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Wayne LaPierre and the NRA – The True Terrorists

It certainly has been interesting seeing the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the hunt for the suspects, and the reactions after one was killed and the other captured.  I’m not trivializing the bombing.  It’s horrific event, perpetrated by a couple of very screwed up, evil men.  However…in what many are calling the first “terrorist” killing in the U.S. since 9-11, there were 3 people hurt, along with several score injured. 

On April 15th, the day of the bombing, there were ELEVEN Americans killed by guns.  The day after, on Tuesday, there were FOURTEEN Americans killed by guns.  The next day?  FIFTEEN gun deaths.  And so on…and so on…and so on.  Over 3,500 Americans have died due to gun violence, JUST since Newtown happened in December…a four month period.  That’s an average of about 30 deaths per day.  Gun deaths in the United States routinely top 12,000 a year, and nobody bats an eye.  An AVERAGE day in America and many more are killed by guns than were killed by the one “terrorist” event in the United States since 9-11.

But then again…what constitutes a “terrorist”?  If a Muslim guy blows up a bomb at a marathon?  You bet, says America!  It’s “terrorism”!  It’s a no-brainer!  A bomb is involved, and a Muslim is involved!! 

But what if a young white man who is NOT Muslim commits mass murder?  Is it called “terrorism” by the press?  Are there calls to suspend Miranda rights?  Are there calls to suspend due process under the law?  No.  If a white NON-MUSLIM commits mass murder, it’s a mental health issue, the act of a troubled young man. It’s NOT ever labeled as “terrorism”.  An young guy equally as troubled as the Tsarnaev’s from Boston walks into a grade school in Newtown and takes the lives of over 20 young children, a death toll that far surpasses Boston, but the “terrorism” label was never applied to that case. 

So again…what constitutes ”terrorism”?  What consitutes a “terrorist”? ”Official” definitions for “terrorism” usually infer violence with a political purpose.  However, in America, since 9-11, it seems that the term “terrorist” has unfortunately taken on religious connotations, with the religious background of the person evidently more important than the crimes that were committed.  Were there any political claims made by the Tsarnaev brothers for the Boston bombings?  Wouldn’t a “terrorist” claim responsibility in the name of a cause?  The Tsarnaev’s certainly didn’t attempt to claim responsibility, and certainly didn’t pronounce the bombing was for some political cause.  However, the event is widely labeled as “terrorism”, a label that has become further entrenched in Americans’ minds after it became known the brothers had at least some involvement in the Islamic faith.

It’s sad that we can spend SO much time and energy focusing on controlling “terrorism” in the United States, but completely ignore “everyday” violence that claims the lives of MANY thousands more Americans than does “terrorism”. 

If “terrorism” can be defined as a “violence with a political motivation”, then America is FULL of (as yet) unrecognized terrorists.  Look at how political the issue of gun control has become.  Even a simple, sensible, straight-forward piece of legislation to increase background checks and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill is turned into a political argument.  When I see THOUSANDS of Americans being killed every year by gun violence, I see MANY violent deaths that are ultimately due to political motivations. 

With THOUSANDS of highly preventable gun-violence deaths in America each year, if we are to follow the standard definition of “terrorism”, those that ENABLE those gun violence deaths should be defined as “terrorists”, just as those who provide bomb-making equipment and training are considered as “terrorists”.  If “Violence ultimately due to a political motivation” is the definition of a “terrorist”, then there’s little doubt that Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA, should be considered the most dangerous “terrorist” in America.  Thanks to the efforts of LaPierre and the NRA, criminals and violent mentally ill persons can easily obtain weaponry that no other Western culture allows such easy access to. 

Boston was a sad event to be sure.  The Tsarnaev brothers were sick, evil human beings.  But it’s stunning to me that Americans can tolerate the equivalent of 10 Boston bombings  PER DAY in America, in terms of deaths due to gun violence, and not get nearly as worked up as they do about a once-in-a-decade event.

Tiny Penis Men Renew Fight to Compensate with Guns

Just a few months after the Newtown tragedy, America is getting back to normal.  With our incredibly short attention spans, the deaths of a few dozen children seems like a distant memory for most folks.  With the incredibly pathetic, half-hearted efforts by the Obama administration and state governments to strengthen gun legislation, we’re returning to the status quo.  Tiny-penis men across America are ramping up the fight to compensate for their shortcomings by ensuring their right to carry the largest, most destructive weapon possible.

The fight has been spearheaded by tiny-penis men in my very own state of South Dakota.  Yesterday, tiny-penis governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill that makes South Dakota the first state that allows teachers to carry guns in class.  The bill was sponsored by tiny-penis state legislator Scott Craig, a freshmen Republican (duh), who states that now “dominoes will start to fall, people will see it’s reasonable.”  Of course it’s “reasonable”!  Do you have kids?  Picture your kid’s teacher, carrying a gun in class, trying to fight off a nut with an assault rifle.  What?  A little difficult to picture that in your mind?  Hard to see that as more “reasonable” than simply disallowing access to assault rifles?  This is the 2nd bold effort by tiny-penis South Dakota men to ensure gun rights.  Last week, they voted down a bill that would have limited gun access to mentally ill people who have been deemed “dangerous” to others.  Just like tiny-penis men, crazy people have gun rights too!!!

The tiny-penis men of South Dakota are hardly the only tiny-penis men fighting for their right to compensate.  Kansas, a state that along with South Dakota is known for having a large population of weak, tiny-penis men, is considering a bill to greatly expand concealed gun carrying on college campuses. 

Compensation efforts by tiny-penis men extend all the way to the Federal level.  At Congressional hearings this week, miniscule-penis Senator Lindsey Graham stated he owned an AR-15, arguing for folks to imagine a scenario in a post-disaster world where government breaks down and roaming gangs are a danger!  EXACTLY!  WELL thought out, tiny-penis Senator Graham!!  This is EXACTLY the kind of realistic scenario that screams for the right of tiny-penis men to carry large weapons!  In a “Mad Max” post-apocalyptic world that is sure to come, tiny-penis men NEED automatic weapons to fend off gangs of evil-doers!!

FEAR NOT, TINY-PENIS MEN!!!   In America, there are SO many of you weak, tiny-member men fighting for your compensatory gun-carrying rights, that I truly doubt you’ll never have to worry about your right to carry gigantic weapons that you’ll never have use for any practical purpose other than trying to overcome your own insecurity.  With tiny-penis men like Lindsey Graham, Scott Craig, and Dennis Daugaard fighting for you, your right to access massive weapons will forever be secure.

Perusin’ & Musin’ – The Republican “Morality” Edition

Just some random thoughts from perusing the web.  Seems to be an extra dose of disgusting Repubs in the news lately.  Hasn’t been the first time I’ve scoffed at the supposed moral high ground Republicans seem to TRY to take on most issues.  Walk the walk…

“Legitimate Rape” – I’m not going to beat this one to death, since it’s obviously gotten a lot of coverage over the last 24 hours.  Suffice it to say I totally agree with this great article from Laura Helmuth that Todd Akin’s “misstatement” was nothing of the sort, that it was his underlying sexism and ignorance slipping out.

Republicans calling for Akin to quit - Pardon my cynicism, but the ONLY reason Republicans are calling for him to quit, is because his verbal gaffe has cost him any chance at beating McCaskill for that Missouri Senate seat.  If the press hadn’t jumped all over Akin, IF Akin weren’t affected politically by his comments?  The silence you would hear from Republicans would be deafening.

Skinny-dipping Republican Congressmen - Skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee while on “business”?  Way to go House Freshmen Repubs…classy stuff.

Repubs keep pushing voter restrictionsWhat does it say when an entire political party seems hell-bent on STOPPING people from voting?  Unless they happen to be rich, white “Christians”?  Suppressing the votes of minorities and the poor, reliable Democratic voting blocs, seems to be the primary strategy of Republicans for this next election.  Repubs cry “VOTER FRAUD!!” as their excuse, but it’s painfully obvious the real reason is to dissuade minorities from voting, ESPECIALLY when report after report says there IS no meaningful voter fraud in the U.S.   I think the only thing that could be more obvious is if Repubs wore KKK uniforms while they smiled and called for voting regulations.

Four people shot at a Walmart - Four people shot in the parking lot of a Walmart, and it barely makes the news.  And as usual in this election year, it draws not a peep from the cowards too worried about the next election to make any calls for meaningful gun control.

Americans Love Obamacare Provisions

Sometimes it’s downright scary to know we allow everyone over the age of 18 to vote.  I’m not saying it shouldn’t be that way, but, it’s scary to have a democracy built on majority rule, when far too often, the majority are completely ignorant.

In this story, MSNBC notes that 56% of Americans are against Obamacare, with 44% approval.  However…they note that Americans are strongly in favor of the actual CONTENTS of the health care legislation behind Obamacare. 

It’s like someone really LOVING a bag of cookies, but throwing it away because they don’t like the wrapper.  Content good!! Obamacare PR? Bad…in no small part due to Republican distortions (aka, lies) about the bill, and the idiot electorate who is dumb enough to believe the lies.

Good for you, Sen. Adelstein

South Dakota Senator Stan Adelstein

South Dakota Senator Stan Adelstein - Had the guts to change course and take back his support of a bill he sponsored on public unions.

I was just going to add a response to an earlier post, about the South Dakota legislature and their attempts to limit collective bargaining rights for public employees in the state.  However, when someone reverses course and rights a wrong, I think they deserve recognition.  God knows it can be damned difficult to change your opinions sometimes, whether you’re Republican,Democrat, black,white,purple,Christian,Muslim,Martian, etc.

R-Stan Adelstein, a South Dakota senator from Rapid City, was a sponsor of the bill that attempted to limit the power of public unions.  I ripped him, and the rest of the legislature, for bringing this bill up.  Today, Adelstein reversed his support for the bill, saying “I am not afraid to admit a mistake and attempt to set it right.” 

Way to go Sen. Adelstein…I salute you.  You have more courage to admit a mistake than I do sometimes.

And the hits keep on a comin’ – SD Legislature

R-Stan Adelstein

Stan Adelstein, another grumpy white male SD legislator with a personal agenda he wants to impose on the entire state.

Man, when the South Dakota legislature gets on a roll, there is NO stopping the endless string of bad legislation. We already know our South Dakota legislators are gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys who want the rest of the world to be, well…gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ white boys. I also swear to god South Dakota legislators are the most easily influenced group of people this side of middle-school girls at a Justin Bieber concert.

Unions are evil!! The REST of the right-wing GOP establishment SAYS so!! So by god, our brilliant and innovative South Dakota legislators are going to fall RIGHT in line with the rest of the GOP, and do away with all the harm unions have done in the South Dakota. Repubs have filed a bill that would eliminate the right of public employees in the state to collectively bargain. After all, the idea has gone over SO well elsewhere, like in Wisconsin or Ohio, where voters rebelled against laws that restricted the rights of public workers to unionize and collectively bargain.

But hey, this is South Dakota. Our boys here are a little slow on the uptake. They’re JUST startin’ to pick up on this anti-union thing, and decided that they too needed to restrict public unions that have caused SO much harm in the state. Right? I mean, there has to be SOME reason they’re introducing this bill, other than the fact that our legislators here are a bunch of slack-jawed nincompoops who aren’t capable of doing anything but following the rest of the right-wing wackos in this country.

We already have wages that are the lowest in the country. Unions aren’t exactly causing businesses to fret over wages and benefits.   State and local governments aren’t being driven to the poorhouse by union-negotiated contracts.  So what possible reason IS there for Republicans to bring this bill up in South Dakota?

How about one MORE redneck, ass-backward South Dakota legislator with a burr up his butt?  R-Stan Adelstein is the major sponsor of the bill in the South Dakota Senate.  As Adelstein makes sure to point out, “I carry a concealed weapons permit“…something I guess Adelstein wants all those rabble-rousing union folk to know, in case they had any plans of messin’ around with him.  As the Argus Leader story above notes, Adelstein has had “run-ins” with unions before, in association with his engineering business.   What the hell, might as well take his own personal issues and make South Dakota teachers, fire fighters, policemen, and other public employees pay the price.

It’s ass-backwards.  It’s the South Dakota way.

Perusin’ & Musin’

Thinking AnimationSome random thoughts from perusing the web…

2010 a Record Year for Greenhouse Gas EmissionsDespite a slow global economy, global greenhouse gas emissions set an all-time high in 2010, with greenhouse gas quantities in the atmosphere now even worse than the WORST-case scenario projected by experts several years ago.  Just another day in climate change news, a day that also noted a giant crack found in an Antarctic glacier

Perry Drunk?  On Drugs?  Or just being himself? – Rick Perry today was forced to respond to allegations that he was either drunk or on pain medications during a recent New Hampshire speech.  Perry said no, he wasn’t drunk or on drugs.   You know, there just MIGHT be a problem with your qualifications for president if people can’t tell if you’re acting normally, or if you are drunk or on drugs. 

Senate GOP Blocks Infrastructure/Jobs Bill - Republicans again today showed that they will not allow any legislation to pass which might help the economy before next year’s elections.  They know their best chance to oust Obama is for the weak economic conditions to continue until the election.  Democrats have been trying to pass pieces of Obama’s jobs bill, without any success, thanks to GOP obstruction.  Today, GOP senators blocked a $50 billion infrastructure bill designed to get Americans working again by funding work to repair road and rail networks.  The bill would have been paid for by a 0.7% tax increase on people making more than $1,000,000 a year.   The debate today is also yet another example of what a joke Republicans are when they call for “shared sacrifice”, when they continue to shield millionaires from even the tiniest of tax increases. 

National Zoo Scientist Convicted of Poisoning Cats – A researcher at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. was convicted of poisoning stray cats in her neighborhood.   My first thought is that there’s no end to the sickening things people will do.  My second thought…I wonder if she’d be willing to help me with the neighbor’s cat that keeps EATING THE BIRDS AT MY FEEDERS!!!  Ok, no, I would never do such a thing.  But my GOD, what do you do with neighbors that refuse to restrain their cats?  What do you do with neighbors who deny that their precious cat could ever catch, much less eat, a bird?   It IS a very sweet cat, other than when it’s killing every living thing it comes across.  But I have about had it with that cat, and with my neighbors behind me.  We HAVE talked to them about it.  They MUST see me when I’m chasing their cat out of my yard about 10 times a day on the weekend.  If people want a pet, then for god’s sake, be prepared to act responsibly.

Nebraska 45, Northwestern 27 – I’m taking my 8-year old son to his first Nebraska football game this weekend!  He’s not a sports fan at all, but I think he’ll get a kick out of it.  He’s never been in an atmosphere like this.  Northwestern has a bad record, but they led in each of the 5 games they lost, including leads over 3 ranked teams in the 2nd half.   Northwestern has a great mobile QB in Dan Persa, and they can score on anyone.  They can’t stop anyone though.  I think Northwestern will give Nebraska all they can handle for the first half, before Nebraska pulls away in the second half.

Economy, budget deadlines loom; House Worries about Motto

National Motto

The national motto (whether you agree with it or not) appears on every piece of currency, and isn't exactly being threatened by suggested replacement mottos. However, our beloved House leaders decided that we needed to pass legislation to "reaffirm" the motto.

Thank goodness Congress is listening.  With a 9% approval rating, Congress has gotten the message.  America wants Congress to knuckle down and get the nation’s business done.  The House today focused on the biggest issue facing America – the supposed decline in the use of our national motto.  Rep. Randy Forbes (R – VA), the sponsor of the legislation, said the bill that passed the House today offered “inspiration to an American people who face challenges of historic proportions”.  The bill “reaffirms” that “In God We Trust” is our national motto. 

I’m sure this historic bill will provide a great amount of “inspiration” to the millions of Americans that are out of work.  I’m sure this historic bill will provide a great amount of inspiration to those struggling with out-of-control health care costs.  I’m sure this historic bill will provide a great amount of inspiration to the families of those serving in Afghanistan. 

Rep. Forbes and Congress – Here’s to you!!  THANK GOODNESS you have our backs!  Your work in passing such historic legislation does indeed provide inspiration to us all, and I’m sure your “reaffirmation” of our national motto will help to lift us out of our economic doldrums.

Freakin’ idiots…our political leaders are all freakin’ idiots…

Senate Priority – College Football Realignment

Mitch McConnell?  College Football?

Mitch McConnell? Should college football conference realignment be a high priority for the Republican minority leader?

The nation is trying to recover from the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Unemployment stubbornly continues to hover around 9%….ironically, the same percentage as the current approval rating for Congress. The debt-reduction committee has one month to come up with a plan to cut the federal deficit. You would think improving the economy would be the highest priority for the Senate.

Silly you. This is the U.S. Senate we’re talking about!! While Obama has tried in vain to try to push through jobs legislation to get America working again, legislation the GOP has completed refused to even consider, several key members of the Senate, including minority leader Mitch McConnell have been spending their time on the MUCH more important issue of college football realignment.

OK, I’m as big of a college football fan as anyone, and will support my Nebraska Cornhuskers until the day I die. However “important” college football may be, I shudder to think of members of the U.S. Senate spending their time actively lobbying for their schools to get favorable treatment in conference realignment talks. Aren’t there more important issues for them to be worrying about right now? Even MORE importantly…the LAST thing I want is for Congress to interfere in college football!! CONGRESS SCREWS UP EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!! THEY HAVE THE ANTI-MIDAS TOUCH!!! If McConnell and other members of Congress start interfering in college football, it won’t take long before college football is about as popular as watching bowling on TV.

What is always laughable to me is the self-perception these guys seem to have of themselves, versus how the general public views them. Given all the money and influence these bozos seem to have, I’m not exactly surprised someone with as bloated of an ego as McConnell would think he has a role to play in college football realignment. Senators McConnell, Rockefeller, and Manchin…get over yourselves. College sports will somehow survive without you throwing your weight around. Instead of worrying about whether Louisville or West Virginia will get into the Big 12 conference, how about actually engaging with Obama on his jobs creation bill? How about getting people working again before worrying about your alma mater?