.About.Com - An extensive network of birding links and articles.

American Birding Association - The ABA represents a whole range of birding interests, from identification and education to listing and conservation. - General birding information including a great online field guide. - The Fatbirder website is an attempt to put as many birders in touch with each other throughout the world as possible to encourage friendship and conservation.  Has a global focus, not just the U.S. or North America.

Birding On The Net - "Birding for the 21st century".  Large number of links.

Birdzilla - Comprehensive selection of wild bird information, articles, on-line lifelist, and the mall. - Heavily oriented towards the beginning birder and backyard feeding. - Where to bird, South Dakota - Birding links, hotspots.

Where do you want to go birding today? - Select a location and this site will provide you with links.

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STATE-BY-STATE LINKS (Under construction!!!!)


    - Iowa Ornithologist's Union - A non-profit group, organized in 1923 to promote the enjoyment and study of birds.

    - Green Backed Heron - Bird Photography and Identification.  Information on Iowa birds and birding, as well as on digiscoping technique. From Kent Nickell.

    - USGS Bird Checklist for Iowa - Species list for selected locations in the state, with seasonal information.

    - - Where to bird, Iowa - Birding links, hotspots.

    - Where do you want to go birding today (Iowa) - Information on Iowa hotspots and more.

    - The Nature Conservancy - Home pages for the Nature Conservancy of Iowa.

    - - Devoted to birdwatching topics.  Not specific to Iowa, but a creation of Iowa natives.



    - Minnesota Ornithologist's Union - Great website from the Minnesota Ornithologist's Union.

    - Minnesota State Parks - An index to Minnesota's 64 State parks, with short summaries for each. 

    - - Where to bird, Minnesota - Birding links, hotspots.

    - Where do you want to go birding today (Minnesota) - Information on Minnesota hotspots and more.

    - Minneapolis Audubon - Home page for the Minneapolis chapter of the Audubon Society.



    - Nebraska Ornithologist's Union - Home pages for the Nebraska Ornithologist's Union.

    - USGS Bird Checklist for Nebraska - Species list for selected locations in the state, with seasonal information.

    - - Where to bird, Nebraska - Birding links, hotspots.

    - Audubon Society of Omaha - Omaha Chapter of the Audubon Society home pages.

    - Where do you want to go birding today (Nebraska) - Information on Nebraska hotspots and more.

    - Kathy's Western Nebraska Birding - A very nice site covering birding in the Nebraska Panhandle, centered on Scotts Bluff County.


    - Dakota Birding - Information on North Dakota birding, including a bird watching guide service.

     - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center - Great site from the USGS NPWRC.  Go to the site map for directions to all kinds of information on North Dakota birding (and elsewhere).

    - North Dakota Birding Society - Home pages of the North Dakota Birding Society.

    - - Where to bird, North Dakota - Birding links, hotspots.

    - Where do you want to go birding today (North Dakota) - Information on North Dakota hotspots and more.

    - National Wildlife Refuges in North Dakota - Listing of National Wildlife Refuges in the state, with links.



    - USGS Bird Checklist for Wyoming - State species list, as well as species lists for selected locations, with seasonal information.

    - Where do you want to go birding today (Wyoming) - Information on Wyoming hotspots and more.

    - - Where to bird, Wyoming - Birding links, hotspots.




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