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Woo-hoo! Another Journal Pub!

Sohl and Sohl - Pine Barrens Land ChangeContinuing what’s been a great year so far, I just had another paper published in a scientific journal.  This one is “Land-Use Change in the Atlantic Coaswtal Pine Barrens Ecoregion”, and it was just published in the journal “Geographic Review“.  

This one is is an interesting one for me, because the co-author is my wife!  I worked on a project looking at satellite imagery and land-use change in the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ecoregion.  It’s an area that covers much of New Jersey, as well as Long Island, Cape Cod, and other immediate areas.  My wife just happened to look at the New Jersey portion of the area for work she did in grad school.

Hence the teaming up and writing a paper for the area!  Click here if you’d like to take a look.

Several exciting reads for you…

Journal Article - Applied GeographyWork has been, well, stressful lately.  We have a big project with a lot of visibility, and with visibility, comes a lot of political pressure.  Thankfully, it’s also been a quite productive time, thanks to the project.  As a scientist, productivity seems to be measured in publications, and it’s been an unprecedented last few months for pubs for me.

So a list of five new pubs that have all come out in the last couple of months, ones I’m sure you’ll all want to pick up!!

A Land-use and Land-cover Modeling Strategy to Support a National Assessment of Carbon Stocks and Fluxes – Terry Sohl, Ben Sleeter, Zhiliang Zhu, Kristi Sayler, Stacie Bennett, Michelle Bouchard, Ryan Reker, Todd Hawbaker, Anne Wein, Shuguang Liu, Ron Kanengieter, William Acevedo – A journal article in Applied Geography discussing a strategy we developed to model land-cover change to support the analysis of carbon and greenhouse gas fluxes.

Spatially Explicit Land-use and Land-Cover Scenarios for the Great Plains of the United States – Terry Sohl, Ben Sleeter, Kristi Sayler, Michelle Bouchard, Ryan Reker, Stacie Bennett, Rachel Sleeter, Ron Kanengieter, and Zhiliang Zhu – A journal article in Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment about land-use scenarios and maps we created for the Great Plains.

Contemporary Land-cover Change in the Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens Ecoregion – Terry Sohl and Lauri SohlA journal article on recent (1973-present) land-cover change in the Pine Barrens ecoregion, covering parts of New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. No access at the moment, this is supposed to be published any day (in the journal Geographical Review). Kind of cool because my co-author is also my wife!!

Scenarios of Land-use and Land-cover Change in the Conterminous United States: Utilizing the Special Report on Emissions Scenarios at Ecoregional Scales – Ben Sleeter, Terry Sohl, Michelle Bouchard, Ryan Reker, Chris Soulard, William Acevedo, Glenn Griffith, Rachel Sleeter, Roger Auch, Kristi Sayler, Steve Prisley, Zhiliang Zhu – A journal article in Global Environmental Change about the development of a unique set of land-cover scenarios for the U.S. that are consistent with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change SRES scenarios.

Role of Remote Sensing for Land-use and Land-Cover Change Modeling – Terry Sohl and Ben Sleeter – Book Chapter – My first book chapter, which is exciting, but a book chapter ranks quite a bit lower on the scientific “cred” totem pole than a peer-reviewed journal pub.