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You are NOT entitled to your opinion – Shut the hell up

From Patrick Stokes, here’s a nice piece on why you are sometimes NOT “entitled to your opinion”.   The point he’s making is that you are only “entitled” to an opinion that you can make a coherent argument for.  He uses an example of anti-vaccination paranoia to make his point, where the manic anti-vaccine crowd doesn’t have a scientific leg to stand on.  Science is science, fact is fact.  If your opinion is based on conjecture, intuition, “faith”, or other factor not supported by the facts?  Then you are NOT entitled to your opinion, when trying to argue against science and against fact.

Thus, a “Shut the Hell Up” topic for this post.  As we enter the home stretch of the presidential election, it’s rather laughable to read some of the opinions of those on the right.  Do you believe any of the following?  If so, then please do everyone else a favor, and save yourself some embarrassment.  Just Shut…the…hell…up.

- Obama Muslim? Obama a non-citizen? – Do I need to even mention these? Are you a disgusting, racist, pig-of-a-human being who believes Obama is not a citizen?  Do you believe that historical newspaper reports and a birth certificate are simply part of some massive conspiracy? Are you a disgusting, racist, pig-of-a-human being who refers to Obama as “Barack Husein Obama” and believes he’s secretly a Muslim?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, PLEASE…SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- Evolution Denial – Science is based on theory.  Theories are tested, with evidence either supporting or negating hypotheses.  With evolution, the evidence is extremely clear, both in the fossil record, and in real-world, observable processes.  Do you believe in creationism?  I really don’t care if you believe some omnipotent, all-powerful entity created the earth and the universe, IF you can reconcile that in your own mind with the science.  Do you believe evolution is false?  Do you believe evolution is a “lie straight from hell”, like Paul Broun, quite possibly the most ignorant congressman in the U.S.?  Do you belive the earth is just a few thousand years old?  If so, then SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.  Save yourself the embarrassment that’s sure to come whenever you open your mouth.

- Climate Change Denial – Possibly as soon as 5 years from now, the Arctic will be ice-free in the summer for the first time in at least 13 million years.  The U.S. is about to set a record for its warmest year ever.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, and the scientific evidence continues to overwhelmingly point to not only a warming climate, but a warming climate caused by anthropogenic activity.  Do you believe climate change isn’t real?  Do you believe scientists and liberals are involved in some unprecedented, massive conspiracy to somehow consolidate government power by pointing to climate change?  Do you believe that climate change is occurring, but humans have nothing to do with it?  If so…SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- Polls are politically biased – Just one week ago, before the debates, conservative talking heads and blogs were expressing outrage over the liberal bias of polls that showed Obama with a healthy and growing lead over Romney.  Obama with a 6-point lead in Ohio?  A 5-point lead in Florida?  BALONEY, said those on the right!  It’s a liberal conspiracy to discourage Republicans and depress voter turnout from the right!!  One short week later, and an Obama debate flop has the poll trends strongly reversing towards Romney. Hey Rush?  Do you still think the polls are biased toward Obama?  How about you other buffoons and blowhards who scoff at polls when they show Democrats ahead?  GMAFB.  The very success and long-term continuance of polling entities depends on them being RIGHT.  If they’re wrong, they are ignored in future elections and the polling group goes out of business.  Are you one of those idiots who thinks political polls are purposely biased towards Democrats?  Do you think there’s some conspiracy in the polls to depress Republican turnout?  If so, then SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- 1997 Michigan was better than 1997 Nebraska - A bit off topic, but…do you believe the 1997 Michigan Wolverines would beat the 1997 Nebraska Cornhuskers?  Do you believe the Wolverines were “robbed” when a perfect, 13-0 Nebraska team finished first in the coaches poll, while the Wolverines finished first in the AP poll?  Puh-lease.  The Nebraska ground game easily wears down the Wolverine defense, and the Blackshirts dominate the Wolverines.  Final score if they’d have played?  Nebraska 31, Michigan 13.  Do you believe the Wolverines were the better team?  Laughable!  SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- Unemployment numbers manipulated by Obama and Liberals - Unemployment numbers out last week were good by any measure, with unemployment falling to 7.8%.  Good news, right?  Well, to nutjob conservatives, ANYTHING positive that could EVER be attributed to Obama has to be a lie!  A liberal conspiracy!  Clearly Obama has somehow influenced the unemployment statistics!  Are you one of those conservative wackos who believes last week’s unemployment numbers were altered by Obama?  Please, just SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- Romney Budget Miracle - Do you believe that you can simultaneously 1) Cut taxes 2) Maintain or raise military spending, and 3) balance the budget?  Romney/Ryan seem to believe in such a formula for long-term fiscal sanity.  Do you believe it’s possible?  GMAFB….SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

- Voter ID Regulations Are About Voter FraudReport after report show that voter fraud in the U.S. is insignificant.  However, a number of states have pushed strict voter ID regulations, with Republican-led state legislatures and governors leading the charge to increase scrutiny of in-person voters.  If in-person voter fraud isn’t an issue, if very few instances have been documented…why the push by Republican state legislatures to push for very strict voter ID laws?  Under oath, I don’t think you’d even get most Republicans to say the laws are about curbing voter fraud.  It’s about suppressing votes by minorities and other groups who historically lean very heavily towards Democrats.  It’s a form of discrimination, it’s a form of racism, it’s about voter suppression.  If you believe it’s actually about voter fraud?  You’re an idiot…SHUT…THE…HELL…UP.

Protecting people from their own stupidity


Average intelligence of the human race takes a dive in the movie "Idiocracy". I'm sure whether to laugh or cry about the premise of the movie, given the attitudes some parent seem to have towards protecting their children from something like HPV.

Have you ever seen the movie “Idiocracy”?  Silly movie with Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph, where they are put in “hibernation” by the military, who then forgets about them.  They wake up 550 years in the future, and find that humanity is, well…stupid.   Even stupider than they are today (Who wudda thought it was possible?).   The premise of the movie is that dumb people breed like rabbits, so by 2550, the collective IQ of the human race is about the same as my Cocker Spaniel.  Luke Wilson with his perfectly average 100 IQ thus becomes president, as he’s the smartest person on the planet.  He ends up saving the human race from their own stupidity.

Reading a story today reminds me of the movie.  As is the case in other states as well, Virginia law currently requires young girls to be vaccinated against the HPV virus.  Given the firm link between the virus and cervical cancer, you’d think parents would WANT their offspring protected from the virus.  You would be wrong, at least for many people who seem to trust anti-vaccine wackos more than the scientists that are trying to SAVE their children’s lives.  There is a push in the Virginia legislature to repeal the law.  Never mind that if a parent (stupidly) doesn’t want their child to get vaccinated, they already have an escape from the law. 

No, that’s simply not enough for the “Idiocracy” class of Virginia.  They WANT the right to be stupid.  They WANT the right to let their children wither and die someday from cervical cancer.  Obviously to these idiots, the choice is clear!  Let the STATE tell them how they should protect their children from a horrible disease that might kill them?  GOD NO!!  Just out of principle, it seems the Idiocracy class of Virginia would rather let their daughters die a horrible death, rather than trust in science or government.

Sometimes people just need to be protected from their own stupidity. This is one of those cases.  Young girls at the preferred vaccination age simply aren’t in a position to make the decision themselves.  You would HOPE a responsible parent would make the decision, and a mandatory vaccination program wouldn’t be required.  But then you would be assuming that people are rational and intelligent beings.  They obviously are not.

Whine and moan, redneck Virginia class of the “Idiocracy”.  Complain all you want about the state trampling on your right to let your own daughters die of cervical cancer.   If the Virginia legislature (or other state legislatures where anti-vaccination movements are gaining traction) had any shred of credibility, they would turn away the move to repeal the law, and do what’s right.  Protect these young girls from their own parent’s stupidity.

Perusin’ & Musin’

Some random thoughts from perusing the web…

Rick Perry Wants Wall Street Regulation Rolled Back – In an interview on CNBC, Rick Perry said that regulation of Wall Street was fine before the collapse, that it was actually the fault of government regulators that the economy crashed.  He wants Dodd-Frank and other Wall Street regulations to be rolled back.   Merry Christmas, Wall Street.  Between Perry’s 20% flat tax proposal and his desire to roll back financial regulation, happy times are sure to return to Wall Street.  It’s just the rest of us who won’t be participating in whatever kind of economic recovery Perry prefers.

CDC Recommends Boys get HPV  Vaccination - The CDC today put out a recommendation that young boys also get the HPV vaccine, before they become sexually active.  The vaccine will protect boys from certain cancers and genital warts.  I wonder who will be the first to come out and oppose the recommendation.  After all, we can’t have any government entity telling us what to do now, can we!?!?  It’s oppression!!  It’s some kind of governmental control conspiracy!!   Mark my words, you WILL see such comments from the right very soon.   Maybe it’s all a matter of evolution, survival of the fittest.  Pretty soon, all the ignorant, anti-science, right-wing wackos will be extinct through their own refusal to accept recommendations such as these, while us liberal, science-loving, tree-huggin’ wackos will rule the earth because WE were smart enough to immunize our children.

U.S. Security In Peril, $200 billion in proposed weapons cut - One proposal to help the debt reduction committee find $1 trillion in savings over the next decade is to cut spending on nuclear weapons by $200 billion.   $200 billion cut??!?!  How will America survive?!?!?  Those on the right would have you believe this somehow decimates America’s nuclear “deterrent”.  Uh….no.   Cutting $200 billion means we still would spend $500 billion on nuclear weapons over the next century.  HALF A TRILLION dollars spent for a weapon we say we will never use.   I actually wouldn’t mind seeing the debt panel fail, which would trigger the automatic cuts, including cuts to defense.  Political gridlock may be the ONLY thing that gets us to reduce our ridiculous levels of military spending.

Iceland to Plant French Trees to Save Species from Warming – Icelandic and French scientists are discussing a plan to plant French tree species endangered by global warming in Iceland.  Warming temperatures will soon make Iceland’s climate suitable to support some French tree species, which may not be able to adapt to warming temperatures in France.  It’s an interesting plan, and I certainly support efforts to save endangered plant and animal species.  However, I do think efforts like this are better PR moves than they are for long-term conservation planning.  If climate change becomes so extreme that some French tree species begin to die out, the climate shift isn’t a short-term phenomenon.  It would take one hell of a long-term view to plant trees in Iceland with the intention of replanting them in France many centuries in the future.   It’s a nice thought, but the practicality and utility of such plans is pretty questionable.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of plant and animal species are going to have to be able to adapt or migrate on their own.

Top Earners Doubled Share of Income - Over the last 30 years, the top 1% of wage earners had incomes increase 275%.   The bottom 20% of wage earners had incomes only increase a dismal 18%.  As the study notes, government policy is much less redistributive now than 30 years ago, with current tax and other government policies favoring the rich more than they used to.  This study pretty much typifies what Occupy Wall Street is protesting.  I find it laughable that many conservative commentators continue to brush off Occupy Wall Street as a short-term passing fad.  As long as the gap between rich and poor continues to grow, OWS is here to stay.

Repeal the 20th Century – Vote GOP -  I love this column on the Washington Post, by Katrina vanden Heuvel.  I love the reference to an earlier Washington Post column, and the “Repeal the 20th Century – Vote GOP” line.  As vanden Huevel notes, the GOP would not only like to dismantle 20th century social programs such as Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, but they seem hell-bent on dismantling several decades (or more) of scientific research.  Given how GOP candidates seem to stumble all over themselves trying to see who can sound the most ignorant on climate change and evolution, it wouldn’t surprise me if the eventual GOP winner is the first one to embrace the flat earth theory.

$11,000 Reward for Proof of Michele Bachmann Idiocy!!!

Bachmann Perry Wackiness

Perry profited, but the net result was good...thousands of Texas girls vaccinated against HPV. Bachmann goes out of her way to out-wacko her GOP competitors, claiming the vaccine causing mental retardation, despite NO scientific evidence of such a claim.

Michele Bachmann made a claim on Monday’s debate that a woman’s child became mentally retarded after getting the HPV vaccine.  She says she heard it from the mother, so of COURSE it must be true!  So true that it’s worthy of looking like a complete imbecile and talking about it on a nationally televised debate!

The forces of science and logic have struck back in this case, though (THANK GOD!).  There is now an $11,000 reward for someone who can find any kind of proof that the HPV vaccine is in any way correlated with causing mental retardation.  This all became an issue of course because Rick Perry mandated that all young females be given the HPV vaccine in Texas, a view that of COURSE was denounced by the right as stepping over the line.

This is ONE issue, and maybe the ONLY issue, where I actually agree with something Rick Perry did.  There is ample proof that this vaccine can save countless lives by preventing cervical cancer.  But then of course, news comes out that Perry has deep financial ties with the company that makes the vaccine, getting thousands in campaign contributions from the company.   And it also turns out Perry’s former chief-of-staff became a lobbyist for the same company.  Even when Perry does something RIGHT, he did it for all the wrong reasons, and is very deservedly getting blasted from the left for his ties to the company.

But of COURSE that’s not why the RIGHT is blasting Perry!!  No, they’re blasting Perry for the government daring to intervene and tell people to get vaccinated.  Saving lives?  BAH!  Who cares, says the right!!  It’s government intervention into personal privacy!!  But while the rest of the GOP idiots candidates just simply bashed him for the same old tired GOP topic of too much government interference, Bachmann took it MUCH further with this idiotic statement regarding the vaccine supposedly causing mental issues.  The sad thing is just how seriously some folks will take a claim like this, even though it just came completely out of the blue from one completely wacky GOP candidate (ok, they’re ALL wacky).    Claims like this, and anti-vaccine wackos activists like Jenny McCarthy, seem to get a lot of traction in the main press and with the ignorant public, while (as happens WAY too often) the actual scientific evidence for linkages between vaccines and these health issues is just not there.  Michele Bachmann certainly says more than her share of off-the-wall things, but this one, unfortunately, has real potential to cost lives by introducing more anti-vaccine fervor.  She should be ashamed, as should the GOP in general for making the HPV vaccine a political issue.

Perusin' and Musin'

Perusin & Musin'Some random thoughts from perusin’ the web…

Merriam-Webster adds “Tweet”, other new wordsIt certainly tells you a lot about today’s culture when you see the new words that have been added.  Helicopter Parents? Boomerang Child?  Bromance?   I can honestly say that while these are now words or phrases listed in Merriam-Webster, I truly doubt I will ever find a situation where I will use these words in casual conversation. And BTW, my spell checker is really choking over the term Bromance.

Top 100 Most Powerful Women - Oh c’mon.  Michelle Bachmann?  22nd most powerful woman in the world?  She’s gotten attention to this point for what…acting like a complete buffoon?   Sure, the media has paid attention to her because wackiness sells, but sorry Michelle, you’re being out-wacko’d by Rick Perry now.  Your 15 minutes of fame have lasted far too long already, and it would come as a complete shock to me if you are ever ranked this high again.  And don’t get me started on Palin being #34 on this list.  Please tell  me WHAT she has accomplished the last 2 years to deserve that ranking?

Dorothy Burlingham’s Twins - Ah, if only my parents would have read this before I was born!  You see, I am a twin.  And I am scarred for life, after being forced to wear matching twin cloths as a young child.   Twins need independence, says Burlingham!!!  My twin brother and I have never been close, a situation that hasn’t really changed since we’ve gotten older.  I blame matching outfits worn as a 2-year old.  We may be the only twins on earth who sometimes forget each other’s birthdays (sad, but true!!).

Irene Rare, Dangerous Hurricane - First an earthquake, and now the East Coast is going to get brushed with a hurricane.  As one who lived in D.C. for a couple of years and witnessed the entire area completely shut down if 2 inches of snow fell, I can only imagine the apocalyptic images going through the minds of folks living there!  Hopefully it turns a little further east than expected.

Vaccines Generally Safe – The National Academy of Sciences says vaccines are safe.  Jenny McCarthy says they cause autism.  Guess who many people believe?  Damn scientists…we’re always lying.  It’s those checks we always get to keep participating in conspiracies such as these.  Buw-wah-ha-ha-ha (he cackles evilly).

87% in U.S. Disapprove of Congress – This is one of those rare cases where I actually agree with the majority of the American public.