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Perusin’ & Musin’

Perusin' & Musin'Some random thoughts from perusing the web…

Ron Paul Shows What’s Important for GOP – Ron Paul today said that if the GOP “goes soft” in negotiations in the debt committee, the risk is that Obama would get re-elected.  Note that the “risk”, the main priority for the GOP, has NOTHING to do with the success of the debt committee.  Their main priority has NOTHING to do with negotiating in good faith, and doing what’s best for our country.  No, the priority is all about the next election, and making sure Obama isn’t reelected.  Even if it means taking the entire country down, by ruining the debt-committee negotiations.

Too Late to Stop catastrophic Climate Change?  – An International Energy Agency report released this week painted a pretty bleak picture with regard to the likelihood of avoiding catastrophic climate change.  For a long time, the hope has been that we could somehow limit warming to 2 degrees Celsius globally.  Even with that amount of warming, there are very significant implications on regional ecosystems.  The IEA report notes how incredibly unlikely it will be that warming is restricted to even that level.  Considering that a report a week or two noted that carbon dioxide emissions over the last year were higher than even the WORST projections from a few years ago, we’re likely accelerating climate change, not slowing its progression.

Jerry Sandusky Admits to “Horsing Around” with Kids - Jerry Sandusky, the ex-coach at Penn State who has been indicted for sexual assault on multiple young boys, admits he has often showered with young boys, but that it was all just “horsing around”.  Sandusky’s lawyer says Sandusky is just “a big kid”.  Do scumbags like Sandusky really think people are going to buy that defense?  That he’s just was “horsing around” with all these young boys over the years?   Does “horsing around” with kids include showering naked with them, bear-hugging them naked, and doing…more disgusting things that his victims accuse him of?   We have two registered sex offenders living a few blocks away.  Scares the hell out of me knowing people like this are out there, when I have an 8-year old son.

Cain on Defense after Libya Comments - Herman Cain has already shown a lack of foreign policy credentials, but he’s beyond the point where he can get by with the excuse of “that’s what the experts are for” (referring to policy advisors if he should by some miracle be elected).  Yesterday was a complete joke though, when he was completely lost on the topic of Libya…shocking, giving the prominence Libya has had in the news.   The bigger question to me is…HOW THE HELL can people like Herman Cain even be considered presidential material?   HOW THE HELL can a Rick Perry EVER be elected into any position of responsibility?!?  WHY THE HELL do American voters seem to sometimes treasure complete stupidity in their candidates?  On the bright side…I wondered if I’d “miss” Sarah Palin (remember her?) when she finally dropped out of the media spotlight, but with Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Paul, and practically every GOP member of Congress, there’s definitely no shortage of OTHER people to make fun of.

Two Rhino Species Extinct in One Week - Last week, the last known Javan Rhino of a certain subspecies was found shot, with its horn cut off.  This week, the western Black Rhino of Africa was declared extinct in the wild.  Two megafauna down in a one week’s time, all for the sake of horny Asian men who “need” rhino horn as an aphrodisiac.  Ain’t humanity grand…