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Life as a Fed…

It’s 7:30 pm and at the moment on the floor of the US Senate, noted assclown Ted Cruz is filibustering. OK…in reality due to Senate rules, it’s not a filibuster…it’s just just Cruz doing what he does best…being a blowhard and making a show for the Tea Party wackos. There’s one thing and one thing only on Cruz’s mind, and it sure as he’ll isn’t Obamacare or what’s good for the country. No, the one thing on Ted Cruz’s mind is the political future of Ted Cruz.

In reality though you could say that’s the problem with every DC politician. In Cruz’s case he’s posturing for 2016, trying to endear himself to the wacko conservative wing of the Republican Party. The next election…that’s the ONLY thing that drives DC politicians. Mitch McConnell has been crapping his pants over this showdown, not wanting to look like an idiot like Cruz, but at the same time not wanting to piss off the Tea Party wackos. John Boehner is in survival mode, KNOWING Republicans are destroying the party in the long term, but going along with the Tea Party wackiness in order to preserve his speakership. One week until a shutdown that looks ever more likely…

Standing on the sidelines…folks like myself. I’m a US Geological Survey scientist who was around for the LAST shutdown in 1995. There were actually 2 shutdowns then, very short one, and then the one over the holidays that lasted many days. At the time, my wife and I were, well, 18 years younger and a LOT poorer. We’d just closed on our first house, and sitting at home instead of working certainly was a stressful time. I can survive a shutdown for a while now, but god knows there are a lot of Federal employees who would suffer a big hardship if they were out of work for a while.

Now I’m a project manager, and what’s the most frustrating about dealing with DC politics is the complete uncertainty and impossibility to ever make long-term plans. It’s not just a shutdown threat, it’s Congressional politics in general. EVERY year at this time, as we approach a new fiscal year, we have to make contingency plans regarding budgets. Will we be on a continuing resolution? (The answer to that is always YES for at least the last decade). What will our funding be for the fiscal year? Will your agency suffer a big budget hit if Congress does ever pass a budget, and if so, how do change course mid year?

I’ve been at USGS EROS for 20 years now. We truly are a world-class science organization, with many well-respected, well published scientists. Thats NOT due to DC politics or political support, it’s in SPITE of the constant roadblocks that we face. I look at our one organization with about 650 employees, and think of our experiences multiplied across all Federal agencies. How much money and time is wasted every year due to DC politics? How many government man hours are spent planning for shutdowns, for maneuvering through continuing resolutions?

To the general public, Federal employees have somehow become synonymous with the assclown politicians in DC. There’s the stereotype of the fat and happy Fed, overpaid and underworked. To that, I say BULLSHIT. I wish the public could separate the politics from the employees and agencies of the Federal government. We’re doing world-class work where I am, with very well-educated professionals who make less than they could in the private sector. We’re hard-working, dedicated workers, serving the American public with pride and responsibility.

Now if only we could disassociate ourselves from the assclown politicians in DC. It’s tiring having DC politics drag down the reputation of Federal workers themselves. It’s tiring when your work itself is negatively impacted by the uncertainty and interference of DC politics.

In the meantime we sit here with less than a week to go, and DC politicians seem more intent on insulting each other than they do in trying to make government WORK. Have a merry shutdown!!


Senator "Tiny Penis" McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of the tiny penis GOP Senate.

Gutless.  Just one of many adjectives that come to mind as I think of the GOP.  Today, the term most definitely applies to GOP Senators.  Other adjectives that come to mind?  Selfish.  Corrupt.  Greedy.  Myopic.  Or, let’s just call it like it is…they’re just plain evil.

Today, a GOP Senate filibuster managed to derail a rather straightforward and sensible bill that would expand background checks for gun owners.  Just a few months removed from Newtown…just a few months removed from over 20 CHILDREN being gunned down by a nut armed to the teeth…our beloved GOP Senators decided that their next election was more important than the safety of our nation’s children.  Our gutless, piece-of-shit GOP Senators decided that getting that next campaign check was more important than barring criminals or the mentally ill from obtaining weapons.

Mitch McConnell, KING of the gutless, tiny-penis, evil piece-of-shit GOP Senators, has REFUSED to even meet with the families from Newtown.  What’s wrong, Mitch?  Having a little trouble sleeping at night?  Having a hard time dealing with the fact that you are helping to ENABLE the slaughter of children?

No…wait.  That’s giving these pieces of shit WAY too much credit.  It’s PAINFULLY obvious that basic morality and a normal conscience aren’t what get you to Washington.  What gets you to Washington is the single-minded focus on that campaign check.  What gets you to Washington is placing your OWN status and power above the well-being of your constituents.  What gets you to Washington is NOT worrying about the consequences of your actions, as long as the ultimate goal…your next re-election…is obtained.

Gutless?  Yes.  But perhaps evil is indeed a better choice of adjective.

Senate Priority – College Football Realignment

Mitch McConnell?  College Football?

Mitch McConnell? Should college football conference realignment be a high priority for the Republican minority leader?

The nation is trying to recover from the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Unemployment stubbornly continues to hover around 9%….ironically, the same percentage as the current approval rating for Congress. The debt-reduction committee has one month to come up with a plan to cut the federal deficit. You would think improving the economy would be the highest priority for the Senate.

Silly you. This is the U.S. Senate we’re talking about!! While Obama has tried in vain to try to push through jobs legislation to get America working again, legislation the GOP has completed refused to even consider, several key members of the Senate, including minority leader Mitch McConnell have been spending their time on the MUCH more important issue of college football realignment.

OK, I’m as big of a college football fan as anyone, and will support my Nebraska Cornhuskers until the day I die. However “important” college football may be, I shudder to think of members of the U.S. Senate spending their time actively lobbying for their schools to get favorable treatment in conference realignment talks. Aren’t there more important issues for them to be worrying about right now? Even MORE importantly…the LAST thing I want is for Congress to interfere in college football!! CONGRESS SCREWS UP EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!! THEY HAVE THE ANTI-MIDAS TOUCH!!! If McConnell and other members of Congress start interfering in college football, it won’t take long before college football is about as popular as watching bowling on TV.

What is always laughable to me is the self-perception these guys seem to have of themselves, versus how the general public views them. Given all the money and influence these bozos seem to have, I’m not exactly surprised someone with as bloated of an ego as McConnell would think he has a role to play in college football realignment. Senators McConnell, Rockefeller, and Manchin…get over yourselves. College sports will somehow survive without you throwing your weight around. Instead of worrying about whether Louisville or West Virginia will get into the Big 12 conference, how about actually engaging with Obama on his jobs creation bill? How about getting people working again before worrying about your alma mater?

And the Rich get Richer…

U.S. Wealth Gain

Of all wealth gained in the U.S. since 1983, almost 82% went to the richest 5% of Americans, while the poorest people actually lost wealth.

Class warfare.  That’s what John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and pretty much the entire group of GOP presidential candidates have called Obama’s proposal to (gasp!) tax the rich.   As this story points out though, since 1983, the vast majority of America’s growing wealth went to those who didn’t need it.   An astounding 81.7% of all new wealth generated since 1983 went to the richest 5% of Americans.  ONLY the top 40% of Americans by wealth gained wealth over the period, while the bottom 60% of Americans actually lost wealth since 1983

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse lately with the topics I’ve been addressing, but given the news lately, the topic keeps rearing its ugly head.   Wealth inequality in the U.S. continues to grow, the rich do indeed keep getting richer and the poor do indeed keep getting poorer.  But in very dark economic times, when “shared sacrifice” is supposedly needed, we can’t ask the richest Americans to pay their fair share?   An attempt to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, the ONE group the recession hasn’t seemed to harm, is decried as “class warfare” by the GOP?

Don’t shoot the messenger here, but in some ways, you know who is partially to blame for the growing gap between rich and poor?  The working poor themselves.  WAIT!  Let me explain!!  As I’ve stated before out here, I will NEVER understand the motivations that have somehow led to SO many working class Americans to identify themselves as Republicans.   When over a period of many decades, wealth distribution is continually skewed towards the rich, why would SO many working class Americans relate to a party that wants to reduce or eliminate their right to collectively bargain and form unions?  Why would SO many working class Americans relate to a party that supports a tax structure where, as he himself states, Warren Buffett pays the lowest tax rate of anyone in his office, including his lowest paid secretaries? 

Obama tried to change “politics as usual” in Washington.  He spent much of the last 2 years attempting to compromise with Republicans, only to find that Republicans weren’t the slightest bit interested in compromise.  He agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts without asking for anything in return.  He tried to negotiate with Boehner and the GOP over the debt ceiling debacle, and came off the fiasco of a “negotiation” looking very, very weak.   Thank GOD Obama has started to take the gloves off and play hardball.  As he has found out, you simply can’t change the politics in Washington all by yourself.  You can’t attempt to negotiate with those who are unreasonable, and in trying to do so, he just kept coming away with a bloody nose.

With Obama’s jobs program he recently announced, and now with Obama’s stance on long-term deficit reduction, including his threat to VETO any attempt to reduce social welfare programs if tax increases weren’t included in a debt deal, it appears he’s finally realized that the only way to deal with the Republicans is to beat them at their own game.  Obama has learned to call the GOP’s bluff…now we’ll see if the GOP continues to bank on the American public supporting millionaire tax cuts over a more equitable system.