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Letting uninsured die…unfortunately not hypothetical

Uninsured Rate

50 million uninsured in the U.S., but if the Tea Party has their way, many may be dead soon! That will also help our unemployment rate!

My last blog post was on the crowd reaction (and Ron Paul reaction) to Wolf Blitzer following up on a health care question by asking if the uninsured should just be allowed to die if they are ill.  As the news today shows, that unfortunately isn’t a hypothetical question from Blitzer, as the number of uninsured in the U.S. has grown to nearly 50 million.  Not only is unemployment an issue for the American worker, but so is health care coverage, as the percentage of employers that even offer health insurance to their employees continues to drop, as does the amount employers themselves pay if insurance is offered.

50 million uninsured, in what we ourselves supposedly think is the greatest and most powerful country on the planet?   A 2009 Harvard study found 45,000 people die in the U.S. every year due to lack of health insurance.  The same study found those without health insurance have an overall 40% higher risk of death than the insured.   But still, we have the Tea Party and seemingly every GOP candidate railing against ObamaCare.  God forbid we try to insure people and ensure equal access to health care for every American.   After all, it’s MUCH more important for Tea Party Joe down the street to have an extra $30 in his paycheck so he can afford an extra case of beer a week, than it is for an uninsured mother to be able to get that lump in her breast checked out.

Tea Party – Let the uninsured sick die!!

Ron Paul

Cover the uninsured? Or let them die? For the Tea Party, it's the latter.

Compassionate Conservatism?  Is that what now drives the right-wing of the GOP?  Uh….no.  That much was ABUNDANTLY obvious when watching the GOP debate last night.   Wolf Blitzer at one point asked Ron Paul whether society should let a sick man in a coma who had no life insurance just die, rather than pay for his care.  Ron Paul’s answer was sickening enough, in that he skated around directly answering, but basically said “we need to learn to take care of ourselves”, and that religious institutions and other non-government groups could “pick up the slack”.   It was about as much of a “yes” as he could give, without directly saying the word. 

Sickening, but nothing like the chilling response vocalized by some of the crowd that was heavy with Tea Party sentiment.  When Blitzer asked the question, several in the crowd yelled out “YES!”, that the sick man SHOULD just be left to die if he had no insurance.  THIS is what the right has become.  Our tax burden is relatively low compared to other Western societies, but the Tea Party and libertarian wing of the GOP much prefer cutting taxes by a drastic amount, rather than “wasting” that money on things like the sick, poor, and underprivileged.

A sickening, sickening moment.  But sadly, a moment that typifies where the Tea Party has taken the Republican party.  The “Religious Right” is a complete JOKE as a component of the Republican Party.  Sure, the right is GREAT at whining about the need for more Christian-based “values” in government.  But for the right, Christian-based values somehow no longer have ANYTHING to do with real morality.  They can whine about not teaching creationism in school.  They can whine about prayer in school or government.  But when it comes right down to it, the right as a whole doesn’t give a damn about helping the poor, or the sick.   All they care about is their own personal satisfcation, their own personal GREED, their own personal standard of living. 

If you are a member of the “Religious Right”, a group that somehow identifies itself with the Republican Party, you’d damn well better be sick to your stomach on where your party is going.  That is, if you REALLY believe in your Christian values.  Walk the freakin’ walk, and stop the madness that is taking over the GOP.