GOP adds “conscience clause” to government funding bill

Disgusting…not only are Repubs shutting down the government to try and pause Obamacare implementation, they also inserted what they call the “conscience clause”.

The clause the GOP House added to their spending bill would allow either employers or insurance companies to opt out of having to cover contraception. Working for a bible-thumping wacko? Sorry ma’am, that hairy old white man in the front office is claiming control of your vagina and uterus…no birth control coverage for you.

“Conscience” clause my ass. They’re trying to stop 30 million uninsured Americans from getting insurance coverage. They’re shutting down the government , leaving programs for the poor shuttered while they throw their tantrum about losing to Obama last fall. I guess their conscience only bothers them if it’s rich white men who need help…

2 Responses to GOP adds “conscience clause” to government funding bill

  1. and i am getting really sick and tired of rich white men making all the rules. just guessing that lots of others are also getting sick and tired of it all.

  2. And most of the uninsured are younger people and minority people, both groups of which don’t have the level of job which would help them get health insurance thru employer. So, they are really screwed trying to afford to keep themselves from getting pregnant or have an appendix out. Republicans are largely an older group which at least has some Medicare benefits, and they can get medicaid if they are very poor–one or the other.

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