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Ron Brown – You Must be Fired

University of Nebraska LogoFor those of you who don’t know him, Ron Brown is a long-time Nebraska football assistant coach, much beloved and respected in my Cornhusker state.  Or at least he was.  Oh, I’m sure there are many that still feel the same about him after this week.  Do NOT count me among that crowd.  Ron Brown…you MUST be fired.

Ron Brown wears his religion on his sleeve.  OK, fine.  It has served him well at times, such as his “healing” prayer he led when Nebraska played at Penn State, right after the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke and Joe Paterno was dismissed.  It was a horrible week where nobody was really thinking about football, but the game went on.  Brown led a prayer with members of both teams before the game, with a focus on the young victims of Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach who was accused of sexually assaulting a number of young boys.

Nice moment for Brown, right?  Sure.  He got a lot of positive press from leading that prayer.  And in one fell swoop, he’s blown all that good will this week, to the point where I’m DEFINITELY not the only one saying he should be fired.  Brown’s downfall?

Brown made a special trip to Omaha to testify AGAINST a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance.  Brown was against the ordinance, because it protected gays from discrimination.  Brown, as always, is saying he’s putting his faith above all other considerations, and is saying that his faith DEMANDS that he speak out against homosexuality.

But for ANY human to actively lobby AGAINST a discrimination bill?  To effectively lobby FOR the right to discriminate against a certain class of human beings?  I’m sorry, Mr. Brown, but I find your actions COMPLETELY reprehensible.  I don’t give a DAMN about how you interpret your religion.  You’re an employee of the University of Nebraska.  You listed the FOOTBALL STADIUM as your address, for god’s sake, when speaking against the anti-discrimination bill.  The University has allowed you to use University logos and symbology in your ministry in the past. 

You have strongly associated yourself as a Nebraska Cornhusker, as a state employee.  As a fellow Cornhusker, I am ashamed of your actions.  You gotta go…