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And the hits keep on a comin’ – SD Legislature

R-Stan Adelstein

Stan Adelstein, another grumpy white male SD legislator with a personal agenda he wants to impose on the entire state.

Man, when the South Dakota legislature gets on a roll, there is NO stopping the endless string of bad legislation. We already know our South Dakota legislators are gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys who want the rest of the world to be, well…gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys. I also swear to god South Dakota legislators are the most easily influenced group of people this side of middle-school girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Unions are evil!! The REST of the right-wing GOP establishment SAYS so!! So by god, our brilliant and innovative South Dakota legislators are going to fall RIGHT in line with the rest of the GOP, and do away with all the harm unions have done in the South Dakota. Repubs have filed a bill that would eliminate the right of public employees in the state to collectively bargain. After all, the idea has gone over SO well elsewhere, like in Wisconsin or Ohio, where voters rebelled against laws that restricted the rights of public workers to unionize and collectively bargain.

But hey, this is South Dakota. Our boys here are a little slow on the uptake. They’re JUST startin’ to pick up on this anti-union thing, and decided that they too needed to restrict public unions that have caused SO much harm in the state. Right? I mean, there has to be SOME reason they’re introducing this bill, other than the fact that our legislators here are a bunch of slack-jawed nincompoops who aren’t capable of doing anything but following the rest of the right-wing wackos in this country.

We already have wages that are the lowest in the country. Unions aren’t exactly causing businesses to fret over wages and benefits.   State and local governments aren’t being driven to the poorhouse by union-negotiated contracts.  So what possible reason IS there for Republicans to bring this bill up in South Dakota?

How about one MORE redneck, ass-backward South Dakota legislator with a burr up his butt?  R-Stan Adelstein is the major sponsor of the bill in the South Dakota Senate.  As Adelstein makes sure to point out, “I carry a concealed weapons permit“…something I guess Adelstein wants all those rabble-rousing union folk to know, in case they had any plans of messin’ around with him.  As the Argus Leader story above notes, Adelstein has had “run-ins” with unions before, in association with his engineering business.   What the hell, might as well take his own personal issues and make South Dakota teachers, fire fighters, policemen, and other public employees pay the price.

It’s ass-backwards.  It’s the South Dakota way.

South Dakota House – Again Asserting their Brilliance

Mount Rushmore Faces

Washington. Jefferson. Lincoln. Roosevelt. And now, "Hickey" (aptly named) and "Bolin". I move we immediately honor South Dakota Reps. Steve "Redneck" Hickey, and Jim "Bible Boy" Bolin, for their sponsorship of the South Dakota bill that "recommends" bible study in public classrooms.

There are a number of terms you’d never likely use in the same sentence as “South Dakota House”.  “Progressive”, for example.  “Fair and Balanced”.  “Intelligent”.  My current state of South Dakota has the unfortunate honor of having the most idiotic, ass-backwards set of politicians this side of Newt Gingrich.  The pinnacle of achievement for the South Dakota House was during the 2010 session, when they passed a bill calling for “balanced teaching of global warming” in South Dakota classrooms.  Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or the Onion couldn’t craft a more hilarious piece of legislation than what is contained in this bill.  But seriously, why SHOULD educators teach our children about climate change, when “there are a variety of climatological, meteorological, astrological, thermological, cosmological, and ecological dynamics” that really drive climate change.  That, and the fact that carbon dioxide is “the gas of life”. 

Once again, the South Dakota House is feeling the need to assert their brilliance.  They recently passed a bill that recommends South Dakota educators add a study of the bible to the standard curriculum.  After all, according to them, the bible “permeates all culture, law, and philosophy“, and really, that’s all that matters to folks, right?  At least to white male Christian folks like those making up 99.99768% of the South Dakota House.  As R-Jim Bolin states, of COURSE we should have bible study in public schools, since such common catchy phrases such as “Old as Methuseluh” come from the bible and are SO prevalent in every day conversation today.  Just check your friends on Facebook, or listen to your teenage kids…they’re ALL saying it. 

Look, I have absolutely no problem with what people personally believe.  Live and let live.  Heck, despite my own beliefs, I even don’t have a problem if schools want to talk about the bible and it’s influence on Western culture….IF it’s done honestly and fairly.  But what are the odds of THAT happening in Hickville, South Dakota (99.2% of towns in South Dakota may qualify for the title)?  If a teacher cracks open a bible and starts spouting off bible verses in class…what are the odds that teacher will ALSO crack open a Koran and do the same?  What are the odds in South Dakota that the teacher will ALSO teach the philosophy of Buddhism?  Hinduism? 

You’ll notice the white Christian males of the South Dakota House ONLY said that teachers should talk about the Bible in classrooms.  What a shock.  Gotta love good ol’ state-sponsored bigotry, which is what this bill amounts to. 

Do us a favor, South Dakota legislators.  Stick to what you know best…things like your attempts to make sure every South Dakotan is armed to the teeth with the latest concealed or automatic weaponry.  Leave educational issues to those who are, well….educated.