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Voting for Romney? Consider what CEOs and Massachusetts Citizens Think

David Siegel - Westgate Resorts CEO

David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, is doing OK. He's building the largest home in the United States. His company has 40% more employees now than shortly after the recession began. But yet he's threatening his employees that a Obama reelection would mean many would lose their jobs.

David Siegel, CEO of Westgate Resorts, made some waves in the news this week when it was discovered he sent an email to his 7,000 employees, telling them that their jobs were in jeopardy if Obama were reelected.  According to Mr. Siegel, “The economy doesn’t pose a threat to your jobs.  What does threaten your job, however, is another 4 years of the same Presidential administration”. According to Siegel, a Obama reelection would doom his company and force them to make job cuts.  It’s a rather interesting conclusion by Siegel, given that his company has expanded hiring significantly in the last few years with Obama as president.  His company dropped to fewer than 5,000 employees after the financial crisis, but has expanded by 40% since then…with Obama as president.

I love the doom and gloom from those on the right, who try to scare the ignorant American voter (roughly, oh, 90% of American voters qualify as ignorant, including voters from both the left and right).  Some way, somehow, we’ve survived 3 1/2 years under Obama without a complete collapse of the country.  Somehow under Obama, we’ve pulled out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.  But for folks like Siegel and other who use scare tactics, it’s the NEXT four years where the “real” Obama will magically emerge and lead us into ruin.

Of course under Obama, for folks like Siegel, “ruin” has meant a mending economy an an expansion of corporate profits.  Under Obama, Mr. Siegel has managed to BARELY eke out a working wage…he’s now building the largest private home in the United States.  I’d say he’s doing OK.  But for the uber-rich, it’s not enough.  They want Romney, and policies that are even MORE skewed to benefit the rich and powerful.

So what does the average, INFORMED citizen think of Romney?  Who better to ask than the citizens of Massachusetts, who had the “pleasure” of having Romney as their governor.  Shortly after being elected, Romney had an approval rating of over 60% in Massachusetts.  By the time he left office?  Romney had a miserable 34% approval rating.  The citizens of Massachusetts personally experienced life under a Romney administration. And by a 2-to-1 margin, they disapproved of the man and his performance.

So…how are you going to vote?  Are you a CEO?  Well good for you…you can follow the example of CEO Siegel and vote for Romney.  While you’re at it, go ahead and threaten your employees’ about their jobs, should they vote for Obama.  After all, in America, the ONLY thing that matters is keeping the uber-rich happy.

Alternatively…perhaps you’d rather trust the opinions of the Massachusetts citizens who LIVED under Romney.  What presidential candidate, what former governor, has EVER lost his home state by as much as Romney is poised to lose Massachusetts to Obama?  What does that say about the man, when those who know him best resoundingly reject the man as a capable political leader?

Who are you going to believe? The uber-rich CEO?  Or the people of Massachusetts?

Perusin’ and Musin’

Some random thoughts from perusin’ the web…

Jobs Report Doesn’t Bode Well for Obama – Not a good jobs report today.  Unemployment inched down, but only because so many people have left the work force.  It’s a damned tough environment for a sitting president to win re-election.  Frankly though, there’s just not much Obama can do to get things going on the economic front.  This is a global downturn, and U.S. government economic policy isn’t the key to our economy.   Romney says he’ll create 500,000 jobs a months and drop unemployment to 4%.  That’s about as likely as Gingrich’s promises to lower gas prices to below $2.00 a gallon.   However, it’s pretty obvious Republicans SHOULD have the edge given 1) the down economy, and 2) an American public who is stupid enough to actually BELIEVE some of the crap Republicans shovel down their throats.   The only thing working against them is 1) their OWN ineptitude and 2) a complete lack of any strong candidates.

Redneck Massachusetts Man Attacks Hawk - No South Dakota, we do NOT have a monopoly on redneck losers.  In Massachusetts, a man was arrested when he attacked a Red-tailed Hawk who had captured a pigeon…presumably to “protect” the pigeons in the park?  The story also notes other memorable Massachusetts losers, such as a fish hatchery operator who shot herons, Osprey, and even Eagles that hung around his hatchery. Never underestimate just how incredibly cruel, selfish, and evil people can be.

Sioux Falls Man found Guilty of Raping 7-year Old – See the story above, multiply the horror and disgust by a factor of, oh, around 1,000, and you have this story of a Sioux Falls man raping a 7-year old.  About 99% of the time, I’m against capital punishment….but BOY do stories like this make me at least pause and consider it for a second. 

First Hummingbird of the Year - Like clockwork since we’ve moved into our current house, the first Ruby-throated Hummingbird of the year arrives sometime during the first week of May.  Today was the day for 2012, when I saw a beautiful male hummingbird flitting around the yard much of the day.  The link at the top of the paragraph shows the migratory progress of the Hummingbirds for this spring.  I will GREATLY enjoy having them around my yard for the next 4 1/2 months, until they depart by mid- to late-September.

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Perusin’ & Musin’

Random thoughts from perusing the web…

Kraken PseudoscienceThis link is from National Geographic, but this “news” of the potential discovery of a “kraken”, a gigantic sea-monster sized fossil squid, has been all over the “news” in the past week.  I REALLY HATE when a citizen science site like National Geographic posts complete crap like this.  Some wacko totally overinterprets a fossil find as being evidence of an intelligent Kraken, and you start to see “news” about a fossil sea monster discovery.   It’s no wonder that so many Americans have a seemingly negative view of science right now, when complete hogwash like this is passed off as science on popular websites. 

Sea-level rise projected to continue for centuries – A paper published in Global and Planetary Change finds that even in the most optimistic (aka, unrealistic) projections of when human beings will curb emissions of greenhouse gases, sea-level rise will continue for several centuries into the future.  But hey, there is good news, as sea-level rise in YOUR lifetime may ”only” be a moderate global economic and environmental hardship.  It’s just your children and grandchildren who will really see catostrophic levels of economic and environmental destruction.  That kind of long-term consequence is way too far out into the future for most Americans to lose sleep over.

“Liberal” media hard on Obama?The Pew Research Center evaluated press coverage of political candidates and politicians, and found that Obama actually gets more negative press coverage than do Republican presidential candidates.  Shocking!  What about that “liberal” media bias?   I think the only media bias is towards people of prestige and power.  The more power and prestige someone has, the harder the media tries to tear that person down.  It’s not just the media, as tearing successful people down seems to be a growing American pasttime.   Rather than try to emulate the hard work and dedication of successful people, rather than try to elevate YOURSELF to that level, lazy Americans find it MUCH easier to try to tear successful people down.  

WeBird – Bird Song Identification AppI was hoping someone would make a smartphone app that does this!!  By spring of next year, the WeBird app should be available, an app that will identify a singing bird for you.  There are already a number of applications that have pre-recorded bird songs, which are indeed useful to have in the field.  However, if you hear a completely unknown bird song, the WeBird app is supposed to be able to not only identify the bird species, but may also be able to identify an individual bird.   The app has promise not only for recreational birders, but also for avian researchers.  Automatic recording and identification of bird songs is already being done on a limited basis, but such an app could take the idea mainstream for birder and researcher alike.

Elizabeth Warren “Going for the Hick Vote” - I can’t imagine running for a public office with as much visibility as Senator or President.  The intense scrutiny, the parsing of every single word that you say, would simply drive me nuts.  Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown’s likely Senate opponent in Massachusetts, was heavily criticized in many quarters for jokingly saying she was “going for the hick vote” during an interview.  Warren was making fun of her own Oklahoma background during the exchange, but of course the media parses out one line out of context and places Warren in a bad light. 

World Population Set to pass 7 Billion!!  – Not exactly cause for celebration, but the best estimates state that the World’s population will pass 7 billion by the end of October.   As the article notes, what’s sad is that high population growth and poverty seem to go hand in hand.  Humanity has shown they have about just as much of a committment to solving this long-term problem as they have to solving the long-term issue of climate change.  We just seem incapable of addressing any issue over timescales outside of a decade or two.