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Woo-hoo! Another Journal Pub!

Sohl and Sohl - Pine Barrens Land ChangeContinuing what’s been a great year so far, I just had another paper published in a scientific journal.  This one is “Land-Use Change in the Atlantic Coaswtal Pine Barrens Ecoregion”, and it was just published in the journal “Geographic Review“.  

This one is is an interesting one for me, because the co-author is my wife!  I worked on a project looking at satellite imagery and land-use change in the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregion.  It’s an area that covers much of New Jersey, as well as Long Island, Cape Cod, and other immediate areas.  My wife just happened to look at the New Jersey portion of the area for work she did in grad school.

Hence the teaming up and writing a paper for the area!  Click here if you’d like to take a look.