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Legislating away climate change

Earth on Fire

Anthropogenic effects on climate change? GONE!! Legislated away by the BRILLIANT (as always) Republicans in the North Carolina legislature. WHY in the hell didn't we think of doing this a long time ago??!!?

I don’t know whether to laugh, or cry.  Sometimes the complete idiocy (and greed) of human beings initiates both reactions at the same time.  Take the case of North Carolina law makers this week…

If you haven’t seen it, take the time to watch Stephen Colbert’s slant to this story.  It seems that a North Carolina coastal economic development group isn’t happy with scientists.  Darn pesky scientists…they had the GALL to predict that sea level rise would be greater than 3 feet by 2100.  It makes it a LOT harder to sell coastal real estate or convince companies to locate on the North Carolina coast, when all the evidence and science in the world points to that land being underwater in 50 or so years.

So…the economic development group has partnered with Republican (of course!) lawmakers in the state to basically outlaw science!!  The businesspeople and Republican lawmakers simply are saying that scientists are wrong, and that you should ONLY look at what’s happened in the past, to predict future climate change.  None of this fretting over CO2 levels that just reached 400 ppm!!  No fretting about accelerating warming in the polar regions that will melt ice like butter in a blast furnace!! Nah….it’s the REAL ESTATE industry that REALLY knows climate science!!!

So, they’re crafting legislation that would effectively legislate away climate change science!  They would make it North Carolina LAW that any climate projections affecting policy in the state would assume that sea-level rise will simply occur at historical levels, and won’t accelerate as global warming ramps up. 

Simple! Problem solved!  We scientist…SO, so silly, worrying about gathering evidence, analyzing the data, and spitting out facts and figures.  All we really need to do is legislate science away!  Think of the possibilities!  What if the Yellowstone caldera should get frisky and threaten to erupt again?  No need for scientists to study it…just pass a law outlawing the volcano from erupting!  Giant asteroid headed on a collision course with earth?  No problem!! Just legislate it away!!

Unbelievable.  It DOES perfectly represent what the Republican Party represents, however.  After all, we CAN’T have science interfere with real estate and business! If science is butting heads with business interests, is there ever ANY doubt on which side of the argument Republicans will land?   We’ve seen this story a hundred times in other forms…fracking and polluting water supplies, endangered species habitat vs. development, air quality vs. power company lobbyists…it’s the same story every time.  What’s so pathetic is that I’m sure Republican VOTERS in North Carolina are swallowing this hook, line, and sinker, and APPLAUDING their hillbilly legislators for this bold move.

To laugh?  Or to cry?  With each move Republicans make like this, it’s getting harder and harder to laugh about it.

Brian Brown – Scum of the Week

Scum of the WeekCongrats North Carolinians.  Thanks to your perceived need to specifically alter your constitution just to discriminate against a certain class of human beings, whenever I think of your state, I will think of backwoods, rednecked bigots. 

Is North Carolina really SO full of homophobic, insecure, hate-mongoring losers that the “issue” of gay marriage became a hot-button topic for the state?  I will NEVER understand how people can be so incredibly insecure about their own beliefs and place in the world, that they feel the need to lash out and bash or discriminate against another class of human beings with a different lifestyle.

A special congratulations goes out to Brian Brown – president of the “National Organization for Marriage”, as I’m giving him the coveted “Scum of the Week” award.  How proud he must be to lead an organization whose sole purpose is to effectively preach intolerance towards gays.  But PLEASE, Mr. Brown, do us all a favor and give your organization a PROPER name. Your group isn’t about “defending” marriage, as you claim.   “Marriage” between a man and woman doesn’t need “defending”.  My marriage to my wife is affected in NO way by the legal or personal relationship of a pair of human beings somewhere else on the planet.  Gay marriage in NO way “threatens the institution of marriage” as your organization claims.

Hence the call for a name change for your organization.  How about “Organization of Homophobic Bigots”?   Or “Insecure Rednecks of America”?  Something along those lines, Mr. Brown?  If you’re going to preach intolerance and hatred, you might as well be honest with America, and with yourselves, about what your true motivations are.