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Why “reality-challenged” Republicans are destined to repeat 2012

Six days after the election, and Republicans are still trying to figure out what went wrong.  From a liberal perspective, it’s simultaneously entertaining, disturbing, and rather pathetic to see Republicans continue to grasp at straws, making up a number of excuses for the election that are so detached from reality that I’m convinced the 2012 election will be repeated many times over, until Republicans join the same world the rest of us are living in.

The  Washington Post ran one such story today, describing bewildered Republican campaign workers and they’re coping (or not coping)with the loss. To far too many clueless Repubs, it’s not just an election loss, it’s practically a sign of the apocalypse, the start of America’s impending doom.  From the Washington Post story, one reaction for losing Colorado was worded as follows:

  • “Colorado? Who the heck lives in Colorado? Do they want drugs, dependence, and indulgence? Don’t they remember what this country is about?”

This seems to be one of the ways that “reality-challenged” Republicans are coping with their election disaster…labeling all Americans who voted for Obama as lazy, corrupt people who want government to take care of them.  The idiot-master himself, Bill O’Reilly, said the people who voted for Obama voted for him simply because they “want stuff”, as if the entire electorate who voted for Obama are welfare recipients who live off all those fine, upstanding, hard-working Republicans.  The same line of thinking has been picked up by a vast array of Republican pundits, politicians, and Republican voters. 

I’m sorry, Republicans, but YOUR PARTY is the one that is completely out of touch with American values.  Americans spoke last Tuesday, and Americans voted for what America is REALLY all about.  Americans voted for EQUALITY, where your treatment under the law isn’t dictated by race, sexual orientation, or religion.   Americans voted for COMPASSION, where access to medical treatment isn’t dictated by the size of your bank account.  Americans voted for FAIRNESS, where the most fortunate and richest of Americans are asked to contribute their fair share to society, and help the less fortunate.  America chose REASON, where science and fact, not ideology or religion, are the basis for how we live and how we govern.  Americans voted for EMPATHY, where those Americans most in need of assistance are supported by their fellow citizens.

The Republican fantasy world they’ve been living in the last 15 years or so?  In the Republican version of America, HATE and INTOLERANCE are used as tools to intimidate and to govern.  For reality-challenged Republicans, America is a place where COOPERATION and COMPROMISE are dirty words, where every American must accept Republican ideology.  For reality-challenged Republicans, GREED is the overarching driving force of how we live and how we govern, where the acquisition of personal wealth is more important than even the world we leave behind for our children.  For reality-challenged Republicans, SELFISHNESS is what drives our behavior, where we would rather let the uninsured or poor die and suffer, rather than lend a helping hand.

Americans spoke on Tuesday, and Americans chose to RESPECT AND HONOR what America stands for.  The very fact that Republicans are bewildered by the election speaks for how very small the Republican party has become.  Given the reaction of Republican pundits, politicians, and voters over the last week, it should be painfully obvious why Republicans have only ONCE won the popular vote for president over the last 20 years.  As a liberal, even a cynical liberal, the election was affirmation that America isn’t lost, that we are headed in the right direction.  As a liberal, the election, the voice of the people, gives me hope.

For Republicans who feel the election is a sign of America’s doom? Your bewilderment, your disillusionment, and your bitterness are proof that the fate of your party in 2012 is bound to be repeated.  Until your party sheds the ideological “leadership” provided from the likes of Ryan, McConnell, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, and Rove, until your party embraces true American ideals, until your party FACES REALITY, 2012 will be a recurring nightmare for Republicans.

Washington Post Cartoon – Climate Change Deniers

Washington Post - Cartoon

Despite the cartoon, one warm winter doesn't confirm climate change is happening. No, it's the YEARS of data that confirm it's happening.

Love this cartoon from the Washington Post today.  As I’ve stated before, climate change idiots skeptics were crowing last winter when the U.S. saw a lot of snow.  If they can crow, I can crow now.  Do you realize I’ve gone outside and GRILLED, 4 times in the last few weeks?!?  This is December and January, in South Dakota!!

Role Reversal – GOP Caves to Obama

Merry Christmas for Obama

Thanks to the wonderful "presents" the GOP is providing lately, Obama is going to have a MUCH happier Christmas than we would have guessed a few months ago.

Thank GOD!! FINALLY Obama stuck to his guns, and beat the Republicans at their own game.  After a summer of Obama struggling to negotiate in good faith with Republicans, after a summer of seemingly caving to Republicans when push came to shove, Obama finally was able to out-maneuver Republicans on the issue of the two-month extension of the payroll tax reduction.  Well, out-maneuver may not be the right term, as Obama simply had to watch the GOP self-destruct.  A GOP-led house that’s gone mad with power, led by the rebellious (and incredibly naive) Tea Party freshmen, has continued to overplay their hand, and finally it came back to bite them. 

A much weakened and humbled John Boehner had to cave.  As if it wasn’t enough that the Wall Street Journal and John McCain had been incredibly harsh towards House Republicans, even some of the Tea Party Repubs had begun to question the House strategy.  The GOP was being roasted in the press, and in the eyes of the public. 

Just a month ago, things looked very bleak for Obama.  Suddenly, things are swinging his way.  There are signs the economy is starting to take off.  He’s been able to strut about ending troop involvement in Iraq.  But most importantly, it’s the GOP self-destructing which seems to be pushing him up in public opinion polls.  Newt Gingrich jumping to the front of the Republican polls for a while?  There’s NO doubt that brought some energy to Obama’s reelection campaign, as a Gingrich presidency would be a nightmare in a majority of Americans’ eyes.  The House GOP implosion on this issue certainly helps.  Heck, GOP Congressmen are now even calling out Michelle Obama for having a big butt!  Thanks to a good news cycle over the last month, and the GOP implosion, polls that showed Obama losing in 2012 to Romney now have him up by 8 percentage points, and up by 16 points in a matchup with Gingrich.  

Remember when Obama took office, and Republicans fretted about a long-term minority in Congress?   Well, that certainly didn’t last very long, thanks to the GOP sweep into House control in 2010.   Remember after that election, where Republicans were salivating about 2012?  Heck, even a couple of months ago, Republicans were SURE they were going to re-take the Senate and the presidency.  If there’s any lesson we should have learned about D.C. politics, it’s that these folks just can’t seem to handle success.  No matter who is in charge, they’ll get over-confident, they’ll over-reach, or they’ll shoot themselves in the foot in some other fashion. 

Republicans are learning that lesson this week.  Obama couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present.  Thank you, John Boehner and the House GOP.

Free Printable Bird Calendar

Free Bird Calendar

January 2012! A Rough-legged Hawk in flight, from Lyman County, South Dakota.

Every year on my bird and birding website, I make a free downloadable and printable bird calendar.  I just finished the 2012 calendar. It has a different page for each month, with 12 featured photos.  Each was a photo I took sometime during 2011 from within the borders of South Dakota.

Feel free to download and print for your own use!  Hope people enjoy it.  Here’s the link:

Free 2012 Bird Calendar

Why bother negotiating with the GOP?

Crying Baby Boehner

John Boehner, crying when he and his GOP colleagues don't get their way.

As part of the agreement negotiated between the GOP and Democrats to raise the debt ceiling was an agreement on overall funding for the fiscal 2012 budget…$1.043 trillion.   So what does John Boehner and the GOP try to do as the House and Senate work on FY 2012 spending bills for the U.S.?  Ignore the agreed upon budget amount, and instead try to cut yet more.    So much for the negotiated level of funding for 2012!  It’s yet more of the “our way or the highway” approach that the GOP has adopted.  They are simply INCAPABLE of bipartisanship.  They are simply INCAPABLE of good-faith negotiation.  They are simply INCAPABLE of governing a nation.

I’m glad to see the Democrats are FINALLY starting to play hardball in return.  First we had Obama with his fiery speech on his jobs bill, where he practically dared the GOP to vote against it.   And today, in response to Boehner’s BS in the House, Harry Reid forced the GOP to vote AGAINST funding for disaster relief, something the GOP said they would oppose unless cuts were made elsewhere, but embarrassing for the GOP nonetheless to vote against disaster relief when so many are struggling to cope with the recent disasters on the East Coast and elsewhere.

After the embarrassing positions taken by Boehner today, there did appear to be some backtracking, with Boehner eventually saying that they will likely end up funding at the $1.043 trillion level for 2012.   HOPEFULLY, this is the start of the Democrats SHOWING SOME FREAKIN’ BACKBONE, and stop giving in to GOP attempts at legislative or political blackmail.