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Role Reversal – GOP Caves to Obama

Merry Christmas for Obama

Thanks to the wonderful "presents" the GOP is providing lately, Obama is going to have a MUCH happier Christmas than we would have guessed a few months ago.

Thank GOD!! FINALLY Obama stuck to his guns, and beat the Republicans at their own game.  After a summer of Obama struggling to negotiate in good faith with Republicans, after a summer of seemingly caving to Republicans when push came to shove, Obama finally was able to out-maneuver Republicans on the issue of the two-month extension of the payroll tax reduction.  Well, out-maneuver may not be the right term, as Obama simply had to watch the GOP self-destruct.  A GOP-led house that’s gone mad with power, led by the rebellious (and incredibly naive) Tea Party freshmen, has continued to overplay their hand, and finally it came back to bite them. 

A much weakened and humbled John Boehner had to cave.  As if it wasn’t enough that the Wall Street Journal and John McCain had been incredibly harsh towards House Republicans, even some of the Tea Party Repubs had begun to question the House strategy.  The GOP was being roasted in the press, and in the eyes of the public. 

Just a month ago, things looked very bleak for Obama.  Suddenly, things are swinging his way.  There are signs the economy is starting to take off.  He’s been able to strut about ending troop involvement in Iraq.  But most importantly, it’s the GOP self-destructing which seems to be pushing him up in public opinion polls.  Newt Gingrich jumping to the front of the Republican polls for a while?  There’s NO doubt that brought some energy to Obama’s reelection campaign, as a Gingrich presidency would be a nightmare in a majority of Americans’ eyes.  The House GOP implosion on this issue certainly helps.  Heck, GOP Congressmen are now even calling out Michelle Obama for having a big butt!  Thanks to a good news cycle over the last month, and the GOP implosion, polls that showed Obama losing in 2012 to Romney now have him up by 8 percentage points, and up by 16 points in a matchup with Gingrich.  

Remember when Obama took office, and Republicans fretted about a long-term minority in Congress?   Well, that certainly didn’t last very long, thanks to the GOP sweep into House control in 2010.   Remember after that election, where Republicans were salivating about 2012?  Heck, even a couple of months ago, Republicans were SURE they were going to re-take the Senate and the presidency.  If there’s any lesson we should have learned about D.C. politics, it’s that these folks just can’t seem to handle success.  No matter who is in charge, they’ll get over-confident, they’ll over-reach, or they’ll shoot themselves in the foot in some other fashion. 

Republicans are learning that lesson this week.  Obama couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.  Thank you, John Boehner and the House GOP.

House GOP Shoots Self in Foot

Boehner Crying

WAAAAAAAH!!!! I can't control the "kids" in my House!!! WWWWWAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

You know, if I didn’t think John Boehner was such a sniveling little political weasel, I just might even start to feel sorry for him (nah, not really).   Don’t get me wrong, he’s a HUGE part of the political dysfunction in Washington, but just as Obama has been dealt some awfully difficult cards to deal with during his presidency, Boehner has been dealt an almost equally tough hand…dealing with the idiocy that are the GOP freshmen and the Tea Party. 

It does my heart good to see the complete and utter failings of the GOP-led House.  It does my heart good to see the party of “NO” continue to shoot themselves in the foot.  Given the still struggling economy, there’s no way in hell Obama should have a chance to win in 2012, as the incumbent president usually gets way more “credit” for either an up or down economy than he really ever deserves.  But, thanks to the completely inept GOP-led House, Obama has more than a fighting chance.  Thanks to a Congress with record-low approval ratings, Obama shares the blame for the economy along with a do-nothing Congress where neither party can ever seen to agree within themselves, much less with the opposite party. 

Boehner is a freakin’ WIMP, and I’m lovin’ it.  Speaker of the House?  Hah!!  He’s got about as much power and control over his caucus as I seem to have over my very spirited (but wonderful!!) little 8-year old at times!!   After the GOP and Dems settled on a two-month compromise extension of the payroll tax cut late last week, agreeing to a Keystone Pipeline provision that Boehner said had to be part of the final deal, his frolicky lil’ freshmen Tea Partiers have rebelled and refused to vote for the Senate bill that passed 89-10.  With a “yes” vote in the House very much in doubt thanks to Boehner’s complete lack of control over his own caucus, he has been forced to delay a vote on the bill.  As a result of the House ineptitude and inability to agree on ANYTHING unless it’s as bat$hit right-wing crazy as possible, we’re just 12 days away from a defacto tax-hike on Americans, just when the economy is starting to show signs of life. 

Obama HAS to be lovin’ every minute of it (Loverboy is reverberating through my mind as I type that).  The same weasly Boehner who backed out of the “Grand Bargain” negotiated with Obama this summer over a deficit reduction deal is getting his butt handed to him in the House by his own rebellious young freshmen.  Boehner might as well be CAMPAIGNING for Obama right now, given how everything the GOP-led House does (or more often, DOESN’T do) seems to be a political windfall for Obama.

Sorry Boehner, cry all you want, but your biggest problem isn’t Obama or the Democrats…it’s your own wimpiness and inability to control your own caucus.