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Obamacare Lies

Sean Hannity

How can a smug POS like Sean Hannity live with himself? How can he look in a mirror and honestly believe he's providing a valuable service? How can he possibly believe he's providing "news"? In reality, all he is, is a highly-paid liar, a propoganda tool.

Salon.com today has a truly wonderful story about anti-Obamacare mania, and the truth behind what Fox News has been reporting lately. Recently Sean Hannity hosted three couples who supposedly represented the evils of Obamacare.  Obamacare is killing jobs!!  Obamacare is destroying the economy!  Obamacare is driving up premiums!!  Hannity’s guests told their supposedly personal stories about how Obamacare was ruining their lives.

Eric Stern of Salon decided to fact check the Hannity segment.  He personally interviewed the three couples shown on the show, and this is what he found:

- Paul and Michelle Cox – On Fox News, the couple claimed Obamacare was killing their business, and that they were forced to change employees to part-time to avoid the evils of Obamacare.  Stern’s interview revealed that the Cox’s business has a grand total of FOUR EMPLOYEES.  THERE ARE NO OBAMACARE REQUIREMENTS for employers with under 50 employees!! Stern pushed it, asking why Cox cut his employees’ hours, and if it were really related to Obamacare.  After pausing, Cox stopped the interview and said he’d call Stern back.  He never did.

- Allison Denijs – The self-employed couple said they were currently paying about $13,000 a year for coverage that didn’t even include one of their children.  Denijs told Hannity that Blue Cross, their current insurer, said their current policy was no longer compliant with Obamacare regulations, and that to get the same coverage their premiums would go way up.  Stern asked the obvious…have you checked out prices on Obamacare health exchanges?  Denijs replied that she was against Obamacare (surprise!) and hadn’t checked.  Stern himself entered the Denijs information onto the health care exchange, and found the couple could SAVE 60% on premiums, AND cover their uninsured daughter, thanks to Obamacare.

- Robbie and Tina Robison - They told Fox News that they too had received notice from Blue Cross that they’d need a new policy that was compliant with Obamacare regulations.  They claimed their prices were going up 50-75% because of Obamacare.  Again Stern asked if they’d checked the Obamacare exchanges.  They said no, they had not, and that they were against Obamacare and WOULD not check the prices.  Again, Stern entered their information and checked prices for the couple.  Stern found a plan on the Obamacare site that would save the Robinson’s over 60% from their current cost.

Republicans have reveled in the glitches in the Obamacare site, something that definitely is a black mark for the program to date.  However, they’ve also continually spouted the party lines that Obamacare is destroying the economy and driving up health care costs.  Fox News and Sean Hannity certainly tried to strengthen that storyline…even though the entire segment was incredibly dishonest.  Shouldn’t a supposed journalist, shouldn’t a supposed news organization (hah!!), know better than to purposely provide air time to these folks without checking their motivations, or even the basic truth of what they were saying?

Republicans are in a panic.  Other than the glitches with the website itself, prices for insurance on the health care exchanges are coming in LOWER than were predicted.  Massive demand for Obamacare coverage is one reason the website itself has had problems.  Couple this with the public popularity of Obamacare components such as the pre-existing condition clause and coverage for your children through age 25, and Republicans KNOW any window they have to stop Obamacare is rapidly dwindling.  As the shutdown clearly indicated, Republicans are doing everything they possibly can to stop the program before it becomes a popular, entrenched government program.

And “everything” obviously includes lying and trying to deceive people (not to mention flirting with economic disaster through the shutdown fiasco).

It’s not just Fox News, Ted Cruz, other Tea Party wackos, or right-wing talking heads who are lying through their teeth to try to destroy Obamacare.   In the last week, I’ve seen a LOT of evidence of the “e-war” being waged on Obamacare through the dissemination of false information and fake blog posts.  I have multiple blog posts on Obamacare, and in the past week have had many folks try to post blog comments about the program.  I typically will let ANYONE respond to one of my blog posts, but due to spam and the like, a poster must first have a message approved by myself.  I’ve had many attempts in the past week to post messages to my Obamacare threads, where, curiously, some of the 2 paragraph long messages are EXACTLY THE SAME, word for word, other than changes in the source email address and the name of the supposed poster.

Sickening. What’s even more pathetic than Fox News, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, or those waging the online war against Obamacare are the complete idiots who BELIEVE the anti-Obamacare propaganda.  The three Fox News guest couples were obviously anti-Obamacare, were obviously anti-OBAMA, so much so, that they let their ideology stop them from even LOOKING at the health care exchanges that could save them thousands of dollars a year!  Obamacare is just another liberal “lie” right wingers and Tea Party wackos can add to their growing list of supposed liberal “lies”:  Obamacare, Evolution, Climate Change…ALL evil plots by elitist liberals!!

Even with the complete ignorance of such a large chunk of the American populace, the effort to stop Obamacare is doomed.  Ideology is a strong force, but not as strong a force as basic GREED.  Upon finding out that Obamacare could save the three Fox News couples thousands of dollars a year, do you think they might change their story?  Do you think they might actually buy health insurance through the exchanges?  You bet they will.  Basic greed, the basic desire to save money, will trump ideology over time.

Keep plugging those fingers in the dike, Repubs!!  But just like the shutdown, this is a war you’ve lost before you even began.

Hate D.C. Politics? YOU THE VOTER are to blame


I’m finding it increasingly difficult to blame politicians themselves for much of the ridiculous happenings in D.C.  After all, they can’t get to D.C. unless they win an election.

As tonight’s special election results in South Carolina so CLEARLY indicate…Americans are the most hypocritical, ignorant voters on the planet.  Disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford won a special election for a House seat tonight.  The man went through an incredibly scandalous affair, he used public funds to fly to Argentina to meet his mistress, he lied about his activities, and since leaving office in disgrace, he has had his wife accuse him of stalking.

And of course…he WON the election tonight!  Interviews have shown South Carolina voters who didn’t like Sanford’s behavior voted for him because of his party and what it stood for.  Hey, after all, it’s REPUBLICANS who try to claim the moral high ground!  It’s REPUBLICANS who have somehow garnered majority support from the bible-thumpin’ crowd!

But yet when push comes to shove, the same Republicans re-elect a lying, cheating, disgraced former politician, because of his PARTY and what that party supposedly stands for!?!?  Unbelievable.

Yes, Washington D.C. IS a complete mess.  But it’s also abundantly evident that the idiots in Washington are PERFECTLY representative of the idiocy of Americans in general.

We have nobody to blame but OURSELVES for what goes on in Washington…

Nonpartisanship – Republican Style

The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service recently authored a report to examine the potential effects of tax policy on the economy. Senate Republicans, apparently not happy with the results of the research, successfully pressured the CRS to bury the report.  The issue?

The nonpartisan CRS study found that lowering tax rates on the wealthy had no discernible effect on increasing economic growth or improving economic conditions in the U.S.  In other words…the CRS found that “trickle-down” economics is complete bullshit.  Senate Republicans, finding the report completely undermines the entire tax philosophy of their party, strenuously objected to the report content and pressured for the report to be withdrawn.

Such is life in the Republican Party.  Find a poll you don’t agree with?  You simply don’t believe the poll, and start denigrating the poll’s maker.  Don’t agree with the science of climate change?  You start attacking the science and the scientists who produce it.  Don’t like a nonpartisan report on tax policy?  You try to bury it, before the facts come out and the public sees yet more evidence that your entire party is built on a host of lies. 

THIS is the government under Republican “leadership”.  Facts?  Facts be damned, Republican Party ideology, no matter how freaking twisted it is, is the overarching concern.  So why not a Romney as president, Republicans?  You’ve already shown yourselves to be a deceitful twisted bunch.  Having Romney as president?  He’ll fit right in with this bunch.

Pathetic.  It has to be awfully damned embarrassing to be a Republican right now.

Etiquette Question: Is it OK to call your (potential) President a Lying Piece of Shit?

Romney Snake Tongue

The sad thing is I didn't even have to photoshop this image. After the campaign he's run, this is now Romney's natural appearance.

Pardon my language, but I have an honest question regarding acceptable etiquette. I’m in a quandary.  It’s not like it’s a “new” development that’s causing the quandary, but there are recent events that have definitely exacerbated the situation.

Mitt Romney has never been one to, well, worry about the truth.  As his own campaign has stated “We won’t let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers!”  Of course not!  Why let a campaign for the most important job on the planet be dictated by something as silly as “fact”?  Mr. Romney has certainly shown that he takes his campaign slogan seriously, as there have been countless instances where “fact” has been, well, distorted a wee bit.

With a week to go in the election, Romney is getting increasingly desperate though, a fact bourne out by his increasingly desperate campaign tactics in the pivotal state of Ohio.  A few days ago, Romney put out an ad implying that because of Obama, Jeep was shipping Ohio auto manufacturing jobs out to China.  The claim is rather curious, given that Obama saved the auto industry, and thus, 1 in 8 jobs in the state of Ohio.  Chrysler, the company that manufactures Jeeps, immediately put out a rebuttal to Romney’s bullshit, with a website statement refuting all parts of Romney’s claim.  As Chrysler stated, not only are they not moving American jobs oversees, but Chrysler is investing over $500 million in a Jeep factory in Ohio, and are looking to EXPAND hiring by 1,100 workers.

The Romney campaign, NEVER one to admit how completely full of shit they are, doubled-down on the ad campaign today, releasing radio ads in which they continue the claim that Obama policies are resulting in Jeep shipping manufacturing capabilities to China.  This, despite Chrysler itself just rebutting the claim, and talking about expanding operations in America. This, despite a host of fact-checkers bashing Romney for the blatant lie.

THIS is how far the Republican party has sunk.  Not only does the Romney campaign think you, the voting public, are a bunch of complete imbeciles who will believe this crap, but the Republican operation backing Romney claims their own “fact checking” proves the Jeep commercials are kosher.   The Wall Street Journal and other “unbiased” entities have backed Romney’s ad campaign, claiming they are “correct”.

Romney knows he’s losing this race.  He knows he’s losing Ohio. So, as he’s done throughout this race, he once again is proving that he will say ANYTHING, take ANY position, or contradict his own previous positions, to try to fool people into voting for him.

Therefore, my quandary.  Is it acceptable to call a man who could possibly be your President a LYING PIECE OF SHIT???

I thank God that with one week to go, it’s looking like I won’t have to deal with a Romney presidency.  I won’t have to deal with a LYING PIECE OF SHIT as my president.  If something should happen a week from today, where Americans choose to vote THIS type of person to the most powerful position in the world?

Then I’ll know it’s not just Romney who is morally bankrupt.  It’s been QUITE obvious in this election that Republicans and Obama haters will stop at nothing in their quest to defeat him.  t’s been quite obvious that it’s not just Romney who has sold his soul, but so have one hell of a lot of “good” American citizens, who seem to believe that Republican tactics are perfectly acceptable.

Romney Tells Governors to Lie About Recovery

Romney and Obama

More deception, more lying from Romney. Is this what happens to a GOP candidate? Is the GOP SO corrupt, that any GOP presidential candidate turns to a lying POS? Before the last election...I LIKED John McCain. I RESPECTED John McCain. They he runs for president, and everything he ever stood for went out the window. Romney is headed down the same path. I USED to think he wasn't bad, a Republican governor with a moderate, pragmatic streak. Now? He's a lying, deceptive, slick POS...

The economy has been recovering in several swing states.  Uh-oh, says Romney, we can’t have that!  At least, we can’t let the electorate know the truth!  Hence, the story of Romney telling GOP governors to downplay any economic recovery that’s happened in their states.  He’s told GOP governors to cool it, and not talk about improved economic conditions, lowered unemployment rates, etc.

After all, we can’t have voters knowing the truth!  It fits right in line with the overall GOP strategy of SCARING voters into voting for them, by either playing to their inner bigotry, or playing up just how “bad” things are, or will be, under Obama. Even if they’re not!

Romney continues to bash Obama on foreign policy and national defense fronts, stating that under Obama, we’re much less safe.  This, despite the incredible foreign policy and military successes under Obama.  When Obama DARED to try to obtain contraceptive coverage for those individuals who wanted it but couldn’t get it through their insurance…Romney fell all over himself stating that religious freedoms are “under attack” by Obama, and would shrivel if he were given another term.  There’s a lovely new attack ad on Obama by the National Republican Campaign Committee that claims under ObamaCare, there are massive new taxes on ‘heart attacks, sick puppies, and new babies’.

Romney and other Republican attacks on ObamaCare alone probably keeps the entire staff of FactCheck.org working 24 hours a day.  What’s one more lie, on top of all the others?  Romney knows that lying works, since far too often, the electorate believes this kind of crap.

Romney’s “Business Plan” – Lying

Mitt Romney

Surprisingly, I couldn't find a photo of Romney speaking out of both sides of his mouth. This one will have to do, Romney no doubt laughing about completely stupid American voters are for voting for him despite his lack of respect for the truth.

Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has a quite blunt feature today on Mitt Romney and the art of lying.  My favorite part of the feature are the concluding sentences, which give you a nice succinct summary of what it takes to be a politician like Romney:

Business is business. It’s what you do. It is not who you are. Lying isn’t a sin. It’s a business plan.

Thanks to the flub by the Romney campaign, Romney himself is now the “etch-a-sketch” candidate, someone who will say anything to please, well, whoever he happens to be speaking to that day.  If that includes outright lying to try to gain favor with the crowd du jour?  No problem!!  To hear Romney TALK during the GOP campaign, you’d have thought he were a staunch conservative from…Montana? Texas?  You CERTAINLY wouldn’t get the truth…that he was actually a fairly progressive, quite moderate governor of Massachusetts.  The etch-a-sketch candidate has built a false history of supposed conservatism, a history built on a bed of lies.

When he’s been attacked during the campaign, either about his outright lies or about some other aspect of his candidacy, time and time again, Romney’s strategy has been to briefly explain it away, then quickly counter and attack the accuser.  The GOP in general has been under relentless attack for their stances on women’s rights and issues.  Romney’s strategy to deal with it?  To make up a complete lie, one so ridiculous you’d THINK you couldn’t say it with a straight face.  Romney’s big attack in the last week has been that of job losses since the recession began, that “92.3% of them are women”.  One thing Romney certainly excels at is not only lying, but the VERY selective use of misleading statistics to bolster his campaign.

It’s not like Romney is alone in terms of his abuse of the truth.  Yesterday on the way home, on the radio I listened to what was a very shocking history for Rep. Darrell Issa, a very conservative House member from California who has led many attacks on Obama and Dems.  The man is COMPLETE SCUM…with a history of legal issues.  He’s been arrested for stealing cars.  He COMPLETELY distorted his military record during his political campaigns. He committed insurance fraud by torching his business…right after QUADRUPLING his insurance, and putting all the truly valuable items in a fire-proof safe.   He’s been arrested on weapons charging, after a gun, a tear-gas gun, and ammo for both were found in his car. 

But yet Issa has been a GREAT business success, and is currently the richest member of Congress.  A scum with a history like Issa has somehow managed to become a powerful CHAIR of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee!!  Seriously!?!?   A man with HIS history, in charge of a committee meant to reign in corruption in government?!?!?

THIS is what it evidently takes to become successful in America.  You need to lie!! You NEED to be a cutthroat POS with no concern about ethics, your own personal honor, or the welfare of others.  It’s certainly worked for Issa, and seemingly 90% of all politicians in Washington.

And it seems to be the path of choice for Romney.  Just look at Romney’s etch-a-sketch campaign, his statements that wander all over the map, depending on which way the political winds are blowing that day.  He’s the PERFECT presidential candidate, especially for a party like the GOP.   What continually shocks me about American politics is how men like Issa or Romney manage to hoodwink people into voting for them.

Pot calls Kettle Black – Gingrich vs. Romney

Nest Gingrich clap

Newt Gingrich's main (and perhaps only) fan...himself.

This is hilarious.  Newt Gingrich, a man with the integrity and honesty of Al Capone, has dropped his vow to avoid negative campaigning, and is calling out Mitt Romney for being a liar.   My favorite part is the Gingrich quote at the end of the story:

“Here is my simple tag line: Somebody who will lie to you to get to be president will lie to you when they are president,” he said at the appearance in Marshalltown.

THAT is Gingrich’s tag line?!?!   A man who has been through 3 marriages?  A man who has campaigned as a Washington outsider, despite once being Speaker of the House, AND an incredibly well-compensated lobbyist!?!!  How about this line for you, Mr. Gingrich, once you cheat on THIS wife and are courting your next one?

Before we start our date, you need to know my tag line.  A man who lies and cheats on his other wives will lie and cheat on you.

And THAT’S just his personal life.  God knows his political life has been full of just as much dishonesty.  How about this for a tag line?

A man who lies and cheats in his personal life will lie and cheat in his political life.

You are political toast, Mr. Gingrich, and the main person to blame is none other than your lying-ass self.  Thank GOD after tonight in Iowa, we likely won’t have to ever hear from you again.