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Limbaugh Calling on “Feminazis” to post sex videos

Ah, Rush.  Just a short 12 hours ago I honored you with the “Scum of the week”.  It only took a few hours for you to build on your resume, and strengthen your position as a leading weekly candidate for the Scum of the Week.  Perhaps I should just skip right to making him a permanent Scum of the Week. 

After calling Georgetown student Sandra Fluke “a slut” and “a prostitute”, for daring (Gasp!) to testify that womens’ contraception should be covered, today, Limbaugh came out with the following lovely line on his show. 

“So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.”

Pretty hilarious coming from a man who was detained at the Palm Beach airport a couple of years ago for having Viagra in his bag with another man’s name on the prescription.  Considering that there is evidently no controversy from these “hairy old white men” (again, one of my favorites lines from my wife) about insurance COVERING that Viagra for their own, uh, shortcomings, doesn’t someone think it’s a wee bit hypocritical to harp on women for wanting contraceptives covered?  Or is that it Rush?   Having a wee little (hah) problem?  Taking out your wee little problem on women in general?

Are Republicans in general just hell-bent on losing every woman’s vote come November?  Now not only are the candidates sticking their foot in their collective mouths regarding women’s rights, but the right-wing talking heads are doing the same. 

Thank god Limbaugh’s “Feminazis” have the FINAL say this November, with their VOTE.

Limbaugh Sets New Standard – Scum of the Week

Who would have thought it were possible?  After all the ignorant, hateful things that Rush Limbaugh has said over the years, yesterday, he may have just set a new standard for being the world’s biggest pig of a human being.  After a GOP-led House Committee held an all-male panel review of the contraception “controversy”, Nancy Pelosi invited Georgetown student Sandra Fluke to testify in front of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.  Fluke was stricken from the GOP-led House Committee panel list (after all, she WAS a female…can’t have females discussing contraception, right?).   During the hearing with the Democratic Committee, Fluke talked about her out-of-pocket birth control costs (~$3,000) while at Georgetown, since Georgetown University won’t cover contraception costs.

Rush Limbaugh’s reaction to Fluke’s testimony?  Yesterday on his show, he said “What does that make her?” (for wanting contraception costs covered by insurance.)  “It makes her a slut, right?  It makes her a prostitute.”  Limbaugh’s line of “thinking” (I’m not sure you could call it that) is that covering contraception is “paying her for having sex”.  

There’s not a lot I can add here.  Limbaugh’s words speak for themselves.  THIS is the view the increasingly conservative GOP seems to have of women.  

In most ways, the thought of Santorum winning the GOP nomination scares the hell out of me, thinking that he could be one step away from the presidency.  On the other hand…one part of me WISHES Santorum gets the nomination, for the simple reason that Santorum as the GOP candidate would bring even more attention to how incredibly extreme, hateful, and bigoted the Republican party has become.  Issues like the contraception “controversy” would be a part of the campaign, and thus this INCREDIBLY ugly side of the GOP would get airtime for a number of months.  Short of such a public, long-term airing of the GOP’s dirty laundry, short of a longer-term public embarrassment of what the GOP evidently stands for nowadays, it’s hard to see the wacko element of the GOP going away any time soon.

GOP Response to Obama/Contraceptive issue? An all-male congressional hearing

White Congressmen!

DO NOT FEAR, woman citizen of the United States!! These "hairy old white men" (my wife's phrase) have your back!! The GOP holds a committee hearing on Obama's contraceptives decree, and somehow forgets to invite women to the discussion.

God it’s good to be a liberal right now, and watch the increasingly radicalized GOP self-destruct.  After vehement (and largely phony) outrage over the last week regarding Obama’s decision to force coverage of contraception for certain groups, Republicans have certainly TRIED to make it an issue to focus on for the campaign.  Somehow, having the insurance companies themselves pay for contraceptives coverage is Obama trying to “destroy Catholicism” (something Gingrich says Obama will start doing as soon as he’s re-elected)?  Given how all of the GOP issues they were banking on for the fall election are melting away (economy, Obama’s ratings, foreign policy, etc.), this is what they’re left with.

It’s been wonderful watching how incredibly inept the GOP has been though, in trying to make this a major campaign issue.  Just hearing Santorum or any Santorum backer speak on the issue is enough to warm the heart of any liberal hoping for an Obama re-election.  Thursday, the GOP-led House ratcheted it up a notch, holding a Congressional hearing on the Obama contraceptive issue.

The problem?  The five panelists invited to participate in the hearing?  ALL MEN.   The House Committee driving the panel?  Very heavily male.   This fiasco of a Committee hearing has certainly been getting a lot of play in the media and in the blogosphere, particularly from groups that support women’s rights.

I thought it was a very gutsy move for Obama to make last week, knowing he was up for re-election, yet following his heart and pushing for fair coverage for contraceptives.  I shuddered when I first saw the (fake) outrage from the right, knowing immediately they were going to try to make it a major campaign issue.

I should have known better. As inept as the GOP is right now, I should have KNOWN they would take a potential campaign theme, a potential strength, and screw it up and turn it into a major liability for them come November.  Did any of these “Hairy old white men” (my wife’s phrase when hearing about this) REALLY think it was a good idea to hold a congressional committee hearing on the issue, but largely leave women out of the discussion???

Well-played, GOP!!   Once again, you’ve got Obama’s re-election team laughing at your bumbling.

Enough with the hypocrisy

The alternative...

Hey! Catholics and Right-wingers!! THIS is what happens when contraception isn't readily available. Given how you right-wing wackos also seem to completely disdain science, I can see how you might not get this point. But it's true!! Do you want an increase in abortions? Do you want more single mothers? Do you want more children living in poverty? Then you're on the right track by trying to restrict access to contraceptives.

GMAB.  I’m really getting sick of the whining about Obama’s initial decision to force groups affiliated with religious organizations to offer coverage for contraception.  The Catholic church claims it’s government interference with their religious beliefs.

Bull$hit (note I’ve used a cleverly disguised curse, to protect the precious and tender morality of any Catholic who might be reading this).   Enough of the mock outrage, Catholics.  An astounding 98% of Catholic women have used contraceptive devices at some point in their life.  THE VAST MAJORITY of Catholics disagree with the (freakin’ stupid) decree from the Catholic Church outlawing use of contraceptives.   ENOUGH OF THE HYPOCRISY.  ENOUGH OF THE COMPLETELY FAKE OUTRAGE.  

Frankly, I think the outcry from MOST of the conservative right has VERY little to do with the issue itself, and more to do with the fact that it was Obama who issued the decree.  This isn’t about religious freedom.  It’s about discriminatory treatment of women, all wrapped up in a nice warm fuzzy Catholic blanket.  

Note to Catholic Church…get out of the freakin’ dark ages. 

Note to the Republican Party…Now that the economy is strengthening, now that Obama has killed Bin Laden, are you SO desperate to find some TINY little shred of an issue to attack Obama, that this has someone become a rallying cry for your party?   DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK, GOP.   Continue to push this, and we’ll see how women vote in the election come November.