Way to go America — You’re more bigoted and misogynistic than I thought

I’m as cynical as they come.

I’m now more cynical. THIS is the man half of my fellow idiot Americans voted in as President:

  • Called women pigs, insults their appearance and grades them.
  • Talked about CHILDREN…13-year Paris Hilton, even his DAUGHTER, in sexual terms
  • Openly talks about sexual assault, and had over a dozen women come out and accuse him of it.
  • Called Mexican rapists, insinuated a U.S.-born judge with Latino blood couldn’t be objective.
  • Believes every Muslim is a terrorist
  • Doesn’t pay his taxes, and refuses to let people even SEE his financial records
  • Continually told lies throughout the campaign, was caught TELLING those lies, and repeated them like it was no big deal
  • Is incapable of taking criticism, and lashes out angrily in response.  Great characteristics for president

I’m embarrassed, ASHAMED to be an American right now, where our citizens are so completely ignorant on issues. Where “change” is voted on for the sake of “change”, despite an economy that’s roared back under Obama after the disaster of the Bush administration.  Where it’s OK TO INSULT, ABUSE, and HATE your fellow Americans.  Where those things are actually ENCOURAGED BY THE PRESIDENT-ELECT OF THE UNITED STATES.  Where the candidate actively endorsed by the KKK is EMBRACED for his racists attitudes.

I’m ASHAMED of Americans, and a media that facilitated it, who believed EMAILS are more important than CHARACTER, ABILITY, or TEMPERAMENT.

There’s absolutely NO doubt the stock market tanks tomorrow.  There’s NO doubt our standing in the world takes a massive hit.  There’s NO doubt we have four years of a mentally unstable child-man who cares only about himself, and not the position or the country.

CONGRATS AMERICA.  You fucking deserve what’s coming…

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