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What Would Jesus DO?

What would Jesus do? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be pro-war, wouldn't be a gun nut, and wouldn't be a hate-mongering bigot.

I was waiting at a stoplight yesterday and was behind a massive pickup with a number of bumper stickers.  Prominently displayed at the top of the tailgate was a bold bumper sticker that said “WWJD?”, with it spelled out below (What would Jesus do?).   OK…whatever, the bumper sticker itself was fine.  But I literally laughed out loud after seeing that bumper sticker, and then seeing the OTHER bumper stickers that were surrounding this one.

First was a bumper sticker that said “God, Guts, and Guns”, and there was also a NRA sticker on the back window.  This being South Dakota, there was of course also the obligatory gunrack hanging on the inside of the back window.  Now, I’m not the most religious person on the planet (to put it mildly), but, my impression would be that Jesus wouldn’t be an NRA member, and wouldn’t be packin’.

We also had the bumper sticker that said “Dont’ Blame Me, I Didn’t Vote for the Muslim”.  There was also one that said (something close to) “White, Straight, Conservative Male – Political Correctness is Overrated”.  Two bumper stickers that would lead me to believe the driver was homophobic, racist, and intolerant of Islam.  Just like Jesus, right?   Ayeesh.

My personal favorite…the bumper sticker of a giant mushroom cloud, with the words “Sometimes War IS the Answer”.  You know, I’ve seen bumper stickers along the lines of “Make Love Not War”, or “War is Not Pro-Life”, but, I can’t say as I remember seeing a bumper sticker that just gives a good ol’ endorsement to “war” in general.  I’m pretty sure Jesus wasn’t “pro-war”.

Finally…on the back window was one of those (very classy) stickers that had a little boy with an evil grin, peeing on a “Chevy” sign.   I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t condone peeing on things he doesn’t like.

I wish I had a camera with me so I could have snapped a shot of his tailgate, because there were some other gems as well that I don’t remember.  That tailgate to me did a wonderful job in summing up the attitudes of many very hypocritical, very screwed up conservatives.  Republicans have excelled for a number of years at having their message resonate with “Christian” conservatives. 

WWJD…a nice message in theory.  But it’s obviously nothing more than a bumper-sticker logo for far too many religious conservatives, as they quite literally don’t practice what they preach.