Slate – U.S. Gun Deaths since Sandy Hook

Gun Deaths vs Gun Ownership

From, a graphic showing the obvious, near linear relationship between gun ownership and gun deaths, by country. In the U.S., we have, by far, the highest rate of gun ownership. Other than Mexico, with their ongoing drug war, we also have the highest rate of death by firearm. OK you STILL say that gun control laws are ineffective?

From, a site that every day has been tracking people killed by guns since the incident at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut.  Man…talk about a depressing page, especially since they show little symbols that show the breakdown by age and sex.  Incidents like Sandy Hook obviously make the news, but in terms of total number of U.S. gun deaths, the day Sandy Hook occurred wasn’t shockingly higher than other “normal” days in the U.S.  There were more people killed by guns on Christmas Eve than were killed at Sandy Hook. 

The number of people killed in Great Britain by guns?  Recent yearly numbers have been around 50 or lower.  In the U.S. in recent years? Between 10,000 and 13,000 murders a year with guns.  Even at the low end…on average, more people are murdered by firearms in the U.S. every TWO DAYS than are in Great Britain in a given year. 

But yet, you have the NRA coming out and saying that gun control laws are “ineffective”, that the only way to stop armed people is by putting MORE armed people out on the streets.  Obviously, gun control laws are EXTREMELY effective, as evidence from other countries shows.  It’s one of our greatest failures as a people that Americans value a culture of guns more than they value the very lives of our citizens.

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