Drawing – Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin - Drawing by Terry Sohl

Click for a larger view

A lot of opportunity to post this week about the “folly” side of my blog, given that I’m sitting at home for the 3rd straight day as House Republicans continue to throw their temper tantrum.  But instead of focusing on the folly, thought I’d focus on the “feather” side to help me forget about the maddening news.

An Atlantic Puffin drawing.  First portrait I’ve tried.  Kind of looks like George Washington on a coin or something to me, so not sure if I’ll do any more closer portraits like this.

2 Responses to Drawing – Atlantic Puffin

  1. Very nice. What kind of colored pencils do you use?

  2. Prismacolor…some Premiere that are softer, and some verithin that are harder.

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