South Dakota Birds - Background and Information

These pages are created an maintained by Terry Sohl.  I live in Brandon South Dakota (right outside of Sioux Falls, southeast part of the state).  I have a wonderful wife, Lauri, and a beautiful little boy, Alexander.  The photo at the left shows us at Yellowstone in the summer of 2004.

I have worked as a Research Physical Scientist since 1993. My work focuses on the mapping, monitoring, and assessment of landscape change using satellite imagery, and using that information to try to project what future landscapes may look like.

No, my work doesn't have anything to do with birds or birding.  I've always had an interest in the outdoors and in wildlife, however.  In December of 2000, I purchased a 35-mm SLR camera.  I don't know how it started exactly, but I immediately focused on shooting birds (with the camera, not a shotgun!).  Jim Vogelmann, an avid birder working with me, probably subliminally pushed me along in this direction!!!  I still bird with an emphasis on getting the photo, but have come to appreciate the birds and birding opportunities in the state of South Dakota.

The website started as a simple place to display some of my photos.  As you can see, it's evolved somewhat since then!  These pages are created and maintained by myself, with suggestions from various folks. 

I'm always willing to take your suggestions/complaints/etc.!!!










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