Obamacare Lies

Sean Hannity

How can a smug POS like Sean Hannity live with himself? How can he look in a mirror and honestly believe he's providing a valuable service? How can he possibly believe he's providing "news"? In reality, all he is, is a highly-paid liar, a propoganda tool.

Salon.com today has a truly wonderful story about anti-Obamacare mania, and the truth behind what Fox News has been reporting lately. Recently Sean Hannity hosted three couples who supposedly represented the evils of Obamacare.  Obamacare is killing jobs!!  Obamacare is destroying the economy!  Obamacare is driving up premiums!!  Hannity’s guests told their supposedly personal stories about how Obamacare was ruining their lives.

Eric Stern of Salon decided to fact check the Hannity segment.  He personally interviewed the three couples shown on the show, and this is what he found:

- Paul and Michelle Cox – On Fox News, the couple claimed Obamacare was killing their business, and that they were forced to change employees to part-time to avoid the evils of Obamacare.  Stern’s interview revealed that the Cox’s business has a grand total of FOUR EMPLOYEES.  THERE ARE NO OBAMACARE REQUIREMENTS for employers with under 50 employees!! Stern pushed it, asking why Cox cut his employees’ hours, and if it were really related to Obamacare.  After pausing, Cox stopped the interview and said he’d call Stern back.  He never did.

- Allison Denijs – The self-employed couple said they were currently paying about $13,000 a year for coverage that didn’t even include one of their children.  Denijs told Hannity that Blue Cross, their current insurer, said their current policy was no longer compliant with Obamacare regulations, and that to get the same coverage their premiums would go way up.  Stern asked the obvious…have you checked out prices on Obamacare health exchanges?  Denijs replied that she was against Obamacare (surprise!) and hadn’t checked.  Stern himself entered the Denijs information onto the health care exchange, and found the couple could SAVE 60% on premiums, AND cover their uninsured daughter, thanks to Obamacare.

- Robbie and Tina Robison - They told Fox News that they too had received notice from Blue Cross that they’d need a new policy that was compliant with Obamacare regulations.  They claimed their prices were going up 50-75% because of Obamacare.  Again Stern asked if they’d checked the Obamacare exchanges.  They said no, they had not, and that they were against Obamacare and WOULD not check the prices.  Again, Stern entered their information and checked prices for the couple.  Stern found a plan on the Obamacare site that would save the Robinson’s over 60% from their current cost.

Republicans have reveled in the glitches in the Obamacare site, something that definitely is a black mark for the program to date.  However, they’ve also continually spouted the party lines that Obamacare is destroying the economy and driving up health care costs.  Fox News and Sean Hannity certainly tried to strengthen that storyline…even though the entire segment was incredibly dishonest.  Shouldn’t a supposed journalist, shouldn’t a supposed news organization (hah!!), know better than to purposely provide air time to these folks without checking their motivations, or even the basic truth of what they were saying?

Republicans are in a panic.  Other than the glitches with the website itself, prices for insurance on the health care exchanges are coming in LOWER than were predicted.  Massive demand for Obamacare coverage is one reason the website itself has had problems.  Couple this with the public popularity of Obamacare components such as the pre-existing condition clause and coverage for your children through age 25, and Republicans KNOW any window they have to stop Obamacare is rapidly dwindling.  As the shutdown clearly indicated, Republicans are doing everything they possibly can to stop the program before it becomes a popular, entrenched government program.

And “everything” obviously includes lying and trying to deceive people (not to mention flirting with economic disaster through the shutdown fiasco).

It’s not just Fox News, Ted Cruz, other Tea Party wackos, or right-wing talking heads who are lying through their teeth to try to destroy Obamacare.   In the last week, I’ve seen a LOT of evidence of the “e-war” being waged on Obamacare through the dissemination of false information and fake blog posts.  I have multiple blog posts on Obamacare, and in the past week have had many folks try to post blog comments about the program.  I typically will let ANYONE respond to one of my blog posts, but due to spam and the like, a poster must first have a message approved by myself.  I’ve had many attempts in the past week to post messages to my Obamacare threads, where, curiously, some of the 2 paragraph long messages are EXACTLY THE SAME, word for word, other than changes in the source email address and the name of the supposed poster.

Sickening. What’s even more pathetic than Fox News, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, or those waging the online war against Obamacare are the complete idiots who BELIEVE the anti-Obamacare propaganda.  The three Fox News guest couples were obviously anti-Obamacare, were obviously anti-OBAMA, so much so, that they let their ideology stop them from even LOOKING at the health care exchanges that could save them thousands of dollars a year!  Obamacare is just another liberal “lie” right wingers and Tea Party wackos can add to their growing list of supposed liberal “lies”:  Obamacare, Evolution, Climate Change…ALL evil plots by elitist liberals!!

Even with the complete ignorance of such a large chunk of the American populace, the effort to stop Obamacare is doomed.  Ideology is a strong force, but not as strong a force as basic GREED.  Upon finding out that Obamacare could save the three Fox News couples thousands of dollars a year, do you think they might change their story?  Do you think they might actually buy health insurance through the exchanges?  You bet they will.  Basic greed, the basic desire to save money, will trump ideology over time.

Keep plugging those fingers in the dike, Repubs!!  But just like the shutdown, this is a war you’ve lost before you even began.

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  1. More excellent undercover reporting!

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