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Black, Muslim, Non-citizen, Socialist President Re-elected!!!

Obama - 2012In a shocking development, the United States of America re-elected a black, Muslim, non-citizen, socialist president.  Barack Hussein Obama, a communist born in Kenya, has spent the last four years on an American “Apology” tour, while simultaneously plotting to destroy American’s religious freedoms, secretly installing Islamic Shariah Law, and moving to take away guns from all Americans. The ONLY reason Obama, a known lizard man who is also the AntiChrist, won, is because of 1) Media Bias 2) Vote Fraud 3) Hurricane Sandy 4) Alien influences.

So…what do you think?  I think I could probably post the paragraph above on a host of right-wing websites, and get a lot of “serious” discussion.  BACK TO REALITY, REPUBLICANS!!! Guess what? The polls were (gasp!) RIGHT!!  The mainstream media was (gasp!) RIGHT!! Americans (gasp!!) PREFER a leader who tells the truth!  Shocking!!!

The rational folks who actually looked at the evidence, like Nate Silver, have been proven correct.  Were there any states missed by Silver?   It looks like 332 will be the magic number.  Look at Silver’s prediction site, and you’ll see the most predicted outcome was 332 electoral votes (look at his histogram of potential outcomes).  In the meantime, right-wing “pundits” such as Dick Morris, who predicted a Romney landslide, were very predictably proven to be nothing more than right-wing shills. 

I have high hopes that this election will mark an end to the Republican Party as it currently exists.  I hope it results in a reformed Republican Party, where FACT, where SCIENCE play an important role.  I have no problem with those with well-informed opinions that are different than mine, if they are indeed based on fact, on science where applicable.  That’s obviously NOT today’s Republican party, where even simple POLLS are doubted, where climate change and evolution are a sham.  I hope this election marks the end of the right-wing takeover of the Republican party.  I hope it marks the end of politics dictated by HATE and INTOLERANCE.

Hey, I can dream.  But on a night like tonight (OK, it’s now officially morning I guess)…even a cynic like me can believe in the basic goodness of Americans.  Congrats, Mr. Obama!  America has spoken, and they have, perhaps, SLIGHTLY lessened my overall cynicism regarding the human race.  :-)

Romney’s “Business Plan” – Lying

Mitt Romney

Surprisingly, I couldn't find a photo of Romney speaking out of both sides of his mouth. This one will have to do, Romney no doubt laughing about completely stupid American voters are for voting for him despite his lack of respect for the truth.

Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has a quite blunt feature today on Mitt Romney and the art of lying.  My favorite part of the feature are the concluding sentences, which give you a nice succinct summary of what it takes to be a politician like Romney:

Business is business. It’s what you do. It is not who you are. Lying isn’t a sin. It’s a business plan.

Thanks to the flub by the Romney campaign, Romney himself is now the “etch-a-sketch” candidate, someone who will say anything to please, well, whoever he happens to be speaking to that day.  If that includes outright lying to try to gain favor with the crowd du jour?  No problem!!  To hear Romney TALK during the GOP campaign, you’d have thought he were a staunch conservative from…Montana? Texas?  You CERTAINLY wouldn’t get the truth…that he was actually a fairly progressive, quite moderate governor of Massachusetts.  The etch-a-sketch candidate has built a false history of supposed conservatism, a history built on a bed of lies.

When he’s been attacked during the campaign, either about his outright lies or about some other aspect of his candidacy, time and time again, Romney’s strategy has been to briefly explain it away, then quickly counter and attack the accuser.  The GOP in general has been under relentless attack for their stances on women’s rights and issues.  Romney’s strategy to deal with it?  To make up a complete lie, one so ridiculous you’d THINK you couldn’t say it with a straight face.  Romney’s big attack in the last week has been that of job losses since the recession began, that “92.3% of them are women”.  One thing Romney certainly excels at is not only lying, but the VERY selective use of misleading statistics to bolster his campaign.

It’s not like Romney is alone in terms of his abuse of the truth.  Yesterday on the way home, on the radio I listened to what was a very shocking history for Rep. Darrell Issa, a very conservative House member from California who has led many attacks on Obama and Dems.  The man is COMPLETE SCUM…with a history of legal issues.  He’s been arrested for stealing cars.  He COMPLETELY distorted his military record during his political campaigns. He committed insurance fraud by torching his business…right after QUADRUPLING his insurance, and putting all the truly valuable items in a fire-proof safe.   He’s been arrested on weapons charging, after a gun, a tear-gas gun, and ammo for both were found in his car. 

But yet Issa has been a GREAT business success, and is currently the richest member of Congress.  A scum with a history like Issa has somehow managed to become a powerful CHAIR of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee!!  Seriously!?!?   A man with HIS history, in charge of a committee meant to reign in corruption in government?!?!?

THIS is what it evidently takes to become successful in America.  You need to lie!! You NEED to be a cutthroat POS with no concern about ethics, your own personal honor, or the welfare of others.  It’s certainly worked for Issa, and seemingly 90% of all politicians in Washington.

And it seems to be the path of choice for Romney.  Just look at Romney’s etch-a-sketch campaign, his statements that wander all over the map, depending on which way the political winds are blowing that day.  He’s the PERFECT presidential candidate, especially for a party like the GOP.   What continually shocks me about American politics is how men like Issa or Romney manage to hoodwink people into voting for them.