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Ohio State demonstrates what they stand for

Ohio State completed a perfect season in college football today.  No, you don’t hear the hype of Ohio State playing for the national title in a bowl game, for Ohio State is ineligible to win the Big 10 this year, and they are ineligible to participate in a bowl game.  Jim Tressel, the Ohio State coach who was fired 2 years ago, left his “legacy” by being fired for trying to hide NCAA rules violations.  For Tressel, keeping his important players on the field was more important than following the rules.

Today, before the game, Ohio State administrators arranged for a celebration of the Ohio State 2002 team that won a National Championship. Ohio State administrators also somehow thought that it would be a good idea to invite Jim Tressel to the celebration, despite him leading the program into probation and being run out of town by the NCAA. 

Ohio State fans responded as you’d expect Ohio State fans to respond…they of course gave Tressel a standing ovation, and cheered loudly when the members of the 2002 team lifted Tressel up onto their shoulders and marched him around the stadium before the game.  Given the reaction of the Ohio State administration when the Tressel scandal first broke, where the university president first cracked jokes about hoping Tressel didn’t fire HIM, it’s not a surprise to see the University itself sponsor this event before today’s game.  Given the reaction of Ohio State FANS when the Tressel scandal broke, it’s not a surprise at all to see them cheer wildly for Tressel the cheater, Tressel the liar, Tressel the “winner”.

It’s the last one of course that is ALL that matters to far too many…winning at all costs, and circling the wagons and thumbing your nose at the rest of the world when accusations of cheating and coverups are revealed. Ohio State, your administration and your fans revealed EXACTLY what you stand for today.  The fact that you openly CELEBRATE the man and his “achievements” demonstrates that winning is more important than character. 

Disgusting.  Now there are 2 fan bases in the Big 10 that have openly thumbed their noses at the rest of the college football world.  Now there are 2 fan bases that have let it be known that WINNING is all that matters, damn the consequences.  The Penn State administration and Penn State fans embarrassed their university by celebrating a man in Joe Paterno who WON…but did so under a veil of secrecy so strong, under an atmosphere where PROTECTING THE PROGRAM was more important than even protecting the lives of the innocent children who fell victim to Jerry Sandusky.

Way to go Ohio State.  Way to go Penn State.  It makes me “proud” to know that my Nebraska Cornhuskers are now fellow members in the Big 10.  I just hope to god that my university will never put winning above all other considerations.

MSNBC Analysis: Defense Failed Sandusky

Just perusing the headlines before getting ready for bed, and I see a headline on MSNBC that states “Analysis: Faltering Defense Hurt Jerry Sandusky”. I really hate how trials and law are something of a “game” in this country, in terms of how the media reports on things. I really hate analysis like this that scrutinizes every intricate detail of our screwed up legal system.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the intricacies of U.S. law, about the brilliance or ineptitude of lawyers, or endless debate about how a legal case plays out.

And I SURE as hell don’t care about a “faltering defense hurting” Jerry Sandusky. WHO…CARES.  First of all, who cares if ANYTHING “hurt” Jerry Sandusky.  I’m against the death penalty…but, with that said…I can certainly sympathize with that one father in Texas who beat and killed a man who was sexually attacking his young daughter.  Can’t imagine what I myself would do in that situation, if I came across someone hurting my son like that.  I certainly can sympathize with all the families hurt by Sandusky’s absolutely disgusting, evil behavior.

So I’m sorry, MSNBC, I don’t care to read about the legal intricacies of the case, I don’t care to read about how Sandusky’s defense team  let him down.   The man is scum, not even capable of defending his own behavior by testifying on his own behalf.    The only thing that “hurt” Jerry Sandusky is his own warped and twisted inner demons.

Rot in hell, Sandusky. I for one am GLAD your defense “failed” you.  WHO CARES about the damn legal case.  The story isn’t about how well or how badly the lawyers performed.  The story is about one sick SOB about to be brought to justice, and about the families who will never heal after what Sandusky did to them.

Ron Brown – You Must be Fired

University of Nebraska LogoFor those of you who don’t know him, Ron Brown is a long-time Nebraska football assistant coach, much beloved and respected in my Cornhusker state.  Or at least he was.  Oh, I’m sure there are many that still feel the same about him after this week.  Do NOT count me among that crowd.  Ron Brown…you MUST be fired.

Ron Brown wears his religion on his sleeve.  OK, fine.  It has served him well at times, such as his “healing” prayer he led when Nebraska played at Penn State, right after the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke and Joe Paterno was dismissed.  It was a horrible week where nobody was really thinking about football, but the game went on.  Brown led a prayer with members of both teams before the game, with a focus on the young victims of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach who was accused of sexually assaulting a number of young boys.

Nice moment for Brown, right?  Sure.  He got a lot of positive press from leading that prayer.  And in one fell swoop, he’s blown all that good will this week, to the point where I’m DEFINITELY not the only one saying he should be fired.  Brown’s downfall?

Brown made a special trip to Omaha to testify AGAINST a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance.  Brown was against the ordinance, because it protected gays from discrimination.  Brown, as always, is saying he’s putting his faith above all other considerations, and is saying that his faith DEMANDS that he speak out against homosexuality.

But for ANY human to actively lobby AGAINST a discrimination bill?  To effectively lobby FOR the right to discriminate against a certain class of human beings?  I’m sorry, Mr. Brown, but I find your actions COMPLETELY reprehensible.  I don’t give a DAMN about how you interpret your religion.  You’re an employee of the University of Nebraska.  You listed the FOOTBALL STADIUM as your address, for god’s sake, when speaking against the anti-discrimination bill.  The University has allowed you to use University logos and symbology in your ministry in the past. 

You have strongly associated yourself as a Nebraska Cornhusker, as a state employee.  As a fellow Cornhusker, I am ashamed of your actions.  You gotta go…

Penn State Alums – You are SCREWED UP

There is ONE thing that is a surefire way to make me turn off my radio in my car…and that is if I come across Rush Limbaugh’s show.  Well, today I found a second thing.  As I was driving to work and listening to NPR, I turned my radio off. I turned it off, in anger and COMPLETE disgust as to the nature of people, and what they believe is important in life.  I turned if off when they were discussing a meeting between the new Penn State president, and alumni.  Here’s why…

The Penn State Board of Trustees RIGHTFULLY cleaned house once it became known that long-time football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had been sexually abusing young boys, and that MANY people in the football program, up through the university president, knew about the allegations.   Penn State alumni have lamented what has happened to their university, and have (supposedly) wondered how Penn State’s reputation could be repaired.  You know how it can be repaired, Penn State alums?

DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMNED REPUTATION and YOUR DAMNED FOOTBALL PROGRAM, and start worrying about those young boys.   The new president of Penn State has been holding face-to-face meetings with Penn State alums, and BOTH the new president AND the screwed up PSU alumns are just making the university look even worse.  In a meeting with alums near Philadelphia yesterday, new president Rodney Erickson said that “This is not the Penn State scandal, this is the Jerry Sandusky scandal.”

WRONG, Mr. Erickson.  The (former) university president, football coach Joe Paterno, and god knows how many others KNEW of the allegations…and continued the programs ties with Jerry Sandusky.   Sandusky conducted the acts.  Penn State University officials provided access to facilities for the man for many years after allegations came to light, providing him with a means to do what he did.  I find it absolutely disgusting that the new university president would come in, and immediately try to absolve the university from responsibility, rather than ADMITTING THE UNIVERSITY WAS COMPLICIT, and that MAJOR mistakes were made.

Even WORSE than the new president Erickson are the Penn State Alums in these stories.  What do the alums care about?   Is it the children?  Of COURSE not!! It’s coach Joe Paterno!! It’s the freakin’ football program!!   As the story notes, most of the questions for president Erickson weren’t about the actual cover-up, Penn State’s role, etc.  No…the questions were all about Joe Paterno, and his “unjust” firing.  Read this freakin’ quote from the article…”Most of the questions from alumni Thursday concerned Paterno, and the deep pain his firing has caused them.”  The alums at this meeting were even calling for a formal apology to Joe Paterno.

GIVE…ME…A…FUCKING…BREAK (First time I’ve ever used such language on my blog, but this story makes my blood boil…sorry mom).  Joe Paterno KNEW about Sandusky.  He KNEW of the allegations.  He CONTINUED to let Sandusky coach after the initial allegations, CONTINUED to allow access to Penn State facilities after his “retirement”, and NEVER followed up on the allegations.  Hero worship is dangerous, if you are SO fucking blind that you think FOOTBALL, or a GOD-DAMNED FOOTBALL COACH is the story here.  JOE PATERNO COVERED SANDUSKY’S ASS FOR YEARS.  THE MAN WAS COMPLICIT in Sandusky’s actions.  You want to KISS PATERNO’S ASS, and give him an APOLOGY!?!?!?!  After knowing what happened??!?!!?

Penn State alums, you are destroying ANY respect people may have still held for you, and more importantly (to you anyway), your damned football program.  ACKNOWLEDGE THE HORROR OF WHAT HAPPENED.  ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR “HERO” MADE some MAJOR, MAJOR MISTAKES that ALLOWED KIDS TO GET HURT.  How the hell would YOU feel, if it were YOUR KIDS THAT WERE SODOMIZED BY SANDUSKY, KNOWING THAT JOE PATERNO KNEW OF THE ALLEGATIONS, and KNOWING THE STUPID FREAKIN’ PENN STATE ALUMNI wanted to APOLOGIZE TO JOE PATERNO!!?!?!!?!

I realize not all Penn State alums feel this way, but MY GOD, are you making your entire University look horrible by continuing to worry about freakin’ Joe Paterno, and the football program.

Perusin’ & Musin’

Perusin' & Musin'Some random thoughts from perusing the web…

Ron Paul Shows What’s Important for GOP – Ron Paul today said that if the GOP “goes soft” in negotiations in the debt committee, the risk is that Obama would get re-elected.  Note that the “risk”, the main priority for the GOP, has NOTHING to do with the success of the debt committee.  Their main priority has NOTHING to do with negotiating in good faith, and doing what’s best for our country.  No, the priority is all about the next election, and making sure Obama isn’t reelected.  Even if it means taking the entire country down, by ruining the debt-committee negotiations.

Too Late to Stop catastrophic Climate Change?  – An International Energy Agency report released this week painted a pretty bleak picture with regard to the likelihood of avoiding catastrophic climate change.  For a long time, the hope has been that we could somehow limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius globally.  Even with that amount of warming, there are very significant implications on regional ecosystems.  The IEA report notes how incredibly unlikely it will be that warming is restricted to even that level.  Considering that a report a week or two noted that carbon dioxide emissions over the last year were higher than even the WORST projections from a few years ago, we’re likely accelerating climate change, not slowing its progression.

Jerry Sandusky Admits to “Horsing Around” with Kids - Jerry Sandusky, the ex-coach at Penn State who has been indicted for sexual assault on multiple young boys, admits he has often showered with young boys, but that it was all just “horsing around”.  Sandusky’s lawyer says Sandusky is just “a big kid”.  Do scumbags like Sandusky really think people are going to buy that defense?  That he’s just was “horsing around” with all these young boys over the years?   Does “horsing around” with kids include showering naked with them, bear-hugging them naked, and doing…more disgusting things that his victims accuse him of?   We have two registered sex offenders living a few blocks away.  Scares the hell out of me knowing people like this are out there, when I have an 8-year old son.

Cain on Defense after Libya Comments - Herman Cain has already shown a lack of foreign policy credentials, but he’s beyond the point where he can get by with the excuse of “that’s what the experts are for” (referring to policy advisors if he should by some miracle be elected).  Yesterday was a complete joke though, when he was completely lost on the topic of Libya…shocking, giving the prominence Libya has had in the news.   The bigger question to me is…HOW THE HELL can people like Herman Cain even be considered presidential material?   HOW THE HELL can a Rick Perry EVER be elected into any position of responsibility?!?  WHY THE HELL do American voters seem to sometimes treasure complete stupidity in their candidates?  On the bright side…I wondered if I’d “miss” Sarah Palin (remember her?) when she finally dropped out of the media spotlight, but with Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Paul, and practically every GOP member of Congress, there’s definitely no shortage of OTHER people to make fun of.

Two Rhino Species Extinct in One Week - Last week, the last known Javan Rhino of a certain subspecies was found shot, with its horn cut off.  This week, the western Black Rhino of Africa was declared extinct in the wild.  Two megafauna down in a one week’s time, all for the sake of horny Asian men who “need” rhino horn as an aphrodisiac.  Ain’t humanity grand…

“The Healing Has Begun” at Penn State – GMAFB

Nebraska - Penn State Football Game

Nebraska and Penn State players huddle and pray before the game today. A nice gesture, and Nebraska coach Bo Pelini had a great post-game press-conference on the game, and its importance in the big scheme of things. But did the fact that a football game was played really start any "healing" process?

My Nebraska Cornhuskers had a very awkward situation this week, having to travel to (formerly) Happy Valley to play Penn State.  Nebraska ended up winning 17-14.  I’m glad they won, but I admit I didn’t even watch the game today, as I just didn’t want to think about the Penn State situation today.  I didn’t want to spend my afternoon dealing with an incredibly awkward situation and such a strange football game.

So instead, my 8-year old son and I went fossil hunting today, and had a great time.  It wasn’t until I got home that I saw that Nebraska had won, but it was the headlines on multiple web sites that really bugged me.  “The Healing Has Begun” seemed to be the common theme, both on sports websites, and on regular news sites.  All I have to say about that is G…M…A…F…B. 

All week long, there’s been more focus on Joe Paterno and Penn State football fans than there has been on Jerry Sandusky himself, or the Penn State officials who assisted in the cover up.  And today, it seems the press is again reverting back to that line of thinking.  Yes, Penn State played Nebraska in football today.  I saw the players all gathered at mid-field for a group prayer before the game.  Very nice.  I suppose that for the players themselves, maybe “the healing has begun”.

But c’mon, mainstream media.  Just because Penn State played its first football game since the news broke, how the hell does that qualify as the start of the “healing”?!?!!   How does Penn State playing a football game today have ANYTHING to do with the crime?   Again, I’m showing my cynical side, but…I’d be completely shocked if the names of all Penn State folks involved in the scandal have surfaced yet.  I have little doubt there are more people at Penn State, and more people within the football program, that had knowledge of the allegations and suspected behavior of Jerry Sandusky.  I REALLY doubt that a large number of Penn State football staff on the sidelines today will be there next year, once the story continues to develop.

But yet, the media has declared that today was a start to the “healing”?  Does the fact that Penn State played a football game today have ANYTHING to do with the “healing” of the victims and their family?  With a scandal such as this, having played out for SO many years and with so many people involved, I’m afraid we’ll continue to see the story in the news for some time to come.  I’m afraid the wounds the situation has caused will continually be re-opened as the story evolves.  I’m afraid the anger will only continue to crescendo as all the sordid details come out, and as we learn of more names involved. 

While the “healing” may have begun for the seemingly all-important football component of the story, healing is a long ways off for the families involved in this tradgedy.

Cultural Identity vs. Morality – Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno - Shame

Penn State "fans", you're piling even more shame on your program by your blind support for this man.

Way to go Penn State students.  You’ve taken what has already been an incredibly distasteful and painful scandal and have drug your university even further down into the depths.   Penn State’s board of trustees last night fired university president Graham Spanier, and the crowd yawned.  After all, Spanier is ONLY the university president…no big deal, right?  But moments later, the board announced they were also firing football coach Joe Paterno, and then all hell breaks loose.  Angry supporters start yelling in the board of trustees meeting.  Penn State students take to the streets, rioting and overturning cars.  The news media goes berserk. 

And every once in a while during the debacle last night, a few souls would slip into the conversation something about the sexually abused kids.  Oh!  Yeah!!  Those kids!!  We FORGOT about them!!! Excuse us, we don’t have time to talk about the real victims here, our football coach has just been fired!!

Disgusting.  Pathetic.  embarrassing.  I know not all Penn State fans and students were against Paterno’s firing.  However, I hope the IDIOTS who were out rioting last night are completely ashamed of themselves this morning.  I hope to god you realize that Joe Paterno, and the freakin’ football program, should be the LAST of your concerns.  For the “adults” who participated in last night’s freak-fest, there are no excuses for you.  For the students?  I just hope to god when you GROW UP a little bit and start to have families of your own, that you realize the everlasting damage Jerry Sandusky has done.  I hope to god you stop worshiping a man just because of what he’s done with a football program, and realize the heinous nature of the original crime, and the subsequent cover up that facilitated even more incidents.

What the hell is it about humanity and our need to personally identify with something like Penn State football?  What is it about humanity that allows us to COMPLETELY overlook the misdeeds of our own “group”, while condemning the actions of others?  As a Nebraska football fan, I’ve often asked myself the first question, wondering just why I seem to care that much.  The second question is a completely different issue, however. 

I can enjoy Nebraska football, while still recognizing and condemning the ugliness of a few player incidents over the years.  I can love the “brand”, while not supporting the actions of the few that tarnish the brand.  I can be a proud American, and still be completely ashamed when it is revealed that we waterboard suspected terror suspects.  Some people simply can’t make that distinction, however.  For many people, it seems that “their group” is completely immune from doubt, completely immune from wrong-doing.  

A colleague and I were talking yesterday about the similarities of the Joe Paterno situation with the Herman Cain situation.  Just a few days ago, I posted on the seemingly blind devotion far right conservatives have for Herman Cain, with the ridiculous, supporting quotes for Cain from a WIDE array of Republican politicians and pundits.  I marveled at how Cain supporters, or far-right conservatives in general, can COMPLETELY dismiss the horrendous allegations against Cain from multiple women.  For idiots like Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, etc., Cain is “one of theirs”…and is thus immune from any doubt or consideration of wrong-doing.

Penn State Fans…YOU are acting like Joe Paterno’s own personal Limbaugh.  YOU are making complete jackasses of yourselves, when you RIOT in support of a man who very likely ignored the monster in his midst for so many years.  LOVE THE BRAND of Penn State football.  Support your school.  Support your team. But realize that Penn State Football is NOT JOE PATERNO.  Penn State Football is NOT ABOUT ONE INDIVIDUAL MAN.   When you blindly support ALL things related to Penn State football, you yourselves tarnish the brand.

Think of that 10-year old boy seen with Sandusky.  Think of his family.  Think of his future.  Think of how you would feel if that had been YOUR son….your brother…your friend.  Think of how YOUR ACTIONS were perceived by the family of that boy last night.  Or the many other boys abused by Sandusky.  You should be ashamed.

Sorry Joe Pa…You Gotta Go

Joe Paterno

Say it ain't so, Joe. It's hard to imagine any reasonable excuse that can save Joe Paterno at this stage. As the face of the Penn State program, as someone with personal knowledge of Jerry Sandusky's disgusting behavior, I'm sorry Joe. You gotta go.

What a horrible ending for a storied career.  Joe Paterno has been head coach at Penn State for an amazing 46 years, and his 409 wins is the most for any major college coach.  He’s been a true icon at Penn State, a man whose impact has been felt beyond the football field.   There’s little doubt that Joe Pa is the most beloved man in Pennsylvania, and a symbol of what has been a very clean program, free of the controversy that has hit many major college football programs.

And it all comes crashing down in what was likely Joe Pa’s last year.  What a shame.  What a waste.  But more than anything…what an incredible lapse in judgement by Paterno.  In the blink of an eye, his entire career and reputation at Penn State are ruined.  When he was told by a graduate assistant that Paterno’s friend and former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was seen sexually assaulting a young boy in the showers at Penn State, Paterno did pass the information along to Penn State administrators.  Those administrators are now being indicted for failing to report the incident to the police, a shocking cover-up that likely led to Sandusky continuing to have access to yet more boys, a cover-up that likely led to more young lives ruined by this monster.

Joe Pa did what he was legally obligated to, when he reported the incident.  However, given the god-awful nature of the crime, you would think Paterno would want to follow up with the administration on the status of the (supposed) investigation.  He had an obligation, not just as the face of Penn State football, but as a human being, to follow up.  It’s hard to believe Paterno would report the event, and then simply forget about it.  It’s hard to understand why Paterno wouldn’t question Sandusky still maintaining a presence around the program.  It’s hard to understand why Paterno wouldn’t question administration officials when it became apparent the crime never went reported.

The story is simply shocking.  Joe Paterno, and indeed, Penn State football, are just about the least likely of culprits for such a scandal.  A man, his legend, and his program are teetering on the brink.  And there’s simply no excuse that can be made on Paterno’s behalf.