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Government Gone Wild – Birders Under Attack!!

Bird Bath

Thanks to the crack NYC Health Department for protecting the public from the deadly birdbath scourge that is threatening humanity itself.

I’m a liberal.  To hear some talk, you’d think all liberals are lovers of big government.  No.  Government has its place, but….I’m also a pragmatist.  I have little tolerance for government waste or unnecessary intervention in people’s lives, especially when simple common sense seems completely absent.  Things like the GSA Las Vegas controversy make me PO’d on many levels.

In New York City, birders (and others) have been getting citations from the city health department.  The “Crime” for some of them?  Having a bird bath.  Evidently in New York, it can be a crime to have, of all things, “standing water in a birdbath”.  Funny, I thought that was the whole point of a bird bath.  But the New York City health department is cracking down on ANY standing water in its war on West Nile Virus.  Good luck with that, NYC.  I’m SURE you’re going to eliminate all standing water in the entire New York City area.

If you read the story, it says the NYC Health Department “amended” their standing health code to allow them to control not only mosquitos, but also any CONDITIONS amenable to mosquitos.  Thus, the ability to give $300 tickets to people for the simple “crime” of having a bird bath.  Funny how that seems to happen, where government powers seem to “creep” and expand.  And THIS coming from a flaming liberal, but stuff like this brings out the inner “Ron Paul” in me.

I’m sorry, NYC, mercilessly cracking down on criminal birders and their evil bird baths is NOT going to stop West Nile Virus.  What it IS going to do is make a lot of people PO’D, and get folks complaining even MORE about government.  As someone in government, I can say…the LAST thing we want is for folks to get more upset about government.  Trivializing the law and ignoring common sense accomplishes nothing except to raise people’s dander.