“The Great Melting Pot”

Nobel Prize

There have been six Nobel Prize laureates in the U.S. so far this year. EVERY ONE OF THE SIX is an immigrant to this country. That exemplifies what America SHOULD be, a place where a diverse, multi-cultural group of citizens work towards the greater good. Instead, this week has shown that’s all a sham, and we only value the “Great American Melting Pot” when it’s dominated by white Christians.

Remember when America was looked upon as the “Great Melting Pot”?  Remember when that was a source of tremendous PRIDE, when we loved that our populous was one of the most diverse and unique on the planet?  What the hell happened to that?

As this week (and the last year of campaigning)  have shown, it was all an illusion.  “The Great Melting Pot” was a great concept for Americans…until that Melting Pot started turning less white, and more diverse.  “The Great Melting Pot” was fine, as long as whites still held all positions of power, and those of a different race, color, or religious belief “knew their place” in the overall scheme, and didn’t rock the boat too much.  “The Great Melting Pot” was fine as long as whites felt comfortable and insulated from anything other that white, Christian culture.

This week certainly shows the incredible power of fear.  It shows the incredible distrust of “others”.  Please spare me any bullshit about this election being primarily driven by economic concerns.  Even supposed economic concerns voiced in the campaign from the working class were generally thinly veiled gestures towards racism, such as the outrage of immigrants taking “our” jobs.  Not that America actually believes in science, in FACT any more, but study after study after study have shown that the net impacts of immigration on the U.S.economy are very positive.

I’m fortunate enough to have a career and social circle where I get to experience a broad range of cultures. I’m fortunate enough that I get to witness firsthand the incredible contributions being made by immigrants who believed America was THEIR best opportunity to contribute to a brighter world.  And now, I’m unfortunate enough to witness first-hand the fear in their voices as they come to grips with rampant racism and hatred that is so broadly spread that we end up with an obvious racist as leader of the free world.

“The Great Melting Pot”…what a concept.  Perhaps someday we’ll actually evolve enough to make that pie-in-the-sky dream a reality.


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