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Senate Priority – College Football Realignment

Mitch McConnell?  College Football?

Mitch McConnell? Should college football conference realignment be a high priority for the Republican minority leader?

The nation is trying to recover from the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression. Unemployment stubbornly continues to hover around 9%….ironically, the same percentage as the current approval rating for Congress. The debt-reduction committee has one month to come up with a plan to cut the federal deficit. You would think improving the economy would be the highest priority for the Senate.

Silly you. This is the U.S. Senate we’re talking about!! While Obama has tried in vain to try to push through jobs legislation to get America working again, legislation the GOP has completed refused to even consider, several key members of the Senate, including minority leader Mitch McConnell have been spending their time on the MUCH more important issue of college football realignment.

OK, I’m as big of a college football fan as anyone, and will support my Nebraska Cornhuskers until the day I die. However “important” college football may be, I shudder to think of members of the U.S. Senate spending their time actively lobbying for their schools to get favorable treatment in conference realignment talks. Aren’t there more important issues for them to be worrying about right now? Even MORE importantly…the LAST thing I want is for Congress to interfere in college football!! CONGRESS SCREWS UP EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH!! THEY HAVE THE ANTI-MIDAS TOUCH!!! If McConnell and other members of Congress start interfering in college football, it won’t take long before college football is about as popular as watching bowling on TV.

What is always laughable to me is the self-perception these guys seem to have of themselves, versus how the general public views them. Given all the money and influence these bozos seem to have, I’m not exactly surprised someone with as bloated of an ego as McConnell would think he has a role to play in college football realignment. Senators McConnell, Rockefeller, and Manchin…get over yourselves. College sports will somehow survive without you throwing your weight around. Instead of worrying about whether Louisville or West Virginia will get into the Big 12 conference, how about actually engaging with Obama on his jobs creation bill? How about getting people working again before worrying about your alma mater?

Republicans Block Jobs Bill for Teachers

Sad Teacher

If I'm a teacher in the U.S. right now, I'd be pretty damned sad too, knowing that millionaires wallets are seemingly more important than teachers' jobs, or providing an adequate education to our children.

Why does anyone other than a rich hedge fund manager, a CEO, etc. ever vote for Republicans?  There is ONLY one sector of the population that Republicans seem interested in helping, the richest of Americans.  Since the Republicans won’t support the entire Obama jobs bill, Democrats are trying to pass the individual pieces of the bill.  One of the first to come up for a vote was a bill that would provide $35 billion to state and local governments to help pay for teachers, and first responders, that have been laid off because of government budget cuts, or have their funding in peril.   Helping to pay for some of the most vital workers we have?  Helping to avoid yet more devastating cuts to education?  Who couldn’t vote for this?!?!?

Republicans of course, who blocked the bill when EVERY ONE of them voted against it.  Why!?!  Republicans voted against it because of their ridiculous platform of NEVER raising any taxes.  What incredibly burdensome tax were they against with this bill?  The bill would have raised the rates on true millionaires…those making over $1 million EVERY YEAR…by 0.5%.  0.5 freakin’ percent!!!  A TINY tax increase on the VERY wealthiest of Americans, who already pay taxes at a much lower rate than they have historically…but yet Republicans vote it down.  Republicans AGAIN put political ideology and the rich over REAL Americans, over jobs, and over a crumbling education system.

THIS is what you vote for when you vote Republican.  You vote for continuing, and exacerbating, the status quo.  Our gap between rich and poor, already the largest gap among all modern western societies, will continue to grow.  We will continue to lag far behind other nations in educating our young.  We will continue to value the almighty dollar more than we value our children or our future.

Here’s yet another issue for the rather unfocused Occupy Wall Street group to grab onto.  At least I hope to god they do, because otherwise, the ignorant and apathetic American public in general probably will never bother to read about this, and it will be quickly forgotten.    It will be yet another political fiasco the Republicans get away with, because apathetic America doesn’t bother to call them on it.