Happy Monday! Things to be grateful for…

Acontiinae caterpillar - Photo

Caterpillar of the “Bird Dropping Moth”

Happy, happy Monday!  Another fun-filled week away from family and home, sitting in meetings and telecons and pondering where your life went wrong.  On a day such as this, we all need something to put some pep-in-our-step, something to turn-that-frown-upside-down.

Misery loves company, and nothing seems to make people feel better than seeing other people who are even worse off than themselves.  So as you sit at your desk on this fine Monday morning, be grateful that at least you’re not THIS guy, pictured in the photo.

You may feel like you’re being ‘dumped on’ at work a lot, but this poor guy is actually NAMED for bird shit.  Maybe things aren’t so bad for you…


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