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Minnesota Man Destroys 3,000 bird Pelican Colony

American White Pelican

A Minnesota farmer single-handedly kills 2,500 of these beautiful birds...and he MIGHT get a $15,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail.

Well, this is about as sickening a story as you can find.  In Minnesota, a local farmer single-handedly destroyed an entire colony of American White Pelicans.  The colony had almost 1,500 nests.  The man destroyed them all.  He killed and destroyed 2,500 pelican chicks and eggs. 

What could possibly posses a man to do this?  The man  rents land next to the colony for farming.  He claims the Pelicans “ruined the soil” with their droppings, and crushed crops with their “big feet”.   All I have to say is…GMAFB!!!  One of my favorite signs of spring here is seeing the first flocks of American White Pelicans pinwheeling in the sky, beautiful loose whirlwinds of massive white birds.  There are scattered locations in eastern South Dakota where they also will breed.  Between March and October, when visiting the large lakes of eastern South Dakota, you nearly always find pelicans.  And despite the birds being such a common sight here, I have NEVER found the birds in agricultural fields.  You NEVER see the birds walking on land with their “big feet”, as this man claims.  They’re simply too clumsy on land to walk around and crush agricultural crops. 

The man first asked a Game Fish & Parks employee if there was “something that could be done” about the birds.  The birds are protected, so of course he was told no, they couldn’t be moved, killed, culled, etc.   It was right after that when GFP found the entire colon destroyed, with every egg destroyed, and only one chick found still alive.  ONE MAN…single-handedly destroys an ENTIRE COLONY of American White Pelicans…SINGLE-HANDEDLY destroys 15% of the entire state’s nests…and his punishment?  He is facing one misdemeanor count of violating the federal Migratory Bird Act.  The maximum penalty is 6 months in jail and/or a $15,000 fine. 

Is it just me?  Does that seem like an incredibly light punishment?  For such a massive act of destruction?  The lawyers for the man say he just “lost it” (duh), and think they can probably settle out of court.