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Why “reality-challenged” Republicans are destined to repeat 2012

Six days after the election, and Republicans are still trying to figure out what went wrong.  From a liberal perspective, it’s simultaneously entertaining, disturbing, and rather pathetic to see Republicans continue to grasp at straws, making up a number of excuses for the election that are so detached from reality that I’m convinced the 2012 election will be repeated many times over, until Republicans join the same world the rest of us are living in.

The  Washington Post ran one such story today, describing bewildered Republican campaign workers and they’re coping (or not coping)with the loss. To far too many clueless Repubs, it’s not just an election loss, it’s practically a sign of the apocalypse, the start of America’s impending doom.  From the Washington Post story, one reaction for losing Colorado was worded as follows:

  • “Colorado? Who the heck lives in Colorado? Do they want drugs, dependence, and indulgence? Don’t they remember what this country is about?”

This seems to be one of the ways that “reality-challenged” Republicans are coping with their election disaster…labeling all Americans who voted for Obama as lazy, corrupt people who want government to take care of them.  The idiot-master himself, Bill O’Reilly, said the people who voted for Obama voted for him simply because they “want stuff”, as if the entire electorate who voted for Obama are welfare recipients who live off all those fine, upstanding, hard-working Republicans.  The same line of thinking has been picked up by a vast array of Republican pundits, politicians, and Republican voters. 

I’m sorry, Republicans, but YOUR PARTY is the one that is completely out of touch with American values.  Americans spoke last Tuesday, and Americans voted for what America is REALLY all about.  Americans voted for EQUALITY, where your treatment under the law isn’t dictated by race, sexual orientation, or religion.   Americans voted for COMPASSION, where access to medical treatment isn’t dictated by the size of your bank account.  Americans voted for FAIRNESS, where the most fortunate and richest of Americans are asked to contribute their fair share to society, and help the less fortunate.  America chose REASON, where science and fact, not ideology or religion, are the basis for how we live and how we govern.  Americans voted for EMPATHY, where those Americans most in need of assistance are supported by their fellow citizens.

The Republican fantasy world they’ve been living in the last 15 years or so?  In the Republican version of America, HATE and INTOLERANCE are used as tools to intimidate and to govern.  For reality-challenged Republicans, America is a place where COOPERATION and COMPROMISE are dirty words, where every American must accept Republican ideology.  For reality-challenged Republicans, GREED is the overarching driving force of how we live and how we govern, where the acquisition of personal wealth is more important than even the world we leave behind for our children.  For reality-challenged Republicans, SELFISHNESS is what drives our behavior, where we would rather let the uninsured or poor die and suffer, rather than lend a helping hand.

Americans spoke on Tuesday, and Americans chose to RESPECT AND HONOR what America stands for.  The very fact that Republicans are bewildered by the election speaks for how very small the Republican party has become.  Given the reaction of Republican pundits, politicians, and voters over the last week, it should be painfully obvious why Republicans have only ONCE won the popular vote for president over the last 20 years.  As a liberal, even a cynical liberal, the election was affirmation that America isn’t lost, that we are headed in the right direction.  As a liberal, the election, the voice of the people, gives me hope.

For Republicans who feel the election is a sign of America’s doom? Your bewilderment, your disillusionment, and your bitterness are proof that the fate of your party in 2012 is bound to be repeated.  Until your party sheds the ideological “leadership” provided from the likes of Ryan, McConnell, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and Rove, until your party embraces true American ideals, until your party FACES REALITY, 2012 will be a recurring nightmare for Republicans.

Romney’s “Business Plan” – Lying

Mitt Romney

Surprisingly, I couldn't find a photo of Romney speaking out of both sides of his mouth. This one will have to do, Romney no doubt laughing about completely stupid American voters are for voting for him despite his lack of respect for the truth.

Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has a quite blunt feature today on Mitt Romney and the art of lying.  My favorite part of the feature are the concluding sentences, which give you a nice succinct summary of what it takes to be a politician like Romney:

Business is business. It’s what you do. It is not who you are. Lying isn’t a sin. It’s a business plan.

Thanks to the flub by the Romney campaign, Romney himself is now the “etch-a-sketch” candidate, someone who will say anything to please, well, whoever he happens to be speaking to that day.  If that includes outright lying to try to gain favor with the crowd du jour?  No problem!!  To hear Romney TALK during the GOP campaign, you’d have thought he were a staunch conservative from…Montana? Texas?  You CERTAINLY wouldn’t get the truth…that he was actually a fairly progressive, quite moderate governor of Massachusetts.  The etch-a-sketch candidate has built a false history of supposed conservatism, a history built on a bed of lies.

When he’s been attacked during the campaign, either about his outright lies or about some other aspect of his candidacy, time and time again, Romney’s strategy has been to briefly explain it away, then quickly counter and attack the accuser.  The GOP in general has been under relentless attack for their stances on women’s rights and issues.  Romney’s strategy to deal with it?  To make up a complete lie, one so ridiculous you’d THINK you couldn’t say it with a straight face.  Romney’s big attack in the last week has been that of job losses since the recession began, that “92.3% of them are women”.  One thing Romney certainly excels at is not only lying, but the VERY selective use of misleading statistics to bolster his campaign.

It’s not like Romney is alone in terms of his abuse of the truth.  Yesterday on the way home, on the radio I listened to what was a very shocking history for Rep. Darrell Issa, a very conservative House member from California who has led many attacks on Obama and Dems.  The man is COMPLETE SCUM…with a history of legal issues.  He’s been arrested for stealing cars.  He COMPLETELY distorted his military record during his political campaigns. He committed insurance fraud by torching his business…right after QUADRUPLING his insurance, and putting all the truly valuable items in a fire-proof safe.   He’s been arrested on weapons charging, after a gun, a tear-gas gun, and ammo for both were found in his car. 

But yet Issa has been a GREAT business success, and is currently the richest member of Congress.  A scum with a history like Issa has somehow managed to become a powerful CHAIR of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee!!  Seriously!?!?   A man with HIS history, in charge of a committee meant to reign in corruption in government?!?!?

THIS is what it evidently takes to become successful in America.  You need to lie!! You NEED to be a cutthroat POS with no concern about ethics, your own personal honor, or the welfare of others.  It’s certainly worked for Issa, and seemingly 90% of all politicians in Washington.

And it seems to be the path of choice for Romney.  Just look at Romney’s etch-a-sketch campaign, his statements that wander all over the map, depending on which way the political winds are blowing that day.  He’s the PERFECT presidential candidate, especially for a party like the GOP.   What continually shocks me about American politics is how men like Issa or Romney manage to hoodwink people into voting for them.

Moral Failings of Republicans

If you get a chance, read this wonderful opinion piece by Katrina vanden Heuvel at the Washington Post.  Talk about hitting the nail on the head.

I’m continually amazed at Republicans trying to stake a claim to the moral high ground.   I’m continually amazed at the hypocrisy of those who identify themselves as Republicans, who simultaneously proclaim the immorality of liberals, all while supporting the ONLY platform Republicans seem to care about any more….$$$$$$$$$$.

Wonderful Editorial by Retiring Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe

Senator Snowe...I couldn't have said it better myself.

If you get a chance, read Olympia Snowe’s opinion piece in the Washington Post on her reasons for retiring from the Senate.  Is it any wonder Congressional approval sits at 11%?  Even those WITHIN Congress are disgusted with what’s become of Congressional politics. 

Rush Limbaugh (my, am I picking on him a bit lately?) said that losing Snowe was no big loss for Republicans.  Of course he would say that.  Snowe is moderate, someone who has angered her own party on more than one occasion.  In the “new” world of American politics, that just won’t do!  In the Limbaugh world of politics, there IS no compromise with the “enemy”.  There IS no going against the party. 

As Snowe states so beautifully, it’s going to take a lot for the current paradigm in Congress to change.  It’s going to take something of a revolution, if you will, from American voters.  But at present, American voters are just as polarized as American politicians.  Look at the current GOP presidential race, where candidates are stumbling all over themselves to see who can sound the most “severely” conservative.  It’s not exactly a recipe for change in Washington. 

Obama went to Washington on the motto of “change”.  He vowed to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats.  It sounded good.  It hasn’t happened.  There simply isn’t one man, even the President, who is capable of changing the tenor of Washington politics.  What’s bound Americans together in the past, what’s brought out the best in them, has been crisis.  Is THAT what it’s going to take to change Washington?  Some unforeseen crisis?

Washington Post Cartoon – Climate Change Deniers

Washington Post - Cartoon

Despite the cartoon, one warm winter doesn't confirm climate change is happening. No, it's the YEARS of data that confirm it's happening.

Love this cartoon from the Washington Post today.  As I’ve stated before, climate change idiots skeptics were crowing last winter when the U.S. saw a lot of snow.  If they can crow, I can crow now.  Do you realize I’ve gone outside and GRILLED, 4 times in the last few weeks?!?  This is December and January, in South Dakota!!

Warm Winter Causing Unusual Phenomenon

NOAA Temperature Departures from Average

Graphic from the Washington Post article (NOAA data) showing departures of temperatures this winter from long-term averages.

From the Washington Post, here’s a very nice, very balanced article on the warm winter weather across the U.S.   The warm weather is causing flowers to bloom in some areas, and there’s open water in areas that typically freeze long before the first of the year.  It’s no exception here in southeast South Dakota, where we don’t have a trace of snow on the ground.  I went birding around Lake Andes twice in the last week, and it’s amazing how much open water there still is.  What’s even more amazing is that the last week has been so mild, that there was much more open water yesterday than there was a week ago.  The birds are certainly loving it, as the Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge currently holds very large numbers of geese and other waterfowl, with all the available open water.

As for the article…the writer seems to be going out of his way to explain that this is just one year’s weather, and that you can’t make any conclusions that this is related to climate change.  That’s fine…very fair.  But there are also some things the writer points to on longer-term trends.  What I find almost more interesting than the article itself is the reaction it gets from people who comment.  Last year, when it was a very snowy and cold winter across much of the U.S., climate change skeptics were hooting about the cold weather as being an indication that global warming isn’t happening.  But now that we have an incredibly warm winter so far, skeptics commenting on this article are scoffing at any suggestion that there’s a link to climate change.

You can’t have it both ways, climate change idiots skeptics.   No, you can’t point to one warm winter and say that climate change is causing it.  But, as this article points out, it’s the long-term trends that are troubling, such as indications of plants blooming much earlier now than they did 150 years ago.  But hey, that’s just real, empirical evidence that climate change is occurring.  Climate change skeptics aren’t interested in evidence, or science, for them it’s more a twisted ideology that’s somehow tied to politics.

But for now…if they can do it, so can I!!!  IN YOUR FACE, climate change idiots!!  I’ve been running around without a coat all week, in late December, in South Dakota!!

Perusin’ and Musin’

Some random thoughts from perusing the web…

Obama’s Approval Rating Surges - Well, that didn’t take long.  There was speculation that the GOP’s stubborn, and foolish, stance against a 2-month extension of the payroll tax holiday would end up benefiting Obama politically.  The new Gallup poll on Obama’s approval rating shows a 5% spike over the last week or two, a spike which is at least no doubt partially due to the House GOP fiasco.   It may be a short-term boost, but more than that, I think people are starting to realize just how scary GOP control would be.  Voters have flipped between just about every GOP candidate that’s running, in desperate hope to find someone palatable.  They’re still looking.   Independent voters who want bipartisan cooperation in Washington see how the GOP operates in the House, they see the ridiculous extremist stances the GOP candidates have been forced to adopt, and will also be reluctant to hand over control in Washington to such a dysfunctional party.   

 Gingrich unraveling – Gingrich hasn’t exactly been known for his integrity or morality in the past.  Somehow, even social conservatives had decided to forgive him and overlook his shady past (which tells you more about what social conservatives REALLY value, other than morality).  That may be ending, as the evidence of his outright lying continues to come out.  First we have documents coming out and contradicting his claims that his first wife is the one who wanted (and filed for) divorce.  We have old memos of Gingrich praising Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts.  Perhaps folks should have gotten just a WEE bit suspicious of Gingrich when he tried to position himself as some kind of Washington outsider…despite once being Speaker of the House, and despite his now documented monetary ties to Fannie Mae.  The man is dishonest, even for a politician!  Thank god the media is doing their job and calling him on it.

Ron Paul’s pathetic record as a legislator – I love this story from the Washington Post.  Ron Paul has sponsored 620 bills on the House floor.  Only ONE of these ever became law, and only 4 even ever made it up for a vote.  Ron Paul is just so out of the mainstream, and his ideas are so incredibly ridiculous, that he can’t get any support for his legislation in Congress.  But yet, Ron Paul has a real chance to win in Iowa next week.   That should scare the Republican party.  They’ve become a party of extremists, and a party that is incapable of governing.