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New Political Battle Front: Children’s Entertainment

Callista Gingrich

Republicans "fighting fire with fire". Since Hollywood is CLEARLY attempting to indoctrinate our children in the evil Liberal agenda, champions of conservatism such as the Gingrich's are using the more DIRECT approach to indoctrinate children in conservative principles. Here, I believe Callista Gingrich is teaching the children that Obama is an evil Kenyan Socialist Muslim.

Lou Dobbs is such a tool.  What was it?  Was CNN not paying him enough?  He USED to be at least rational, bordering at respectable!   But what’s happened over the last several years?  I’m mean sure, taking a job at Fox “News” is bound to warp ANYONE’s soul, but who knew that it could happen so quickly?  Now every time Dobbs opens his mouth, you’re waiting for something stupid to come out.  In other words, he’s become like FAR too many Republican politicians or talking heads. 

Dobbs’ latest crusade?  An issue that threatens to destroy the moral fabric of America itself…Dr. Seuss, and the upcoming “The Lorax” movie.  Dobbs claims that the Lorax is a result of “the president’s liberal friends in Hollywood”, and is attempting to “indoctrinate” children in a “liberal agenda”.   In The Lorax, a strange woodland creature fights against removal of all the trees.  According to Dobbs and Fox News, The Lorax is some offshoot of Occupy Wall Street.  According to them, Dr. Seuss and children’s entertainment in general are trying to push a “liberal” agenda. 

Give…me…a…freakin’…break.   First of all, why is it a negative to say that we shouldn’t cut down every single tree (as is done in the Lorax)?  Is EVERY other movie that features ANY kind of wildlife or conservation theme really part of one big liberal agenda?

I can see the Republicans coming out with their “alternative” versions of movies.  In the Republican version of “The Lorax”, God will float down from the heavens and inform the people of the town that Earth is there for people to rape and pillage, leading the villagers to throw the Lorax in prison and convert the entire town to one big oil-fracking field.   In the Republican version of “A Dolphin’s Tale”, instead of saving the dolphin and giving it an artificial tail, Winter the dolphin will be slaughtered and sold to a Japanese sushi conglomerate.   In the Republican version of “Big Miracle”, the whales will be allowed to die while BP peppers the region with offshore oil platforms. 

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, since the new crop of Republicans don’t even seem to CARE about our children’s future.  They don’t seem to CARE whether our children have clean water or air, or an adequate environment to support humanity.  And (GASP!!!) if you teach our children about basic conservation issues, they might grow up to (GASP!!) APPRECIATE the natural world and live in harmony with it, rather than treating it all as one big opportunity for short-term economic gain. 

Thank GOODNESS we have champions of Republican conservatism to counter this evil liberal Hollywood plot to indoctrinate our children in basic environmental responsibility!!!   Not only do we have beacons of conservatism like Dobbs to protect us through open criticism of children’s literature, we now also have Republicans fighting fire with fire!  Callista Gingrich has a children’s book out called “Sweet Land of Liberty“, about a history loving elephant (no attempt to “indoctrinate” children with the use of the elephant as the main symbol of the story).  

I’m SURE we’ll see Dobbs appearing on Fox News soon, railing against Callista Gingrich’s book, right?  I’m sure we’ll see Dobbs having an on-air rant against the Creationism museum and its attempts to teach children the “truth” about evolution, right?

“Conservative” Gingrich and “Open Marriage”

Sad Gingricdh

Poor Newt. It's believed this picture was taken right after former wife Marianne refused Newt's request for an "open marriage". Newt gets grumpy when he doesn't get his nooky-nooky from...well...from whatever warm, female life form happens to be near him at the time (other than his wives).

OK, it’s official.  Newt Gingrich is officially the scummiest politician in the U.S.  That’s one HELL of a title to have, because you REALLY have to work at it to put yourself head-and-shoulders above the rest of the scummy U.S. politicians, since approximately 99.4% of U.S. politicians qualify.  I think I would have already put Gingrich up towards the top of the scummy list, but with the upcoming interview with (ONE of) his ex-wife, he’s surpassed all expectations on just what IS a scummy, and hypocritical, U.S. politician. 

Marianne Gingrich (wife #2?  #1?  #3?…it’s hard to keep track) has an interview airing later today, where she’s expected to talk about her marriage to Newt.  Among the creepy items…Newt going to her, and saying he wanted an “open marriage” so he could have both a wife, AND a mistress.  This “request” was just AFTER scumbag Newt admitted to having a 6-year affair with a Congressional aide.  WAY…TO…GO…NEWT (Slow clap inserted here).  I gotta hand it to you, bud, you have taken “scummy” to some new, stratospheric level. 

Good timing by Rick Perry today, dropping out of the race, and endorsing Newt, right before this bombshell drops.  While I’m handing out titles, I think I’ll also bestow a title on Rick Perry…WORST…PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN…EVER.  My god…could Perry have run a worse campaign?  It’s hard to overcome your own mental shortcomings, but besides his catastrophic debate performances, his entire campaign seemed beset by missteps and horrible timing.  Add this to the list…he can’t even drop out of the race without screwing up.  Is Newt Gingrich REALLY the person you want to endorse as representing the “Conservative Values” that Perry supposedly represented?

Speaking of which…why is it the Republicans so self-identify with the supposedly “conservative” trait of morality?  And why is it that when push comes to shove, they tend to IGNORE minor little indiscretions like your GOP hero banging a Congressional aide?   For all the high-road talk from conservatives, for all the attempts to self-identify with social conservatives, the actual ACTIONS of the GOP shows that morality doesn’t matter worth a hill of beans.  No, what REALLY matters to the GOP is 1) the next election (true of the Dems too), and 2) Short-term economic gain (to hell with future generations). 

Morality be damned!  We’ll see how this plays in South Carolina, where the social conservatives supposedly will play a key role in how things turn out.  Will they do what Repubs have TRADITIONALLY done…talked a good talk, but in action, show that morality just doesn’t matter worth a hill of beans?  Or, will Perry dropping out, coupled with the Marianne Gingrich interview, make South Carolina the primary that seals things for Romney?