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Scum of the Week – Texas Judge Tom Head

Man, what a week in the news.  SO many potential choices for the scum of the week.  But the “winner” for the week is Texas judge Tom Head.

Head is an elected county judge who also has responsibilities for emergency management in his county.  In broadcast interviews this week, Head said that the greatest threat facing his county is Obama being reelected, saying he believes it could result in civil war.  According to Head, Obama has been installing “Czars” in positions of power, people who will make Congress irrelevant.  He also states that Obama will “give away” U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations.  Then he says civil war will be necessary to get rid of the “Dictator”, and that he personally will stand up to the U.N. tanks and the like that Obama will supposedly call in.

My…freakin…god.  I have a damned low opinion of the human race as a whole, but I swear to god, there’s a good 50% of Americans who are 1) dumb as a board, and 2) bigoted pigs.  I LOVE wackos like this who point out the impending disaster if Obama is re-elected.  Obama has been in power 3 1/2 years.  Has he “called in the UN” yet?  Has he reduced Congress and the Constitution to an irrelevant level?  Has he done A SINGLE THING to reduce the freedoms that Americans enjoy!?!?!?

I’m not surprised any more at the complete IGNORANCE of our own elected officials. Todd Akin?  This loser?  In American democracy, sadly, these losers ARE representative of the American populus as a whole.