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Who will choke?

Romney and Obama

One of these 2 men is going to be remembered for one of the worst losses ever in a presidential race.

It’s rather interesting what can happen in the span of a week!! I’ve been gone with my family to Yellowstone for a little vacation, and haven’t had internet or TV.  We left the day of the debate, which I missed, so my comments are based on second-hand reports of the debate.  However, it’s pretty amazing how different the race is now, compared to before we left!  InTrade had Obama at 80% chance of re-election.  How, it’s down to 62%, and many of the polls are now too close to call.

I’m a sports fan, but I’ve never liked the term “choke”.  Teams lose, individuals lose.  However, that’s not often enough for some “fans”, who seem very quick to add the title “choke” to the loss.

However, I think it may very well apply to the loser of the presidential race. Romney? By all historical measures, this should be a cakewalk for him.  But the only reason he’s competitive at the moment is that he’s “not Obama”.  He certainly hasn’t won over many hearts with his campaign, or his personality.

Obama?  This race was his, until his debate performance.  How, we basically have a toss-up.  Before the debates, it was noted that debates rarely change the dynamic of a race.  With Obama’s lackluster performance though, this debate certainly has changed the dynamic.
One of these 2 men will forever be mentioned for losing a race they shouldn’t have lost.

Repubs: Put your money where your mouth is

Another day, another batch of stories proclaiming that all the polls showing Obama pulling away are wrong, with right-wing pundits falling all over themselves trying to make the case that Romney is doing much better than it appears.  Aside from the obvious fact that polling institutions would be destroying themselves if they produced polls that they didn’t think were accurate, what about the people who have the MOST riding on this election?  And in America, where the almighty $$$$ rules everything, it’s the folks who are BETTING on things that are the best indication of how the election is going.

I’ve often mentioned InTrade, the online betting site that has moved Obama from a 54% chance of reelection before the conventions, to nearly 80% today.  InTrade isn’t the only “odds maker” to show Obama with a very high chance of reelection.  Oddschecker.com shows Obama going at anywhere from 1/5 to 1/7Paddypower.com has Obama at 1/7. LadBrokes.com has Obama at 1/6.     

The people actually betting on the election overwhelmingly are  betting on an Obama victory.  So Republican pundits…is this TOO a conspiracy?  You’ve already said the media is in the tank for Obama.  You’ve been saying the polls now are biased towards Democrats.  What about the betters?  Is this TOO one big conspiracy?  Are all the people putting their money on the line, only doing so to fool you brilliant Republican pundits?

The election isn’t over.  A lot can happen in 5 1/2 weeks.  But Republicans are deluding themselves if they think things are going well right now.

Don’t blame Romney, Repubs. It’s your party that sucks.

Ohio Polls

Poll trends in Ohio over the last month (Average of polls, from RealClearPolitics.com). Despite this being average of all polls, Repubs continue to insist on poll bias. Or media bias. Or, many are just assuming they're going to lose at this stage, and are blaming Romney. It's not the polls, or the media, or even Romney himself. It's what the Republican Party stands for.

I love the panic right now among Republicans. Ever since the conventions, and ever since Romney lost his ability to censor himself, the polls have moved very strongly in Obama’s favor.  InTrade had Obama with a 54% chance of reelection before the conventions.  Now, it’s over 75%.

Republicans are in a state of shock.  They just assumed they would win this election, solely based on the state of the economy.  Their entire strategy was based on the proposition that voters would blame Obama for the current slow economy, and would vote for the Republican candidate by default, whoever that candidate turned out to be.  Now that Obama is widening his lead in Ohio, Florida, and other important swing states, Repubs are placing the blame on one of 2 factors 1) Romney himself, or 2) “biased” polls.

There is no getting over the fact that Romney has run a miserable campaign.  More on that in a second.  Beyond Romney though, there have been numerous stories and opinion pieces out this week from the right claiming some kind of conspiracy or bias in the poll numbers.  Despite the fact that every poll on the planet has Obama in front nationally, and in front in Ohio, Florida, and every other swing state, Repub pundits are claiming it’s all a part of an effort to depress Republican voter enthusiasm, that the polls are using incorrect assumptions, and that these same Repub pundits “know better” than the pollsters.  Republicans just seem to be in shock that the electorate isn’t rushing to support them.  It HAS to be the polls, right? There’s no way people actually LIKE Obama and Democrats!!!

I am absolutely loving it.  I’m loving seeing the Republican party completely self-destruct.  The election is still almost 6 weeks away, but Republicans are falling all over themselves right now, trying to play the blame game.  IT’S ROMNEY!  If ONLY Romney were more like Paul Ryan!  Or, IT’S THE POLLS!  The media and the polls are out to get Repubs!

Well, guess what, Republicans?  It’s not Romney.  It’s definitely not the polls. It’s not some liberal media conspiracy.  It’s your entire, deluded, $hitty excuse for a political party that’s at fault.

Let’s start with Romney himself.  Clearly, of the miserable batch of Republican “stars” that were in the primaries, Romney was the most “electable”.  He was the most qualified.  He was the right choice, from a Republican perspective.  But in winning the nomination, Romney has been forced to act like he’s something he’s not…a hardcore, right-wing conservative of the kind that Republican leadership INSISTS on.  Romney has had to abandon his former moderate stances and has shifted so far to the right he can’t even remember where he came from.  Granted, given how extreme the Republican party has become, he likely wouldn’t have won the nomination if he hadn’t moved to the right.  Some assumed he’d move back towards the center after winning the nomination, in preparation for the election against Obama.

However, Republican leadership simply hasn’t allowed any wiggle room for Romney.  Be it foreign policy or the tax policy back home, Romney has been squeezed into a position where he’s forced to continually reiterate the most extreme conservative positions.  Obama has taken out Bin Laden and kept us safe at home, but Republicans continue to act as if they alone are the standard-bearers for security and the military.  Hence the sabre-rattling tone from Romney on every foreign policy issue, as if America acting “tough” is the answer to the delicate and extremely complicated issues in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Romney continues the bravado when talking foreign policy, however, simply because he HAS to.  His base insists that he act “tougher” than Obama.

Things are no different on the domestic front.  Romney and every other candidate running for the nomination were all pushed into a position where even a $1 tax increase for every $10 cut in spending was too much.  Romney has been pushed into a position where he has to continually talk about cutting taxes, while at the same time, somehow magically maintaining or increasing our military budget, and balancing our overall budget.  It’s an impossibility…but logic or fact have given way to ideology for the Republican party.  Romney is a problem-solver…he’s not one to carry the Republican ideological flag.

It’s a mismatch, it’s been doomed from the start, and there’s no one to blame other than Republican leadership and the party as a whole.  Republicans, you’ve been done in by your own hatred, your own intolerance, your sole focus on being the “anti-Obama”, rather than standing for anything meaningful.  You’ve been done in by your extremism, by your unwillingness to compromise, no matter the consequences.  You’ve been done in by a vision for America that bends over backwards to accommodate those with money and power, while abandoning those who need our help.

It’s not Romney.  It’s not the media. It’s not biased polls.  Don’t act shocked that you’re losing, that people aren’t stampeding to support Romney or Republicans.  You simply don’t represent what America wants, or needs.

Romney sticks foot in mouth — Again

Romney speech

Shades of 2008, when McCain campaign staff cringed every time Palin opened her mouth. In 2012? It's the Romney campaign cringing every time their presidential candidate opens his mouth.

Obama’s best campaign strategy may be to just stay quiet, and let Romney do the talking.  Whenever Romney does talk, you’ve got a good chance that he’ll say something that is either 1) misinformed, 2) a lie, or 3) downright offensive.  Once again today, the media is lit up with another dumb Romney statement, this one about the “47%” of Americans who are “dependent upon government”, with Romney saying it’s  not his “job to worry about those people”.   It’s probably not a good thing for a presidential candidate to write off half of Americans as useless to him.

David Brooks from the NY Times has an on-the-mark perspective on Romney in his column today.  As Brooks notes, one of Romney’s biggest problems is that he’s pretending he’s something he’s not.  He was a relatively moderate Governor in New England.  The campaign has pushed him to become, as Brooks calls it, a “cartoon” of himself, someone who supposedly is very conservative, someone who is anti-government.  I think Brooks is a very fair political commentator, but he is a conservative.  It says something about the campaign Romney is running when someone like Brooks comes out with a rather scathing critique of his campaign.

6 months ago, the line of thinking was that the Republican candidate would have an edge in voter enthusiasm, that Repubs and the independents they could attract would be very enthusiastic about booting Obama from office. That’s no doubt still the case for the hard-core, rabid conservatives on the right, but even they are increasingly disenchanted with the Romney campaign.  After the conventions, it’s Obama who seems to have gained the edge in enthusiasm among his base.

With each ignorant comment that comes out of Romney’s mouth, the polls edge towards Obama.  InTrade today…up to almost 68% chance of an Obama victory, up 12% from where it stood before the conventions, and before Romney’s series of verbal gaffes.  This election is starting to feel like the last one.  McCain, desperate to regain an edge, made a critical error in taking Palin to be his running mate, and his campaign began to rapidly lose credibility.

In this case, it’s Romney’s own tongue that is betraying the campaign, but the net effect is the same.  It’s becoming damn hard for most Americans to see Romney as their president, given his penchant for verbal gaffes, and the laughable and amateurish errors he’s making in the campaign.  What’s most revealing about Romney himself though is that you get glimpses of the true man behind the mask when he makes comments such as this.   He’s about as out-of-touch with the 99% as any candidate has ever been.

Romney calls OBAMA a liar???

Romney and Obama

Given the campaign over the last several months...which of these two men do YOU think is more likely to lie?

I couldn’t let this story go by without talking about it.  In an interview on Good Morning America, Mitt Romney was asked about the upcoming debates.  Romney stated that one of his “challenges” he’ll have in the debates “is that the president  tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren’t true.”

Are you KIDDING me?  The ROMNEY campaign, coming out on a popular morning TV show and saying THEY are worried about the lies of their opponent?   Is this part of a new Romney strategy?  Romney and Ryan have both been caught in blatant lies throughout the campaign.  Is this their way of getting the heat off their backs for their own lies, by trying to convince folks that it’s the OTHER candidate who is the liar??

Given that Romney’s campaign seems to have adopted the strategy of “say it enough, and people will think it’s true”…maybe they think if they call Obama a liar enough, it will stick enough that people will just think both sides are playing politics as usual, and lying through their teeth all the time.

It sure has the stench of a very desperate Romney campaign though.  After the debacle of Romney’s completely outrageous criticism of the Obama administration regarding the Embassy attacks, the odds makers have sharply increased the odds of an Obama reelection, with InTrade moving Obama’s chances up by nearly 10% this week, to over 66%.  Given that Romney appears completely incapable of actually discussing what he’ll DO if he’s elected, he’s been relegated to attacking Obama.

Pretty damned daring of him to straight out call Obama a liar though, given the free flowing garbage that’s come from the Romney campaign for the last few months.

Republicans’ New Math

Mitt Romney this week came out with a pledge to achieve energy independence by 2020.  ”Independence” for Romney means only using North American sources of energy.  Given that we would still rely heavily on Canadian and/or Mexican energy imports, Romney’s pledge is hollow to begin with.  It doesn’t matter if oil flows from Canada’s tar sands or Saudi Arabia’s wells, it still means we’re importing oil from a foreign country.

With that point aside, you have to marvel at what Romney and the Republicans have accomplished in the field of mathematics during this election cycle.  They’ve completely written the basic tenets underlying mathematics with the policy proposals they’ve suggested.  Romney pledges to reach energy “independence” in just 7 years…shocking pledge in its own right, but even more shocking when he pledges  to do so without supporting any changes to fuel standards. 

Republicans certainly don’t have a good grasp of the basic concept of supply and demand.  Romney’s energy promise doesn’t address reducing energy USE…it’s all about trying to increase supply.  After all, as Romney states,  he wouldn’t want to TELL people what kind of car they should drive.  This is AMERICA, after all!  Dadgumit, if you want to drive a massive SUV that gets 12 MPG, that’s your god-given right as an AMERICAN!

Sounds good…if you’re a right-wing, wacko Republican who thinks the entire world is just there for your own personal short-term enjoyment.  But in reality, it’s simply impossible to expect energy “independence” without also cutting energy use…even when you use Romney’s definition of “independence” that includes importing Canadian and Mexican energy sources.

Romney and Republicans aren’t exactly breaking new ground with this policy announcement though.  After all, this is the same party that insists we can balance budgets by simply shrinking government, without any additional taxes or revenues coming in.  This despite every serious economist on the planet pronouncing the impossibility of doing so, unless the Federal government should somehow come under Ron Paul’s control and consist solely of the military and very little else. 

It’s the Republicans’ “New Math”.  Republicans have already abandoned science.  They might as well abandon basic mathematics or any other form of reason as well.

Romney’s “Perfect” VP pick

Mitt Romney

It's amazing how often you watch Romney and see just how damned uncomfortable, how unhappy, he looks. I would be too, if I had sold my soul. The man is a caricature of his former self.

With today’s announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Romney has again reminded us what today’s Republican Party stands for.  Following in the footsteps of John McCain, the last, failed Republican candidate, the once moderate, pragmatic Romney has completed his conversion to right-wing wacko.  The pick proves that it is the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world and corporate America who really runs the Republican party, not the everyday American voter.

I respected McCain before the last election.  He was indeed a “maverick”, someone who fought for what he thought was right, regardless of his party’s view on a particular issue.  That all went out the window once he ran for president, and it’s carried over into his bitter, post-election loss political life.  Now, McCain is a shell of of his former self, having been “assimilated” (Borg-style!) into the rest of the conservative, right-wing, wacko component of the Republican party.

It’s amazing how Romney has followed the same path.  Romney has somehow transformed from a moderate governor of a liberal state, from a champion of health care reform, into a sniveling wimp who kowtows to the most radical in the Republican Party.  The Ryan announcement is just verification of the transformation.  The architect of a budget plan so extreme, so completely unrealistic that even huge numbers of Republicans distanced themselves from it as much as they could, was strongly backed by the most radical and conservative people and institutions in th U.S.

And, as usual nowadays for the Republican Party…the radical wing of the party “won”, and got their man as the VP candidate.  I really wonder how men like McCain and Romney can look in the mirror in the morning, knowing how they’ve completely sold their souls for the sake of winning an election.  There’s really no word to describe it other than….pathetic.