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Who will choke?

Romney and Obama

One of these 2 men is going to be remembered for one of the worst losses ever in a presidential race.

It’s rather interesting what can happen in the span of a week!! I’ve been gone with my family to Yellowstone for a little vacation, and haven’t had internet or TV.  We left the day of the debate, which I missed, so my comments are based on second-hand reports of the debate.  However, it’s pretty amazing how different the race is now, compared to before we left!  InTrade had Obama at 80% chance of re-election.  How, it’s down to 62%, and many of the polls are now too close to call.

I’m a sports fan, but I’ve never liked the term “choke”.  Teams lose, individuals lose.  However, that’s not often enough for some “fans”, who seem very quick to add the title “choke” to the loss.

However, I think it may very well apply to the loser of the presidential race. Romney? By all historical measures, this should be a cakewalk for him.  But the only reason he’s competitive at the moment is that he’s “not Obama”.  He certainly hasn’t won over many hearts with his campaign, or his personality.

Obama?  This race was his, until his debate performance.  How, we basically have a toss-up.  Before the debates, it was noted that debates rarely change the dynamic of a race.  With Obama’s lackluster performance though, this debate certainly has changed the dynamic.
One of these 2 men will forever be mentioned for losing a race they shouldn’t have lost.

Romney calls OBAMA a liar???

Romney and Obama

Given the campaign over the last several months...which of these two men do YOU think is more likely to lie?

I couldn’t let this story go by without talking about it.  In an interview on Good Morning America, Mitt Romney was asked about the upcoming debates.  Romney stated that one of his “challenges” he’ll have in the debates “is that the president  tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren’t true.”

Are you KIDDING me?  The ROMNEY campaign, coming out on a popular morning TV show and saying THEY are worried about the lies of their opponent?   Is this part of a new Romney strategy?  Romney and Ryan have both been caught in blatant lies throughout the campaign.  Is this their way of getting the heat off their backs for their own lies, by trying to convince folks that it’s the OTHER candidate who is the liar??

Given that Romney’s campaign seems to have adopted the strategy of “say it enough, and people will think it’s true”…maybe they think if they call Obama a liar enough, it will stick enough that people will just think both sides are playing politics as usual, and lying through their teeth all the time.

It sure has the stench of a very desperate Romney campaign though.  After the debacle of Romney’s completely outrageous criticism of the Obama administration regarding the Embassy attacks, the odds makers have sharply increased the odds of an Obama reelection, with InTrade moving Obama’s chances up by nearly 10% this week, to over 66%.  Given that Romney appears completely incapable of actually discussing what he’ll DO if he’s elected, he’s been relegated to attacking Obama.

Pretty damned daring of him to straight out call Obama a liar though, given the free flowing garbage that’s come from the Romney campaign for the last few months.