Was it worth it, Tea Party Wackos?

Ted Cruz

Yes, Senator Cruz...the Tea Party strategy to defund Obamacare DID stink.

Bravo, Ted Cruz.  Bravo, Mike Lee.  Bravo, House o’ Nutty Tea Party Republicans.  Your (mean-) spirited stand against the tyranny of Obama and the Affordable Care Act accomplished many things.   You’ve managed to disrupt government activities, even agreeing to PAY folks like myself to sit on my butt at home while you threw your temper tantrum. Ok, sure, with the agreement today, you weren’t able to even TOUCH Obamacare, after shutting down the government for 2 1/2 weeks.  Ok, sure, you didn’t get a SINGLE concession from Democrats.  But you’ve still done the country a great service.  How, you ask?

In one fell swoop, you managed to do what Obama, Harry Reid, and Democrats could not do…trivialize and marginalize the entire Tea Party movement.  Congratulations!  With a completely meaningless 2 1/2 week government shutdown, you’ve shown that the Tea Party has NO interest in governing.  You’ve shown the Tea Party has NO interest in the welfare of the American people.  What you have made quite clear is that you stand for IDEOLOGY.  What you have made quite clear is that you are only interested in opposing a sitting, Democratic, black President, no matter the issue.

It only took about 2 days of the shutdown to show that this wasn’t even about Obamacare.  After 2 days, Obamacare became a trivial component of the shutdown, an afterthought.  Republicans moved from wanting to defund Obamacare, to wanting other concessions…ANY concessions…that would inflict harm to Democrats and to Obama.  2 1/2 weeks later, a resolute Obama and Harry Reid have made fools of you.  Not only have you not inflicted an ounce of pain on Democrats and/or Obama, but you’ve committed political hari-kari.

Ted Cruz?  Now a laughingstock, other than amongst the fringe Tea Party wing of the Republican party, who are themselves laughingstocks.  John Boehner?  Once again you’ve done a masterful job at protecting your speakership at the expense of your own party, and at the expense of the American public.

Obamacare, on the other hand, has had approval ratings go UP since the shutdown started.  Tea Party wackos were so sure that the shutdown would swing public opinion into their favor, and Democrats would have to cave.  Sure, all logical political opinion warned you it was an approach doomed to fail, but what the hell…since when have Tea Party wackos listened to polls or experts (on pretty much any subject)?

If I’m Obama or a Harry Reid right now, I’d have one hell of a time hiding my shit-eating grin as I talked about the agreement emerging today. I’d have a hell of a hard time not giving the proverbial (or literal) middle finger to Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and House Republicans.  Thank god Democrats finally grew a backbone, and prevented the hostage taking and crisis-management style of governing that Republicans have fostered since Obama was first elected.

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  1. Not looking forward to watching chaos all over again in a few weeks. Can’t pay a mortgage, car loan, student loan, rent, buy Rxs, food on a month to month, “what-if” schedule. This is devastating to all the folks who survive on Govt assistance of some sort, and not back-paying Govt workers, veterans and helping the farmers in SD who lost thousands of csttle in the storms, and those turkey farmers who are going to lose thousands of dollars, but still have to find a way to get those birds to market, is just wrong. As long As long as Congress had nothing to lose, financially, there was no incentive to make this right. 144 Republican legislators voted to shut down the Govt & default on debt! And then, went outside on the steps of the Capitol and called the President names.

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