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Raped and pregnant? Too bad, says GOP

Hairy Old White Men

A photo of the GOP press conference, back when they were responding to Obama's decision on contraceptive rules. Note everyone in the picture is a bona fide "Hairy Old White Man", with nary a woman in sight. THESE are the folks who say that if YOUR DAUGHTER is raped...she must carry the baby to term.

JUST when you think the GOP couldn’t possibly lurch any further to the right, those ”Hairy Old White Men“ go and do something nutty.  Today, the GOP announced that a major plank of their election platform will be a call for a Constitutional amendment that bans ALL abortions, including NO exceptions for women who are victims of rape or incest

Imagine a teenage girl, as a victim of rape or incest.  Imagine one of your FAMILY members as a victim of rape or incest.  Would you be comfortable FORCING a woman to carry a child that came about due to a violent crime??! 

It’s so nice to know that the Hairy Old White Men who dominate the GOP are SO in touch with women’s issues.  Just a few days after Todd Akin makes his ridiculous comments about rape, the GOP establishment comes out themselves and basically says WE DON’T CARE ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS.

What’s even more pathetic is that should Romney win the White House, and should Repubs. gain control of the Senate and keep control of the House…NOTHING WILL CHANGE on the abortion front.  As I’ve said before…Repubs know their most reliable voting bloc are people who vote SOLELY because of the abortion issue.  Republicans have controlled the White House and both the Senate and House before, and what happened on the abortion issue?  Nothing.  And that’s by design.  They talk a good talk.  They’ve talked a good talk for many years.  But when push comes to shove, at a National level, nothing changes, and Republican politicians honestly have little motivation to change the status quo.

The Constitutional amendment ploy is purely political.  It has zero chance of ever becoming the law of the land, even if Repubs tried to push it.  But hey, it SOUNDS good to the ever wackier, ignorant, red-necked masses who make up the majority of the Republican constituency.

Perusin’ & Musin’ – The Republican “Morality” Edition

Just some random thoughts from perusing the web.  Seems to be an extra dose of disgusting Repubs in the news lately.  Hasn’t been the first time I’ve scoffed at the supposed moral high ground Republicans seem to TRY to take on most issues.  Walk the walk…

“Legitimate Rape” – I’m not going to beat this one to death, since it’s obviously gotten a lot of coverage over the last 24 hours.  Suffice it to say I totally agree with this great article from Laura Helmuth that Todd Akin’s “misstatement” was nothing of the sort, that it was his underlying sexism and ignorance slipping out.

Republicans calling for Akin to quit - Pardon my cynicism, but the ONLY reason Republicans are calling for him to quit, is because his verbal gaffe has cost him any chance at beating McCaskill for that Missouri Senate seat.  If the press hadn’t jumped all over Akin, IF Akin weren’t affected politically by his comments?  The silence you would hear from Republicans would be deafening.

Skinny-dipping Republican Congressmen - Skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee while on “business”?  Way to go House Freshmen Repubs…classy stuff.

Repubs keep pushing voter restrictionsWhat does it say when an entire political party seems hell-bent on STOPPING people from voting?  Unless they happen to be rich, white “Christians”?  Suppressing the votes of minorities and the poor, reliable Democratic voting blocs, seems to be the primary strategy of Republicans for this next election.  Repubs cry “VOTER FRAUD!!” as their excuse, but it’s painfully obvious the real reason is to dissuade minorities from voting, ESPECIALLY when report after report says there IS no meaningful voter fraud in the U.S.   I think the only thing that could be more obvious is if Repubs wore KKK uniforms while they smiled and called for voting regulations.

Four people shot at a Walmart - Four people shot in the parking lot of a Walmart, and it barely makes the news.  And as usual in this election year, it draws not a peep from the cowards too worried about the next election to make any calls for meaningful gun control.

Perusin’ and Musin’

Some random thoughts from perusin’ the web…

Jobs Report Doesn’t Bode Well for Obama – Not a good jobs report today.  Unemployment inched down, but only because so many people have left the work force.  It’s a damned tough environment for a sitting president to win re-election.  Frankly though, there’s just not much Obama can do to get things going on the economic front.  This is a global downturn, and U.S. government economic policy isn’t the key to our economy.   Romney says he’ll create 500,000 jobs a months and drop unemployment to 4%.  That’s about as likely as Gingrich’s promises to lower gas prices to below $2.00 a gallon.   However, it’s pretty obvious Republicans SHOULD have the edge given 1) the down economy, and 2) an American public who is stupid enough to actually BELIEVE some of the crap Republicans shovel down their throats.   The only thing working against them is 1) their OWN ineptitude and 2) a complete lack of any strong candidates.

Redneck Massachusetts Man Attacks Hawk - No South Dakota, we do NOT have a monopoly on redneck losers.  In Massachusetts, a man was arrested when he attacked a Red-tailed Hawk who had captured a pigeon…presumably to “protect” the pigeons in the park?  The story also notes other memorable Massachusetts losers, such as a fish hatchery operator who shot herons, Osprey, and even Eagles that hung around his hatchery. Never underestimate just how incredibly cruel, selfish, and evil people can be.

Sioux Falls Man found Guilty of Raping 7-year Old – See the story above, multiply the horror and disgust by a factor of, oh, around 1,000, and you have this story of a Sioux Falls man raping a 7-year old.  About 99% of the time, I’m against capital punishment….but BOY do stories like this make me at least pause and consider it for a second. 

First Hummingbird of the Year - Like clockwork since we’ve moved into our current house, the first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the year arrives sometime during the first week of May.  Today was the day for 2012, when I saw a beautiful male hummingbird flitting around the yard much of the day.  The link at the top of the paragraph shows the migratory progress of the Hummingbirds for this spring.  I will GREATLY enjoy having them around my yard for the next 4 1/2 months, until they depart by mid- to late-September.

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Sorry Joe Pa…You Gotta Go

Joe Paterno

Say it ain't so, Joe. It's hard to imagine any reasonable excuse that can save Joe Paterno at this stage. As the face of the Penn State program, as someone with personal knowledge of Jerry Sandusky's disgusting behavior, I'm sorry Joe. You gotta go.

What a horrible ending for a storied career.  Joe Paterno has been head coach at Penn State for an amazing 46 years, and his 409 wins is the most for any major college coach.  He’s been a true icon at Penn State, a man whose impact has been felt beyond the football field.   There’s little doubt that Joe Pa is the most beloved man in Pennsylvania, and a symbol of what has been a very clean program, free of the controversy that has hit many major college football programs.

And it all comes crashing down in what was likely Joe Pa’s last year.  What a shame.  What a waste.  But more than anything…what an incredible lapse in judgement by Paterno.  In the blink of an eye, his entire career and reputation at Penn State are ruined.  When he was told by a graduate assistant that Paterno’s friend and former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was seen sexually assaulting a young boy in the showers at Penn State, Paterno did pass the information along to Penn State administrators.  Those administrators are now being indicted for failing to report the incident to the police, a shocking cover-up that likely led to Sandusky continuing to have access to yet more boys, a cover-up that likely led to more young lives ruined by this monster.

Joe Pa did what he was legally obligated to, when he reported the incident.  However, given the god-awful nature of the crime, you would think Paterno would want to follow up with the administration on the status of the (supposed) investigation.  He had an obligation, not just as the face of Penn State football, but as a human being, to follow up.  It’s hard to believe Paterno would report the event, and then simply forget about it.  It’s hard to understand why Paterno wouldn’t question Sandusky still maintaining a presence around the program.  It’s hard to understand why Paterno wouldn’t question administration officials when it became apparent the crime never went reported.

The story is simply shocking.  Joe Paterno, and indeed, Penn State football, are just about the least likely of culprits for such a scandal.  A man, his legend, and his program are teetering on the brink.  And there’s simply no excuse that can be made on Paterno’s behalf.