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Whooping Cranes shot by red-necked Louisiana teens

L8 - Whooping Crane

A photo of "L8", the USGS name for one of the 2 Whooping Cranes that two redneck Louisiana boys shot.

In February of this year, Whooping Cranes were released into Louisiana, the first time the birds were found in the wild in the state since at least 1950.  The USGS released 10 birds in an effort to reintroduce a non-migratory flock to the Louisiana area.  It only took 8 months for some redneck Louisiana “hunters” to pop off a couple of the cranes, as two dead cranes were recently found.

Authorities charged two juveniles with the crime.  Evidently the two teens were out driving around in a pickup, and shot the birds right from the pickup.  YEEEEE-hAWWWWWWWWWWW!!   What fun these two redneck losers must have had as they personally killed 20% of the entire state’s population of Whooping Cranes!   The story cited above only discusses the perps as “juveniles”, which means they will likely get off with a slap on the wrist.  This, despite that these “juveniles” are evidently entrusted to drive, and are evidently entrusted to drive with loaded guns.

I had a run-in with a VERY midguided parent once (Hi Dave!!) when I turned in some “boys” for treating a live, wing-shot goose like it was a soccer ball.  The “boys” had lightly wounded the goose, but were pretty clueless on what to do next.  They didn’t know how to kill the wounded goose, so were chasing it around a field, kicking it, stomping on it, and hitting it.  “Dave” took offense to my reporting of the “boys”.

Well, I’ll tell you what…Once a parent decides a child is old enough to drive around on his own, that “child” has certain adult responsibilities.  Once a parent decides a child is old enough to HAVE A FREAKIN’ GUN AND GO OFF ON THEIR OWN, then that “child” SHOULD NO LONGER BE TREATED LIKE A CHILD.  If you have the supposed maturity to have a gun, then you damned well better be willing to face the consequences if you act like a redneck and start popping off one of the most endangered birds in the world.

Or even better, CHARGE THE PARENT if a juvenile is charged with a gun crime, if that parent enabled the juvenile by providing the weapon.